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AttaPoll App Review – Scam Or Legit?

AttaPoll app iconWelcome to my AttaPoll app review.

I haven’t reviewed a lot of survey apps on this website. Sure, I have written reviews about websites like SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter. But those websites only list the companies that will actually conduct the surveys. So when I heard about the AttaPoll app, I was intrigued by it. I had pretty positive reviews about the two websites I previously mentioned. Maybe this app will also get a positive review. But I can’t be ahead of myself on this one.

This is a bit of a change of pace for me. The reviews I have done in the past few weeks have been kind of a mess. Not because the content of my reviews were messy. But because I was getting tired of reviewing games. I still enjoyed reviewing those games. But, man, thinking about the puzzle piece system in those games make my blood boil.

If you haven’t seen my other app reviews, what are you doing here? You’re still welcome. But please have a look at the stuff I have written. It’s… fine. I’m happy to condense, or reiterate, parts of those reviews into this one.

The premise of a lot of the apps I have reviewed can be boiled down into one sentence. “Earn some money by playing our game.” That’s their entire pitch. Some developers will try to change some words here and there. But the essence of it remains the same.

And I can’t really blame anybody who would try those apps. That kind of pitch is very enticing. Especially since it’s so hard to earn money nowadays. A lot of those apps will tout large amounts of money that you can claim through services like PayPal. I have seen some apps say that you could earn at least $1000 by using their app. Holy fucking shit, right? And that kind of pitch isn’t even coming from the well-known app developers. This is from a start-up.

If you tout that kind of amount, people are going to try your app to see if it’s legit. And most of the time, it turns out those apps are just a way for those developers to get people to watch ads. Ad revenue pays, I think? If one of those apps has at least a million installations, that amount they’re getting is pretty decent.

So, how exactly does AttaPoll differ from the other apps I have reviewed. Read on to find out.


AttaPoll App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: AttaPoll – Paid Surveys
  • Developer: AttaPoll Ltd
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • User Reviews: 4.5 Stars

What Is AttaPoll?

AttaPoll is an app where you can get paid for answering surveys. By answering an initial profiling questionnaire, the AttaPoll app will present you with surveys that require respondents based on certain demographics. When your answers are reviewed and accepted by the company sponsoring the survey, your rewards will instantly be reflected in your balance. You can redeem your earnings through different means depending on your country.


How AttaPoll Works

AttaPoll is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

This app functions similarly to SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter. In those two apps, you initially have to provide some details like your name and email address in order to choose which survey panel websites you would like to join. In the case of the AttaPoll app, it will require you to connect to the Google account you use on your phone. It also helps if that email address is the one you are using for Paypal, for example.

Both those websites advertise that you can earn up to $300 a month from answering surveys. While it could be possible that you can earn that kind of amount, that’s not really how it’s like. If you only choose one survey panel website to participate in, you can earn less than the amount that they advertise. That is why you always have to read the fine print.

The amount that they advertise gets kind of tricky to get into. Usually, it’s the combined earnings you can possibly get if you join all of the listed survey panels. The rewards you get from them varies per company. Some reward you with an actual amount that you can only redeem once you’ve reached a certain threshold. Others might reward you with gift cards. Some choose to reward you with physical gifts. The total value of those rewards are what those websites use to entice people to try out their service.

I do have to note that SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter are not the ones who will give you those rewards. That’s the survey panel company’s job. The aforementioned websites act as a hub for you to choose which ones you want to participate in.

Signing Up on the AttaPoll App

Like I have mentioned earlier, you have to sign up using your Google account. It is actually a lot easier to sign up through the AttaPoll app than those two websites. You have to fill out forms for both of them. Then you have to choose the survey panels you want to join. You also have to sign up for an account for all of those survey panel sites. It’s a lot to keep track of. And your inbox is going to get filled up by emails from all those companies. It’s a bit of a hassle.

With AttaPoll, once you’ve signed up, you’re pretty much good to go. You will instantly be given your very first survey. This survey will pretty much determine if you qualify for the succeeding surveys. So do be mindful of how you answer it.

AttaPoll survey list

As you can see, the app will show you how much you can earn from answering the survey. It will also show you how much time it takes to answer it. The length of the survey depends. Though there have been some take up to 10 minutes to answer.

