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App Coiner Review – Is it a Scam? Will You Get Paid?

Homepage for App CoinerWelcome to my App Coiner review.

I have reviewed a few apps that reward you with a few bucks for playing games and using other apps. It sounds kind of weird. But it’s actually a pretty nice experience. Apps like Cash Alarm, Cash’em All, JustPlay are prime examples of that. The money that they reward you is not a lot. Compared to some of the other apps that I have reviewed, you actually get proof that they pay you.

It’s hard to earn money nowadays. That’s something that I’ve hammered on in some of my past reviews. It’s just a fact of life at this point. Because of that, a lot of people get duped into using apps that promise hundred dollar amounts that you can supposedly earn. Usually, these apps come in the form of simple games that you normally find on the app stores.

Since these app supposedly allow you to earn a ton of money within a few hours of playing, it’s no surprise that a lot of people decided to download these games. The kind of offer is too good to be true. And it, unfortunately, is. None of those apps that I’ve reviewed actually gave people their earnings. It was just a way to get people to watch ads.

So when I came across this website that supposedly pays you for testing out games and reviewing them, I was skeptical. In this review, you’ll see why.


App Coiner Review

Here are some quick details about the website:

  • Full Name: App Coiner – Get Paid To Review Apps
  • Developer: Clickbank
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is App Coiner

App Coiner is a website where you can get paid for reviewing apps. Similar to StartUpLift, you can choose which apps you want to review. You will supposedly earn money from the reviews that you make.


How App Coiner Works

The App Coiner website is available to view from anywhere in the world. If you look at the website, it feels like they haven’t really updated it in a while. There aren’t a lot of other pages you can view elsewhere on this website. It’s mainly the homepage.

When you go to the website, you will be welcome by this message:

App Coiner needs more members from all over the world! Enter your name and email below to join and start getting paid to test out the coolest new apps on your phone or tablet.

And that’s basically all you have to do. Below the sign up sheet, there’s a disclaimer that says “We value your privacy and would never spam you.” Seems innocuous enough. I still have skepticism regarding this website.

I couldn’t really find a lot of details about who owns App Coiner. There are links to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at the bottom of the website. But there weren’t anything that clarified any questions I had about the site’s ownership. The T&C had some very generic names in it. So it seems like they didn’t put that much effort into that part of the website.

So what happens when you input your name and e-mail address? Well, you are lead to another page that says “Congrats! You have reserved an App Coiner membership.” Wait, “reserved?” So the sign up process isn’t finished? Yeah. I can see the warning signs begin to flash.

As you scroll down the page, it will basically tell you how some parts of the website works. It’s weird that they didn’t put any of these details on the homepage. That seems like the best place to introduce what your website does and how it works. Not every one will go through every page of the website. You have give them all the necessary information upfront.

Towards the end of the page, they go through all the benefits of the membership. You get an affiliate website on the platform where your reviews will show up. It doesn’t really mention how much you’ll earn per review. They just say you will. Okay… I’m still skeptical about this.

App Coiner sign up page

And then we reach the bottom of the page. In order to get the benefits of the platform’s membership, you have to pay a one-time fee of $27. If you were expecting to get into the platform for free, well, better luck next time. $27 is a lot of money, considering. So if you’re really struggling to earn money, this place is not for you.

Is App Coiner Legit? Does It Pay?

There is a small disclaimer that seems to have been removed from the Membership page. I checked some of the reviews and I found a screenshot that explains why App Coiner charges that one-time fee:

The reason we charge a small one time joining fee is that AppCoiner does not pay you directly for reviewing the apps. Our platform facilitates the connection between you and the app developers, providing the technology for you to download apps, write your reviews and get paid.

So App Coiner basically acts as a middleman between you and the developer. Sure, I understand that. Hosting an affiliate website costs money so I guess you’re paying a bit for that. Still, transparency matters for stuff like this.

Like I said, $27 is still a lot of money to put out considering that people had expectations that the service would be free to join. The disclaimer did say you’d get back the money once you start earning from your reviews.

The structure on how you get paid is sort of confusing. I have to mention that they don’t really say how much you’ll be earning initially. When I tried to check out the order for the membership, it says that you’ll earn $25–35 per review. It depends, though.

In order to actually earn, people have to go your affiliate website. Unfortunately, you don’t get a dedicated URL for it. It’s just attached at the front of the URL. Similar to a blog on Tumblr, weirdly enough. You earn money if people click on the badges for the App Store and Play Store. The site will redirect them to page that has an ad and a 10-second counter. After the countdown has ended, it will redirect to their respective pages on the app store platform of choice.

It just seems ridiculously complicated, to be honest.


Pros and Cons

I couldn’t find any pros for this. I’m sorry.


  • Complicated earning process
  • One-time membership fee
  • Affiliate websites have outdated design


I can’t really recommend this website to anybody. The process of actually earning seems too complicated. Everybody’s respective affiliate website are under the same primary URL. It’s going to be hard for people to find your website unless you promote it. And who has the time for that.

The one-time payment still leaves me with a weird taste in my mouth. If you had to pay that much, the process should be better tuned than what it is currently. But it doesn’t seems like there have been any recent reviews from any one of the websites I have seen. One of them last made a review in 2019. I can’t really be certain there have been new reviews put out recently. There are so many websites, unfortunately.

And that’s it for my review of App Coiner. Do share this article to your friends and loved ones.

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