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Cash Slots App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Cas Slots app iconWelcome to my Cash Slots app review.

As someone who has reviewed a ton of different apps and games, I have seen a lot of the same kind of gameplay in the games that I have reviewed. This is pretty standard across a lot of game developers. There’s really so much you can do, gameplay-wise. Usually, it’s the graphics and storyline—when applicable—that they differ.

Slot machine apps have popped up on the online platforms in the past few months. A bunch of those apps, like Spin Royale and Bank Bingo Slot, have been reviewed on this website before. For the most part, the games are fine. But there’s always one aspect that doesn’t seem to work as well.

The thing that Cash Slots app share similarities with the aforementioned apps is not just the slot machine gameplay. It’s also the opportunity to supposedly earn money from playing on those apps. A lot of the apps and games that I have reviewed here have also featured that same functionality. And only a few apps have actually delivered on it.

So whenever I find out about these money earning apps from recommendations, I am always skeptical of it. I mean, I have the experience to back up my skepticism. But I am always ready to be as objective as I can even though it feels like the end is already predetermined.


Cash Slots App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Cash Slots?

The Cash Slots app is basically just an app that simulates the gameplay of an actual slot machine. Like with regular slot machines, you have to match similar symbols in order to with. The app supposedly gives you the opportunity to earn actual money and other prizes from the playing the game. There are also a bunch of different payment platforms that you can withdraw your earnings to.


How Cash Slots Work

The Cash Slots app is currently available as an Early Access release and can be download on the Google Play Store if you’re an Android user.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, an Early Access release basically refers to build or version of the app or game that you’re going to download. Sometimes Early Access releases may be referred to as an alpha or beta build depending on where the app is at in its development. Whenever an app or a game on the Google Play Store is released for Early Access, they only have a limited amount of slots for people who want to test it out.

When an app is an Early Access, it would sometimes be kind of buggy. Bugs manifest themselves differently in whatever device you download them in. Sometimes developers may add or omit certain features for Early Access releases . The app may lack a feature that they might’ve had in a previous version.

The developers are the only ones who can see the reviews. I sort of understand the reason for it. Developers release an experimental build of their app through an official platform for testing. And the only way you can get feedback on the Play Store is by submitting a review. Developers of the supposed money earning apps I’ve reviewed like to release those apps for Early Access.

The gameplay for the Cash Slots app is fairly simple to understand. You just have to click on the button that says “Spin.” That’s basically it. There isn’t really much else to app beyond that. You have to match three of the same icons in order to win rewards in the app.

Gameplay for Cash Slots

When you get those matches, you earn different rewards. The app gives you an initial ten spins. Each spin will replenish after a few minutes or so. Pretty standard for a game, honestly.

Certain symbols will give certain gameplay bonuses. One of them gives you the opportunity to get 100% matches for certain amount of time. It’s definitely not something you’d normally find in an actual slot machine.

Is Cash Slots Legit? Does It Pay?

There are a ton of different in-game currencies that you can get for playing on the Cash Slots app. I think there’s too many in-game currencies for my taste. The main currencies you have to keep track of are gold coins, cash and diamonds. There’s a counter that show how much of the gold coins and cash you currently have.

The only way you can get those in-game currencies is by matching them on the slot machine. It’s a fairly straightforward mechanic. But it will take you a long time actually collect enough. As always, there’s a minimum withdrawal threshold to reach.

Weirdly enough, this app matches the currency based on your country. If you’re in the United States, you get amounts in dollars. In the Philippines, you get pesos. It’s definitely not something you’d normally get with these apps.

Withdrawal screeen for Cash Slots

The game allows you to redeem your earnings through an assortment of different payment outlets. PayPal is still pretty much the standard when it comes to these apps. But does it really matter if they have multiple payment channels included?

You need to earn whatever equivalent amount of cash in order to be able to withdraw that same amount. The app also lets you exchange coins for that same amount. But you have to collect 30,000,000 coins in order to do so.

There’s a bunch of other prizes including a new iPhone and AirPods. And when an app like this involves those kinds of prizes, it’s kind of sketchy. Those kinds of devices cost a lot of money. Even if they get ad revenue, it will probably be hard to give rewards consistently.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to understand gameplay
  • Decent graphics


  • The amounts the game requires you to collect are too high
  • Could get tiring after a while


I can’t really recommend this app to anyone. The gameplay for it is decent enough. But it will get tiring if you decide to play it regularly. Sometimes a game just needs to be a way to waste your time. But if you’re having to worry about earning enough coins or diamonds, what’s the point.

By involving different payment channels other than PayPal, it definitely feels like the Cash Slots app isn’t going to be able to give away money to the people who play their game. Especially since the amounts they need to collect are ridiculously high. The amounts they give away are also unrealistic for a relatively small studio.

That’s it for my review of the Cash Slots app. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, why not share it with your friends and family?

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