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BuzzBreak App Review – Scam Or Legit?

BuzzBreak app iconWelcome to my BuzzBreak app review.

I have reviewed a few apps that reward you for performing certain tasks. With apps like Cash Alarm, Cash’em All and Money Well, you get to earn coins from playing different games and using different apps. You can exchange those coins for PayPal credits or gift cards. It doesn’t sound too bad right?

There have been a lot of apps that made their to this website. Those apps boast huge rewards from playing their games. I wasn’t surprised that a lot people would try those apps. Where else would you get an app that will reward you with $200 just for merging puppies? That’s a lot of money.

But I have gone through a lot of them and all they have are empty promises. I don’t think anybody can earn $200 in just 30 minutes or so of playing a game. Unless you’re somebody who makes videos playing games, I guess? Even then, the revenue they get for playing games is tied to how many people watch their videos.

It’s hard to earn money nowadays. That’s just the times that we are living in now. So people will try to find ways to earn money. And if you see an ad for games that can somehow reward you with hundreds of dollars worth of money, you might try to bite the bullet. There’s no harm in trying it out.

It’s not really a consistent way to earn money. The developer will eventually have trouble giving out large sums of money to so many people. Especially if an app’s main source of income is ad revenue. They need a lot of people to watch ads inside their apps in order to get some substantial revenue. And if you have to give more than what you earn, that’s a big problem.

What I like about Cash Alarm, Cash’em All and Money Well is that their rewards are within reason. Nobody should be looking at these apps as their main source of income. Just think of them as a fun side gig. You get a few dollars here and there for a bit of your time.


BuzzBreak App Review

Here are a few details about the app:

  • Full Name: BuzzBreak – Buzz News, Videos & Earn Free Cash!
  • Developer: BuzzBreak
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • User Reviews: 3.8 Stars

What Is BuzzBreak?

BuzzBreak is a news aggregator app where you can read news articles and watch videos all in one place. The app rewards you with points for every news article that you read and every video you watch within the app. People who use the app can exchange the points that they’ve earned for actual money through local services.


How BuzzBreak Works

The BuzzBreak app is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

If you have been on this site before, you may notice that this app functions similarly to Cashzine. I wrote a generally positive review about that app. Maybe I will have a similar response to this app. Who knows? It’s still a bit early to tell.

Like Cashzine, BuzzBreak doesn’t really shy away from the money earning opportunities they offer. From the title alone they included “Earn Free Cash.” You may find that a bit suspicious. But it’s great that this app isn’t shying away from it. Transparency in what an app does is a nice thing to have.

There isn’t a lot of differences in how Cashzine and BuzzBreak look. They look pretty much the same. It looks similar to Google’s own news aggregator app, Google News. You sort of could not tell that this app will let you earn money. But it seems like a decently-designed app.

When you first open the app, you will be in the Home tab. It will suggest you all of the things that you can read or watch. Compared to Cashzine, a lot of the news sites that BuzzBreak features are a lot more well-known. Similar to a lot of news aggregator apps, BuzzBreak features tabs for different categories. If you’re not super interested in local news, you can swipe right to international news. There are also technology, entertainment and sports sections on the app. You’ll never run out of interesting stories to read.

What’s great about BuzzBreak, and even Cashzine, is that all you need to start earning is just signing up with either your Facebook or Google account. The app will give you some coins—about 15,000, though it might vary—for signing up. You are already one step ahead. The strategy on how to maximize your earnings really depends on you.

How to Start Earning Coins

Home tab in BuzzBreak

To start earning coins, you have to click on any article you want. You might notice that brownish yellow circle on the side. That serves as your progress tracker in the app. The longer you scroll on an article, the faster it reaches 100% progress. When the progress tracker has been filled, you can claim your coins. You can earn 150 coins just from browsing on the feed in the Home tab. And you can earn 300 coins from browsing the article.

What is great about the app is that you can be informed about what is happening in the world. And you get rewarded in the process. I am not really sure if that is a good thing in the long run. Are our attention spans just inevitably fucked at this point that we need rewards just for reading news articles? I don’t really mind it at all. It’s just something I suddenly realized.

It is great that an app like BuzzBreak gives some importance in being a well-informed individual. There is a distrust building against a lot of reputable sources nowadays. When most people get their news mainly through Facebook. And it’s not even from mainstream source. Fringe sources have been growing their reach day by day. I am feeling anxious just thinking about it.

People just don’t trust a lot of the mainstream outlets anymore, especially when it comes to politics. If a news site disparages a certain politician, people will basically close their defenses. Nobody wants to have their image of this person to be broken. Everybody has their own biases. How we respond to things that will break a bit of that worldview depends on how we consume media.