I actually like the simplicity of the app. It’s a very clean space. Though maybe they should include a bit more detail on what the survey is about. Maybe just the subject of the survey. I am aware that they will get to the subject when you start. But sometimes it’s good to know what you’re getting into.

The subject matter for the surveys will be random. Sometimes it’s easy, sometime it’s not. But when you do get qualified for it, please put some thought into your answers. I guess you can game the system when you answer surveys? But it’s not really a good idea to provide bullshit answers. Surveys do get used for legitimate purposes. And by not taking it seriously, your answers might just be tossed out. You wouldn’t want that, right?

When’s The Next Survey Going to Show Up?

As is the case with a lot of surveys, it takes a while before you can get another one. You can choose the frequency of when you can get surveys through the app’s settings. Even then, it’s not really guaranteed you will a new survey daily. That’s just how surveys work.

You might be tired of hearing me mention SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter. But those are the only points of reference I currently have regarding paid surveys. I didn’t really sign up to a lot of survey panel companies. In one of them, I could only pick one because there weren’t any other survey panels available from where I am. And that’s a common thing with paid surveys. Not a lot of them are available everywhere.

Let’s also take some time to talk about qualifications. Some survey panels require people of a certain demographic for their surveys. Par for the course of surveys. If you fit the type of people they’re looking for, good for you. You are one step closer to getting a reward.

But there are often times where people fit the demographic requirements but once they have finished the survey, their answers get rejected. Thus, they can’t get the reward. Seems kind of weird, right? Why even make them qualified if you’re just going to reject them afterwards? Seems like a waste of time.

I’m not really sure why they don’t give some explanation about why they rejected your answers. It would be nice if there was a bit of transparency regarding that.

Is AttaPoll Legit? Does It Pay?

Answering surveys doesn’t really pay a lot. So if you are somehow planning to make it your main source of income, please don’t. It’s not really advisable to do that. Especially since you don’t get that many surveys to answer at any given time. The surveys you answer will reward you with a few cents, around 10¢ or more, every now and then.

Even though the earnings you get from answering surveys through AttaPoll aren’t what you’d expect, this app is actually pretty okay when it comes to payouts. The app lets you redeem your earnings through PayPal. You can also use your earnings to donate to any of the charities they have listed on the app. Or even exchange it for a gift card. Though not all countries will have the same types of rewards. The PayPal and donation withdrawals are the most common ones available.

AttaPoll withdrawal screen

I do have to note that the app does require you to reach a certain amount of before you can redeem it. As you can see, the app has a minimum requirement of $5 before you can redeem it. And that’s just in Australia. The minimum requirement will vary depending on your country of origin.

You can also get a percentage of your friend’s earnings from answering surveys if they use your referral code on the app. If I remember correctly, you can receive 10% for every reward your friend has earning from answering surveys. That’s not bad at all.

Compared to the supposed money making games that I have reviewed, the AttaPoll app does give you the amount you’ve withdrawn. It might not be a lot. But it’s going to show up on your PayPal account. (If that’s what you used.) And that’s all that matters, right?

Even though that the rewards aren’t a lot, at least it’s a lot more reasonable compared to the apps I have reviewed. Like, I don’t really trust a game that says you can earn at least $1000 from playing on an app that’s not really well designed. At least with this app, you can get some money. You just have to spend a lot of time waiting for another survey to pop up.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent user interface
  • Realistic payout amounts


  • Takes a while to qualify for surveys
  • Might have your answers be rejected


Looking back at those reviews for SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter, I said that it’s hard to recommend paid surveys as your main source of income. And I pretty much still stand by that sentiment. It’s not really the best way to earn money in the long run.

Paid surveys are just a tricky beast. It is one of the more legitimate ways to earn some money. But it is so hard to make it seem worthwhile. Even now, I am still waiting for another survey to pop up on my feed. Although, I just answered one while I was writing this review. I can be really impatient sometimes.

I still like answering surveys. There’s something about fun about it. Sometimes you just need something to pass the time. And surveys are one of the best ways to do that. If a game wants me to complete a survey, I am going to complete that survey.

If you enjoy answering surveys, this app is probably worth your while. But do not go into it hoping for big rewards. Who knew surveys would somehow be harder to grind for than a video game? I certainly didn’t.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the AttaPoll app. If you did, please leave a comment or share this review with your loved ones.

And if you’re looking for more ways to earn money, click on the link below.


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