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AppKing App Review – Scam Or Legit?

AppKing app iconWelcome to my AppKing app review.

I have reviewed a bunch of apps that promises rewards for completing tasks. If you’ve seen some of my reviews for apps like JustPlay and Cash’em All, you probably know how it works. But if you don’t, apps like the ones I mentioned reward users from playing games or redeeming other offers. Usually it’s money you can redeem via PayPal.

Apps like these are predicated on the fact that people spend a lot of time on their phones. And because people are on their phones a lot, it sorta made sense that they basically tried to monetize it. For the most part, this genre of app works better than most. But there are still some dubious ones.

So when I came across the AppKing app, my reaction was mainly “Wait… There’s another one of these?” Because there have been a lot of apps that do that kind of thing. Why would you even make another one these? There’s been so many out there. What else can this app do that the other apps can’t? If you’ve tried one of them, you’ve tried it all basically. But I was still curious about it. Here’s what I’ve found out.


AppKing App Review

  • Full Name: AppKing: Quick & Easy Rewards
  • Developer: APPKING.APP
  • Availability: Worldwide (Early Access)
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is AppKing?

AppKing is an app that rewards you with cash for browsing apps or playing games on your phone. The app promises that you can instantly withdraw your earnings via Paypal “in less than a minute”.


How AppKing Works

The AppKing app is available for Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Like I mentioned earlier, this app rewards you for trying out the app and games that it features. A lot of the similar apps reward usually you with coins that you have to exchange. Usually, the coin to cash exchange rate is usually high. And the coins they reward you usually lessen the more you use the app.

The user experience is pretty much what’d you expect. The first tab usually features the apps and games that it offers. They also include how much you’ll earn and how long you’ll need to use the app in order to earn the reward. A pretty standard thing that these apps do. The second tab features all of the apps you’ve currently installed. The third tab is where you withdraw your earnings. And the fourth is mainly where your profile and the app settings are.

This app surprisingly forgoes all of that and instead shows you how many cents you can earn if you successfully fulfill a task. Yes. Cents. That seems like so little for the amount of time and effort you’re gonna put into the game. But, yay for transparency?

Sample offers for the AppKing app

How to Start Earning

The apps and games that it features are pretty varied. You might get offers featuring more well-known apps. But some of them usually are pulled from the bottom of the barrel. You will need to install any of the apps or games that you try. Once you’ve finished installing the app or game, you can now start earning.

This app requires permission to track your app usage. Not much of a surprise there. All of the apps require this permission. They have to keep track of your progress for each app somehow. The longer you browse an app or play a game, the more money you could earn. The amounts you can earn vary depending on the app or game.

You can also invite your friends to use the app. And you can a 20% commission every time they withdraw.

Is AppKing Legit? Does It Pay?

I haven’t seen a lot of user reviews about this on the internet. Because the app is in Early Access, you can’t really see any of the reviews from other people who’ve used it. Surprisingly, this app only has more than 100,000 installations on the Play Store. The other reward apps that I have reviewed usually have a million installs.

The AppKing withdraw tab

The AppKing app surprisingly has a minimum withdrawal threshold of just $0.05. I’m kinda amazed that there’s a threshold that low. And somehow, you can actually withdraw it? I’ve seen a few reviews on YouTube that show off actual proof that it went to their account.

Despite all of that, the app doesn’t reward you with a lot. You don’t really get earn more than a few cents for every app you try. So if you’re planning to withdraw a more substantial amount, it’s still gonna take you a while.


Pros and Cons:


  • Decent variety of featured apps and games
  • Let’s you cash out


  • Rewards are very minimal
  • Takes a while to earn a more substantial amount


I had a really hard time trying to think of the words I needed to say about this app. With the amount of reward apps I have tried and reviewed, they have mostly the same things as the rest of the bunch. There isn’t a lot you could talk about that you haven’t said about one of the other apps. “This app lets you earn money for playing games and browsing apps.” “It takes so much time to reach the required amount to withdraw this amount.”

Even with the transparency that the AppKing app provides regarding how much you can earn, the amounts are still unbelievably low. Like… You want me to spend 17 minutes to play this game just so I could get 0.07 cents?! Doesn’t seem right to earn that little. But I guess that’s how it is? That’s how much 17 minutes worth of gameplay actually costs. Good god. That’s really depressing.

For the most part, the app works fine? I really don’t understand why apps like this look so bare bones. And it seems that you could actually get the money you earn from browsing on your phone? I’m still really surprised that this app only has a hundred thousand installations. Have people been burned by the other rewards apps that they don’t even want to try another? Actually… That’s kinda smart on their part.

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