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1010! Block Fun App Review – Scam Or Legit?

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Welcome to my 1010! Block Fun app review.

Puzzle games are a good way to keep your brain active. Sometimes matching colored blocks is just what you want to do at the end of a long day. But what if you can also earn money from playing? It sounds like an intriguing idea.

You know how it goes. You’re watching videos on your phone when you come across an ad for an game that has pretty decent gameplay. Matching colored blocks doesn’t sound hard to do. Then it gets to the part where it says you can earn a lot of money just by playing. Now you want to see what all the fuss is about.

You look at the game’s page. And there’s not much to see regarding what other players think of it. And there’s only 100,000+ downloads, so it isn’t that popular. So, you’re starting to get wary. Is the 1010 Block Fun app legit or is just another scam? We’re about to find out.

Now let’s get started with the review.


1010! Block Fun App Review

Here are some quick details about the game:

What Is 1010! Block Fun?

1010 Block Fun app gameplay

The 1010 Block Fun app is a block puzzle game where you try to remove as many blocks in a grid as possible. The app’s description says that this game is “easy to play, but hard to master.”

Previous versions of this game reward you with “instant” currency that features the PayPal logo just within the first two minutes of the game. They have removed any reference to it in the official screenshots of the game. But they do still boast huge rewards you can get from playing.


How 1010! Block Fun Works

The game is currently available for Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users.

The gameplay for the 1010 Block Fun app is simple to understand.  You drag blocks onto the grid to clear a row or column of other blocks. The more blocks you clear, the higher your score is. When you clear the grid, it will automatically lead you into the next level.

Some of the blocks that you clear will often reward you with coins or chests. You can unlock those chests by watching an ad. The chests usually rewards you with virtual currency that features the PayPal logo. The game rewards you early on with around $100 of supposed PayPal credits.

As you progress, the configurations will get harder to clear. That’s when you can use powerups to make clearing the blocks easier. You can buy those powerups by using coins or by watching an ad.

You score is reflected on the progress bar above the grid. As you play the game continuously, you will get closer to the end of the bar featuring the PayPal logo. (They show it a lot in the game.)

You can see more of the gameplay in this video:

Is 1010! Block Fun Legit? Does It Pay?

As I have mentioned in the previous portions of this post, you can earn either coins or virtual currency that you can redeem via PayPal. The minimum threshold of $10 worth of credits will cost you 155,700 coins. That’s a lot of coins. As for the virtual currency, they don’t really tell you how much you need to reach before you can redeem the money you’ve earned in the game. Most of the other games I have reviewed usually has a minimum threshold of $150 or so. That immediately is a red flag if you hope to earn money from playing this game.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play
  • Decent graphics


  • Prompts are very persistent you watch ads
  • Gets boring over time


As easy as it is to play this game, the 1010 Block Fun app is not worth the effort. There are other better block puzzle games out there that, despite not having any money earning potential, give a good challenge. The lack of any user reviews because of the game’s Early Access state means there aren’t a lot of comments you can check to see their thoughts about it. Although this post goes through points that would likely be mentioned by other players, it’s good to check some other opinions about it. This game will probably not make it out of Early Access because of that. Why would you even want to welcome that kind of criticism?

Games like this will almost always force you to watch ads. That’s their whole business model. How in the world would a game give people hundreds of dollars worth of actual money just in the span of two minutes of playing? It sounds insane.

I can’t fault you for wanting to earn money. It’s hard to do that nowadays. But there are better and more reasonable ways of doing that.

And if you want an actual opportunity to earn money, click on the link below.


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