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Coin+ App Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Coin+ app iconWelcome to my Coin+ app review.

There have been a lot of apps that made their way to this website. Most of the time, it’s usually apps that promise some kind of monetary reward for using the app. They come in the form of games.

The type of game these apps can vary from one app to another. Some are merge games like Merging Blocks Legend while others can be card games like Solitaire Pop. The games are usually very easy to play. I guess it helps that there isn’t much of a learning curve. Once you’ve done one level, you’re basically set.

The kind of prizes you can supposedly get in these apps are what really sell them. If your app was somehow rewarding people with hundreds of dollars worth of actual money, people will try out your game. It doesn’t really hurt that much if you download the game, right?

So you start the game, you get reward in the first few minutes of playing. Surprisingly, you get a pretty high amount. Let’s say you get rewarded $15 of in-game currency. But you need $200 to cash out in the game. You’re still $185 short. Although, the reward actually requires you to watch an ad first before you can claim it. So you’re actually $200 short if you didn’t watch an ad to claim that reward.

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Coin+ App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Coin+ – make leisure a pleasure
  • Developer: MeetJoy Studio
  • Availability: No longer available; previously available worldwide
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is Coin+?

The Coin+ app is a mobile game where you roll the dice to move your character around a path. It’s similar to the gameplay that Happy Dice has. You earn in-game currency when your character steps on certain tiles along the path. The only way to claim them is by watching ads. You can exchange your earnings as Amazon gift card credits.

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How Coin+ Works

The Coin+ app was previously available to download on the Google Play Store for Android. It seems like the developer of the app, MeetJoy Studio, decided to stop putting apps on the Play Store. You may be familiar with one of the apps that MeetJoy Studio developed. If you haven’t, go read my review of Puppy Town.

Like I mentioned in the previous section of this review, the gameplay for this app is fairly similar to Happy Dice. As you can see in the screenshot below. There is a path with a start point. I have to assume that it’s also the end point. This game also gives you 50 rolls that will replenish every few minutes if you run out.

The premise for this game is probably the same for Happy Dice. You roll the dice and you move depending on how much you roll. The game pretty much goes on like that. Compared to Happy Dice, Coin+ actually has a a lot more tiles where you can get something. I guess it helps that the path a bit larger than Happy Dice’s.

There are a bunch of different items to collect. There’s the usual in-game currencies, in the form of gold coins and diamonds. The gold coins is what you will need to collect in order to exchange it for monetary prizes. I guess you can also use the diamonds to exchange for similar prizes.

Gameplay for Coin+

The puzzle piece system is somehow in this game. I don’t why they’d do that. In case you didn’t know, some games have a puzzle piece reward system where you need to collect puzzle pieces. Once you’ve collected a certain number of it, you can exchange it for a physical prize. Usually, it’s a phone or a gaming console.

Is Coin+ Legit? Does It Pay?

Even though the Coin+ app is no longer available to download, it probably wouldn’t have been able to let you withdraw anything from it. In my review of another MeetJoy Studio app, Puppy Town, you weren’t really able to withdraw from that app too. It’s kind of safe to say it wouldn’t work on this app even if you tried.

Like a lot of apps that I have reviewed on this website, it’s actually really hard to find apps that you can actually earn money from. Sure, people online get paid to play video games and post videos of them playing those games on the internet. But you can only really get paid decent amounts when you have amassed a small following of people.

There have been a few apps that I’ve reviewed that do reward you with actual money. But it’s only a few cents here and there. It’s not really substantial. Still, the money actually went to my PayPal when I tried to cash out on Cash Alarm.

Anyway, you can supposedly redeem your gold coins for Amazon gift card credits. There are bunch of apps that throttle how much of that in-game currency you can earn once you’ve gotten close to the 50-coin threshold. At the start, you can get a few whole number coins. But then you get decimals when you’ve gotten for 40 coins or something.

One weird thing when you try to redeem your coins is that you have input the e-mail address you use for your PayPal account. I guess they just reused the prompt when they used to let you “withdraw” through PayPal. Withdrawal process that involve third-party affiliates would usually be done through an official channel with that third-party affiliate. You actually shouldn’t just put your account information all willy-nilly.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play
  • Decent graphics


  • Repetitive
  • Not much else to do
  • The puzzle piece system
  • No actual way to withdraw earnings


Since the game is no longer available to download, it’s very easy to avoid it. Still, there are a lot of apps out there that promise the same thing as the Coin+ app so you better be vigilant.

I know how hard it is to earn nowadays. But it’s still a good idea to be safe. Especially with apps that will ask for your account details.

That’s it for my review of the Coin+ app. If you managed to get something out of this, why not share it to your friends and family.

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