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Bowling Idle App Review – $2 in 7 MONTHS?

Bowling Idle app iconWelcome to my Bowling Idle app review.

Idle games have become a very popular mobile game genre lately. There have been a lot of different idle games pop up on the different app stores. You name it, they probably have it.

A supermarket idle game? Sure. A television station idle game? Why not? With so many different types to choose from, you don’t really have much to worry about.

That’s what most idle games are known for. You don’t really have to play it on a regular basis. Maybe you’ll let one week pass before you check up on it. It’s not the type of game you have to put so much of your attention on.

It’s not a surprise hat there are some developers who’ve decided to make an idle game that you can earn money from. Some of them have actually be reviewed on this website before, like Zootopia Carnival. For the most part, they’re decent enough games. But they don’t really deliver much on the money earning aspect.


Bowling Idle App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Bowling Idle?

The Bowling Idle app is an idle game where you build and manage your own bowling alley. It’s pretty similar to a lot of those tycoon-style idle games you see on the different app stores. You start off with a single lane. That lane earns a bit of money after every few seconds or so. You also level up as you continue playing the game. The game lets you earn actual money that you can get from leveling up.


How Bowling Idle Works

Unfortunately, the Bowling Idle app is no longer available to download on the Google Play Store. Or at least that initial version of it. The developer of the app, Bowling App, is still on the platform and has a few apps on its page. What’s weird about it is that it actually released an “new” idle bowling app called Star Bowling. It uses the same app icon and promotional screens. The app description was tweaked a little bit but it’s pretty much the same as the one for the Bowling Idle app.

The main difference between the Bowling Idle app and and the Star Bowling app is the rewards. Bowling Idle rewards you with PayPal credits, while Star Bowling rewards you with in-app currencies for other mobile games. It reminded me of the Stack Smash app that I reviewed a while back. That app pretty much had the same games that Star Bowling has.

Anyway, back to Bowling Idle.

The gameplay for the Bowling Idle app is pretty much the same as a lot of other idle games. You start off with one lane in your bowling alley. There are three things that you can upgrade in each of your lanes. Time, value and pins.

Gameplay for Bowling Idle

Time obviously refers to how many seconds it takes for you to earn money. Value is how much money you earn from each pin that gets toppled. Pins is how many pins you have in each lane.

Each upgrade requires a bit of money. So you have to wait until you have enough money. The buttons will turn green if you reach the amount needed to upgrade.

Idle games will earn money on its own. You don’t really have to upgrade every time the button turns green. Wait it out so you have enough money to upgrade each aspect.

As you keep earning and upgrading, you earn experience points. There is a leveling system where certain lanes in your bowling alley can only be unlocked when you reach a specific level. The game also rewards you with virtual currency that you exchange later on.

Is Bowling Idle Legit? Does It Pay?

The Bowling Idle app allows you to earn PayPal credits from leveling up. But in order to actually claim those credits is by watching an ad. Since the game is no longer available to download, it’s hard to check out if there are other ways to earn credits.

But judging from other reviews of the app, it seems like the withdrawal process is a lot more convoluted. In some of the other apps that I’ve reviewed, the process was fairly simple, but very cumbersome. That’s just how they work for some reason.

You keep playing the game to earn more credits. The amount will be random. Mostly a few cents here and there. And like I said, you have to watch an ad to claim that reward.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is $2. Compared to a lot of other apps, that’s not a lot. But it’s somehow a more realistic price than say, $100. The weird thing about it is that there are a lot of conditions when you try to claim it.

Withdrawal screen for Bowling Idle

You have to reach a certain level in the game. Then you have to be active for a specific amount of days. You will also need to use or collect a specific amount of an item in the game. Somehow, the level you need to reach just to redeem $2 is level 80. That’s a really high level for such a paltry amount.

Whenever a money earning game has so many unrealistic requirements that you have to reach, chances are that they can’t actually give you the money. Even if it’s just $2. You can actually earn that kind of money in one of the apps I’ve reviewed. And you only need to earn a specific amount of in-game currency to redeem it. Surprisingly, it works.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent graphics
  • Game requires minimal effort


  • Levelling up can take a while
  • Requirements to withdraw are hard to complete quickly


Since this app is no longer available, you don’t really to worry about it. Still, there are people out there who might’ve tried this app and got disappointed. I feel their pain. It’s hard to have expectations and then see it get crushed.

With so many apps out there that have the same kind of convoluted withdrawal process, a lot of people will try it only to get mad that it doesn’t work. You pour so much effort into a game that doesn’t even deliver on the thing that it promises.

I get it. It’s hard to earn money nowadays. And people will always exploit that in order to earn ad revenue. It’s really just a one-way transaction. And that sucks.

That’s it for my review of the Bowling Idle app. If you enjoyed it, please share this review to your friends and family.

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