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Coin Pusher+ App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Coin Pusher+ app review.

Games are fun to play. You probably have a game that you love playing on your phone. But what if a game also gave you a chance to earn money? It sounds too good to be true.

You’ve probably seen a coin pusher machine before at a local arcade. There is something fun and exhilarating watching a stack of coins fall off a platform. Well, Coin Pusher+ is basically that. But is the app legit or just a scam? In this review, we will find out.

Let’s get started.


Coin Pusher+ App Review

Here are some quick details about the game:

  • Name: Coin Pusher+
  • Developer: Lucky Coins
  • Availability: Unlisted (Previously available worldwide)
  • User Reviews: Unavailable

What Is Coin Pusher+?

The Coin Pusher+ app, as the name implies, is a coin pusher game. It basically mimics a a similar machine that are usually found in arcades. You drop a coin into the slot and it falls onto the floor near more coins. A machine then pushes the coin towards the stack. The more coins you insert, the higher the chance of the other coins getting pushed off.

How Coin Pusher+ Works

The game was previously available on the Google Play Store for Android users and on the Apple App Store for iOS users.

The gameplay for the Coin Pusher+ app is similar to the Lucky Chip Spin app that I reviewed previously. You basically tap on your screen to drop the coin. A machine pushes your coin towards a larger stack of coins that sit near the edge of a platform. The main goal is to drop as many coins as you can. The more coins you drop, the higher your winnings.

The game initially provides you with a number of coins you can drop. As you can see on the official screenshot of the game. There are two different coins you can collect. One is the yellow coin that you also use to drop onto the machine. The other one is a green coin that has a currency value, usually a few cents. If you run out of coins, you can

An official screenshot of the Coin Pusher+ app's gameplay

The game states in its description that it is does not offer any actual real life money and it is only meant to just be game you can amuse yourself with. It’s weird that they include a picture of phone in front of the Lucky Wheel. It doesn’t really make sense to put that there.


Is Coin Pusher+ Legit? Does It Pay?

Unfortunately, you can no longer find the game on any of the app stores. But you can still find some of the reviews out there. A lot of the reviews have complained that it doesn’t let your reach the minimum threshold to cash out. This is a common complaint, not just with this app, but with others like the Candy Crack app. It only gives you huge rewards at the start in order to keep you playing. But the closer you reach the minimum threshold, the less virtual currency it rewards you with.

Previous versions of the app also give you the chance of winning an iPhone or Airpods by spinning a wheel that gives you pieces corresponding to each reward. And if you complete the pieces, 10 for an iPhone and 20 for the Airpods, you can redeem that prize. But, as reviews have said, it doesn’t actually let you get close winning it.


Pros and Cons


  • Similar gameplay to other coin pusher/coin dozer games
  • Decent graphics
  • Not available to download anymore


  • Hard to reach thresholds to redeem prizes and money
  • Confusing language


Since the Coin Pusher+ app doesn’t exist anymore, it is easy to avoid. But, if it were still around, you probably should still avoid this game as much as possible. Apps like this are rarely worth any of the time you can give it.

The language they previously used in their descriptions can be deceiving. They may say that the game is only for amusement. But then the game shows you that you can win while you play. There’s a disconnect there.

It’s concerning that apps like this still exist and are allowed to exist on the platforms despite the sketchy promises they make. I do hope that this post has given you something to think about the next time you see something like this.

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