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CashNGifts App Review – Is It Legit and Worth Your Time?

CashNGifts app iconWelcome to my CashNGifts app review.

Over the years, there have been a lot of rewards apps that have popped up on the app stores. It’s not surprise that developers would want to monetize what people do on their phones. We do spend a lot of time with it every day. Might as well get some money out of it, right?

This kind of thing doesn’t just exist on our phones. A lot of stores often have their own rewards programs. You have to thank people for buying stuff at your establishment, right? I mean, the prospect of a rewards program with enticing rewards will get people to shop more. And the store is basically getting more money out of it.

Having some sort of a rewards app makes sense as a progression of in-store rewards programs. I’m not really sure exactly how the developers manage to get the other developers to agree to their terms. But I’m glad it exists nonetheless.

I’ve only reviewed a few apps on here that function, sort of, like rewards app. Cash Alarm and Cash’em All are some of the few apps that actually gave you money from using apps. But the amounts weren’t that big. I’m not complaining though. At least it was legit.


CashNGifts App Review

Here are just some quick details about the app:

What Is CashNGifts?

The CashNGifts app is multiple apps in one. It’s a combination of a rewards app, a shopback app and a digital wallet app. The app lets earn points for taking up surveys or trying out apps. When you’ve collected enough points, you can withdraw it to one of the many payment partners on the app. You can withdraw your points through the CNG Wallet which you can you use to buy mobile load or pay bills. There’s also cashback offers in the app.


How CashNGifts Works

The CashNGifts app is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users. This app was initially targeted towards users in India but has since expected to other countries.

The app does a lot. But before we get into that, we have to talk about the sign up process first. It’s fairly easy to sign up on the app. You just need to input your e-mail address and a password to join. If one of your friends gave you a referral code, you should put that in too. You will earn 150 coins just for signing up.

Home tab in CashNGifts

As you can see on the screenshot I added, there is a lot you can do with the app. The app’s main thing prior to expanding its services is its rewards program. Like Cash Alarm and Cash’em, the CashNGifts app shows you a bunch of offers where you can earn points. Usually, the offers involve you downloading an app and playing it up to a certain point. The app will ask permission to track your phone usage stats in order to track your progress. When you reach the goal they set, you earn the points. Different offers will have different rewards. The higher the rewards, the more difficult it might be to reach.

The CashNGifts App’s E-Commerce Shift to Hyperdrive

Since then, the CashNGifts app also became an ecommerce platform of sorts. The rewards program is still there. But now you can exchange your points for credits to the app’s own digital wallet. And that wallet can be used to purchase mobile load for your phone or even as payment for electricity, water or internet bills.

It’s just interesting to see them expand into the e-commerce space. There’s just a lot to the app now compared to what it was before. I think the e-commerce push coincided with the app expanding to other countries. The app is just trying to be everything all at once.

I do think that having everything consolidated into one app is good. You earn points. Then that points get converted to money. And that money gets used to pay bills. There’s a definite start and end point. But once you’ve reached the end point, you can still earn coins from the app.

You also get cashback offers? If you buy something through the app, you get money back. And that money is put into your CNG Wallet. There’s just a lot of things you can do in this app. I have to wonder. Is it too much? Or not enough?

Is CashNGifts Legit? Does It Pay?

The CashNGifts app allows you to exchange your coins for money that you get through your preferred payment partner. The conversion rate is 10:1. You get 1 rupee for every 10 points you earn. Most of the payment partners are really targeted towards people in India. PayPal is the only one compatible for international users.

Withdrawal screen for CashNGifts

One thing I have to mention though that there have been a few reviews on the Play Store that say it’s hard to actually redeem your points through the app. A lot of the redemptions have been getting cancelled. And the points were deducted from their balance.

The point earning opportunities in this app aren’t really that much if you’re an international user. You can pretty much just earn points from playing games or taking part in surveys. But as with a lot survey apps I’ve seen, they will sometimes let you answer the survey. But once it ends, you actually weren’t qualified to earn points. What was even the point?


Pros and Cons


  • A lot of features
  • Different kinds of opportunities to earn points
  • Achievable withdrawal thresholds


  • Most offers are only available in India
  • Unreliable withdrawal process


I can’t really recommend this app partly because of all of the comment saying that you can’t withdraw your points. And that’s pretty much the only way you can earn money through the app. Because all of the cashback offers do only exist in the app for the most part.

There are a lot of other cashback apps that do a better job at those kinds of things. And there are also other rewards apps that are more reliable at letting you cash out your earnings. So the CashNGifts app isn’t really viable in spite of all the new features they added to it.

That’s it for my review of the CashNGifts app. If you enjoyed it, please share this review with your friends and family.

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