I have to give BuzzBreak some kudos regarding this. It is very hard nowadays to get people to actually read the news. Although, people who use the app are probably just farming for points instead of actually reading the articles. It is not solely BuzzBreak’s fault that it is like that. People just really want to earn money.

A Section About the Other Parts of the App

The BuzzBreak app is largely supported by ads. The revenue they get from people seeing the ads is what they use to pay the people who cash out their earnings. Ad revenue sort of pays okay? Though that really depends on how many people, or impressions, those ads get within the app.

Aside from the Home tab where you can view all the suggested articles and videos, there is also a separate video tab. If you want a more visual way instead of just words, this section is probably the right one for you. There are plenty of videos you can watch. And some of them might also be news. While others won’t.

The next tab is the Earn tab. It sort of functions similarly to the Wallet tab. I am guessing that clicking on that tab will show you more detailed ways you can earn through the app. Though they also show that elsewhere on a lot of other places. Maybe it’s just keep the layout a bit balanced?

The Wallet tab is where the app breaks down all the details you need to know. It will show you the total amounts of coins you have earned overall and for that day. That tab will also show how much you have withdrawn in total. It will also where else you can earn points. That tab has so much going on.

The tab also is where the settings for the app including your personal details are located. It is also where you can withdraw your coins. And your referral code. Like I said, there is a lot going on in this tab. They just put the rest of the app in that tab for some reason.

Is BuzzBreak Legit? Does It Pay?

The BuzzBreak app lets you exchange your coins for credits that you redeem through your PayPal account. If you are from the Philippines, it will also let you withdraw it through GCash. It’s great that they also included payment services that are popular in that location. GCash is used by a lot of people in the Philippines.

There are so many ways that you can earn coins in the app. Aside from the initial coins they give you for signing up, you can also earn coins just from using the app every day. Check-in rewards are very common in a lot of games. That fosters some sense of consistency with the people who use the app. You can earn a total of 9,700 coins for checking in every day for a week.

The app also lets you earn coins from a wheel. The jackpot prize in that wheel is ₱500 if you are from the Philippines. It might depend on your location. The app will show you the conversion rate of coins to whatever currency you have.

You can also take up offers to test out apps. If you are tired of just scrolling, maybe you can play a game? Or try a livestreaming app? There are plenty of offers that will reward you with a decent amount of coins.

Withdrawal screen for BuzzBreak

As you can see, the screenshot above shows that 572,321,990 points will probably net you about ₱26,141.38. That’s roughly $500. ($498.92, to be exact.) It’s a considerable amount. But the thing is, you can’t withdraw that much money all at once.

You might be bummed out about that. And that’s fine. But you are beholden to the terms and conditions of the app. And if the app can only allow you to withdraw at most ₱500 a week, then you have to abide by the rules. You have to play by their rules. Especially if it involves money.

The payouts that you get from the BuzzBreak app are legit. It seems like, in the Philippines, representatives for the app are the ones who will send you your earnings. They will include a note like “Reward from BuzzBreak” when they send the money to you. The transaction will take a bit longer. Partly because it has to verify your identity. But you will be notified by text when it shows up.

I have to warn you that you have to double check your account number when you withdraw. It’s good to be sure because it will be such a hassle to wait for so long and not get your money’s worth. The app does mention in its terms of service that they are not liable for any lost or forfeited withdrawals because you input the wrong account number.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent user interface and user experiences
  • App features respectable news sources
  • App features funny videos
  • Reasonable withdrawal amounts
  • Very low minimum withdrawal amount
  • Multiple ways to earn coins


  • Can’t withdraw higher amounts
  • Points may be too low
  • Withdrawing may be glitchy


This is a pretty decent app for what it’s worth. I had some skepticism when I reviewed Cashzine before. But I think BuzzBreak and Cashzine are one of the better apps that let you earn money. If you aren’t a fan of grinding to get more points, this app is probably not for you. There aren’t any other legitimate apps out there that don’t involve some type of grinding. You have to work hard to earn money. The same thing applies to this app.

I will say this again. Do no treat this app as if it will be a consistent way to earn money. Please don’t make this your main source of income. This app could probably be removed on the Play Store. And you’ve basically just lost your entire revenue stream. Just treat it as a side hustle.

I really want to commend the BuzzBreak app for trying to get people to read more. It’s a hard thing to do nowadays. And I also want to commend it for trying to penalize people who try to game the system. We should strive to do things fairly.

And that’s it for my review of the BuzzBreak app. If you enjoyed it, please share this review to your friends and your loved ones.

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