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Bank Bingo Slot App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Bank Bingo Slot app iconWelcome to my Bank Bingo Slot app review.

With so many different apps and games being release online, it’s really difficult to find something worth trying. As someone who has reviewed a ton of those apps and games, I always a bit welcoming to all of them. You do have to give them at least a fair shot once in a while. It’s always a good thing to give the benefit of the doubt.

But having reviewed a ton of them, it’s sometimes hard to not immediately judge them negatively. I mean, if you’ve reviewed a ton of apps that, while they function properly, one specific aspect of it will kind of ruin the entire thing. Especially if that app hinges on that one specific aspect.

So whenever I see an app that promise huge rewards just from using it, the alarms just go off in my mind. Okay. I think this is going to be just like most of the apps I’ve reviewed. I’m already skeptical about it.

Maybe the app will work. Who knows? But my judgement is already clouded by my previous experiences. There’s no turning back really.

But I will try to be objective about it. Even though I’ve already gotten to the conclusion in my head.


Bank Bingo Slot App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Bank Bingo Slot?

The Bank Bingo Slot app is an app that combines bingo and slot machines. You click on the spin button in order to start the slot machine. When you combine certain icons on the machine, you get prizes. The prizes will range from actual items like Apple Airpods to money. This app lets you redeem your monetary prizes through PayPal.


How Bank Bingo Slot Works

The Bank Bingo Slot app is currently available for Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users. It’s weird that the alarms sounded off this quickly into a review. Whenever a seemingly fully-formed app is only available as an Early Access release, especially with this kind of app, it’s a bit of red flag for me.

I don’t mind it when an app is released on Early Access. This type of release is helpful to developers who want to check if there’s anything they could change based on user reviews. I’m glad that they’re releasing their apps through an official channel so more people could test it.

But whenever an app with some sort of money earning aspect does this, I am immediately weary of the app. What is the need for those apps to be released in that method? Are they rethinking the whole money earning aspect?

Gameplay for Bank Bingo Slot

Like I said in the previous section, this app combines the gameplay of bingo and slot machines. It’s definitely an unusual pairing. But they both are gambling games so there’s at least some similarity. But I still don’t get why they decided to do both at the same time.

The gameplay for the app relies heavily on the slot machine aspect of it all. You click on the button that says spin and that’s pretty much it. Compared to other slot machine games like SpinRoyale, you don’t really have to match as many of the same icons in this game. As long as you get icons, you win. It helps if it matches, though.

When you get the icon that looks like bags of money, those transfer to the bingo grid at the top. The rules for it is the same as bingo. Though there isn’t really any numbers involved. You just have to have five of those money bags to line up.

Is Bank Bingo Slot Legit? Does It Pay?

There are a lot of prizes that the Bank Bingo Slot app supposedly rewards you with. The primary prizes are monetary ones. And, hoo boy, another red flag popped up. It seems like my apprehension to this app was vindicated.

You can supposedly earn $1000 worth of PayPal credits just by playing the game. It’s not really surprising, honestly. A lot of the apps that I reviewed had that kind of amounts for the prizes. None of them were able to reward their users with those kinds of amounts though.

It’s surprisingly easy to earn the in-game currency needed to redeem your earnings. You earn them just by playing on the slot machine. You can probably earn at least $200 worth of in-game currency with ten minutes of playing the game. That kind of amount is attainable, weirdly.

Withdrawal screen for Bank Bingo Slot

There are also physical prizes that they feature on this app. You can have a chance at it by collecting puzzle pieces. Ugh. Not this again. You can win Apple Airpods and other gadgets if you collect enough puzzle pieces. The game rewards you with those pieces from playing the slot machine.

The puzzle piece system is just a generally bad gameplay for prizes. I don’t know why developers like using it so much. This isn’t even a jigsaw puzzle game so there’s no reason to have that gameplay mechanic in this app.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent gameplay
  • Decent graphics
  • You can “win” easily


  • Multiple gameplay mechanics clash with each other
  • You can’t actually win any of the prizes that they feature
  • The puzzle piece system just sucks


I can’t really recommend the Bank Bingo Slot app to anyone. Mainly because you can’t actually win any of the prizes in the game. The game rewards you with in-game currency easily. But when it comes to actually redeem those rewards, it actually doesn’t work.

The gameplay for it is kind of confusing too. I would’ve been fine with either bingo or slot machine gameplay. But both of them? At the same time? That seems like overkill.

That’s it for my review of the Bank Bingo Slot app. If you enjoyed it, why not share it with your family and friends?

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