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Color Block App Review – Is It FAKE? Does It Pay $150?

Color Block app iconWelcome to my Color Block app review.

A lot of games tend to copy certain aspects of other games. It’s actually hard to think of newer things because it feels like they’ve already been done. That’s why tropes are a thing. It’s not just a thing that happens in movies and television. Games also have tropes or clichés. So much so that there was a unlockable achievement in The Simpsons Games when you find that video game cliché. When you make an certain game that feels  similar to another, you are bound to get comments that compare your game to another.

It’s unavoidable at this point to not have multiple games that share similar gameplay mechanics. There’s only so much you do with video games, honestly. Some developers create games because it’s an easy entry point for a lot of people. Not everyone will be as well-versed in playing video games as you are. So developers cater to the people who want to play games but don’t want it to take up so much time.

I guess that’s why mobile puzzle games are still so popular with people nowadays. The games are easy to understand and easy to play. It’s no wonder that a lot of people go crazy for it. And why a lot of developers create so many puzzle games even though the way to play it is similar to the rest.


Color Block App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Color Block – Block Puzzle & Brain Test to Big Win
  • Developer: V Long Technology, Inc
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • User Reviews: 4.3 Stars

What Is Color Block?

The Color Block app is a puzzle game where you drag certain puzzle pieces onto a grid. Think Tetris, but worse. You earn points for clearing a line using the puzzle pieces you used. The game also rewards with in-game currency which you can then exchange for money via PayPal or as Amazon gift cards.


How Color Block

The Color Block app is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users. It has amassed a hundred thousand downloads on the platform. That’s not really a lot compared to some of the apps that I have reviewed on here before.

Color Block definitely gives off that Tetris vibes. Though there are a lot of grid-based puzzle games out there, Tetris is still one of the most recognizable games out there. If you just mentioned Tetris, they probably know what you mean.

Unlike a lot of these types of puzzles, the Color Block app lets you put the pieces directly onto the grid. Normally, you will see what piece will go down at the top part of the screen. That piece will move one block down until it reaches the bottom. I think you can speed it up if you click the down button.

The objective for the game is still pretty much the same. You have to clear an entire line, whether horizontal or vertical, using the pieces that are offered to you. You clear a line, you earn points. When there are no lines that can be cleared, the game is over. The weirdest thing about it is that you can’t rotate the pieces. What configuration the game gives you is what you will have to use.

Gameplay for Color Block

Thankfully, the game gives you two power-ups to use. One power-up lets you get another set of pieces to use, while the other just lets you delete one piece that you don’t want to use. Using that power will not immediately replace it with another piece. You will have to use up any of the other pieces you didn’t delete.

Fortunately, you can get those power-ups through either as gift for reaching a certain point on the progress bar. Or by immediately watching ads. I’m fine with watching a 30-second ad inside the game. But when everything hinges on advertisements, that’s when I have a problem. In order to open the gift, you have to watch an ad.

Is Color Block Legit? Does It Pay?

When you complete a level on the Color Block app, you earn in-game currency. The gives out random amounts as you progress. If I had to guess, the game gives out a lot of money early on. It happens a lot with these apps for some reason.

You have to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $150 in order to cash out. The app lets you withdraw your earnings directly through PayPal or as an Amazon gift card. While the amount you can withdraw is relatively smaller than those offered by, let’s say, Pool Ball 2048, it doesn’t really mean that you can actually withdraw it.

Rewards for Color Block

Apps like these often include these cash prizes in order to entice people to use it. There are other apps that offer similar gameplay and better design, but they don’t have the opportunity to earn money like the Color Block app does. But apps like these rarely deliver on their promise of a cash prize. The cash out method in most of these apps are so convoluted. And the reason for that is they can’t actually give you the money.


Pros and Cons


  • Simple gameplay
  • Decent UI/UX
  • No unneccesary gameplay mechancis


  • Can’t rotate any of the pieces
  • Too many ads
  • No actual way to withdraw money from the game


I can’t really recommend this puzzle game. Like I said earlier, there are a lot more games out there that have similar gameplay mechanics. I mean, Tetris is right there. The money earning opportunity isn’t even real so there’s really no reason to try this game out.

It feels harsh to say that. But I feel like there could bit just a tiny bit more to this game if they just focused a bit more. Getting rid of the supposed money earning opportunity is a great first step. I think having a different mode where it keeps track of how long you’ve been playing could be nice.

That’s it for my review of the Color Block app. If you liked it, please share this to your friends and family.

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