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Commission Code Review – Can A Simple Code Change Your Life?

Homepage for Commission CodeWelcome to my Commission Code review.

Everybody wants to earn money. Sometimes people take advantage of that fact by creating schemes that will supposedly let you earn money. There are a lot of different niches that probably has some kind of opportunity to earn money. People will just join with no hesitation sometimes.

Not all of the opportunities that you come across are legit. Sometimes there are website that have testimonies from people that really hype up the product. Usually, that makes people more welcoming of the idea to join a certain website or whatever. There are people saying that this service is good. Why not try it for yourself?

It’s very rare to find actual opportunities to earn money online. Most websites do not include information on who owns it. Even if it’s online, there should at least be a place where they are based. Businesses usually have those.

So when I came across this website that claims you can earn a certain amount per day without doing to much, alarms started ringing. Hmm… I feel like I’ve seen this thing before. And I don’t like where it is going.

Without further ado, here is my review of Commission Code.


Commission Code Review

Here are some quick details about the website:

  • Full Name: Commission Code
  • Type of service: Done-for-you campaigns, affiliate marketing
  • Cost: $9 for a 14-day trial, $47 per month afterwards
  • Availability: No longer available online

What Is Commission Code?

Commission Code is a website that supposedly helps you earn by making use of done-for-you systems. The website will give you the tools you need and guides on how to use them. It is a supposedly low-effort way of getting people to click on your offers. You earn money whenever people purchase a product through your link.


How Commission Code Works

I just want to point out that Commission Code is no longer available to view online. There are a lot websites with the same name so it’s kind of hard to see which one is the Commission Code website I should be review. But look at some reviews about those websites, it seems like they are pretty much the same type of website.

Compared to a lot of websites, this one is a bit more complicated. It involves a lot more effort to go into. Somehow, I actually reviewed a similar service called App Coiner. This website and App Coiner are both selling a service in the affiliate marketing space.

In case you didn’t what affiliate marketing is, it’s basically a type of marketing where you recommend or promote a product that’s available on another platform. And you add a link to that platform that’s tied to your account or website. Every time someone clicks an affiliate link from your website and purchase that product, you get a commission from it.

A lot of big websites do affiliate links. If you’ve ever seen some articles from BuzzFeed where they list down products on Amazon that work better than they’d hope, they would often link affiliate links to those products. That’s one of the ways that you can earn money from running a website.

With App Coiner, you basically have an affiliate website where you review apps. In those reviews, there are links that lead to their respective pages on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. When people click on those links to download them, they will be shown ad after ad after ad before they get to app’s page on either platform. You get a commission from the ad revenue through your affiliate link.

Read the Fine Print

Commission Code is a bit like that but more. Through their membership, you get a lot more tools that will help you get traffic into your affiliate’s website. You pay them $9 for a two-week trial and you will get landing page that’s tied to your account. The website will also give a bunch of formatted e-mails that you will send to people in your e-mail list. How those e-mail address got to you? I don’t know.

Commission Code actually costs a lot. Aside from the initial $9, you will have to pay $47 a month if you chose to stay. Then there’s the GetResponse e-mail marketing tool which offers a free 30-day trial then $15 a month. And there’s solo ads that cost at least $275 for a certain number of clicks. You’re actually putting a lot of money into.

There’s also a bunch more tutorials. But it doesn’t really matter because the Commission Code website no longer exists.

Is Commission Code Legit? Does It Pay?

You’re spending a lot of money with this service that I don’t think is really worth the effort. If you’re only starting out, there are probably a lot better ways to learn how to earn money from affiliate marketing. I’m also not sure if the figures they claim are, in any way, accurate.

I feel like the easiest thing you can do to market a certain product is through social media sites. It’s probably easy to get people you know to try out the product you’re selling so they can tell you what they think about it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a get rich quick scheme that actually worked. Most ways to earn money involve a very slow burn. You can’t get money without putting in the effort. That’s just how life is, honestly. Success doesn’t happen in an instant. You have to make them believe in you and your product.


Pros and Cons

One of the positive aspects of Commission Code is that it no longer exists. My main gripe with the service is that it didn’t really mention all the additional costs aside from the $9 trial fee and the succeeding $47 on the homepage. A lot of the information of what the service entails should’ve been more upfront.


Getting into online marketing involves a lot of time, money and effort. And the Commission Code website wasn’t really as transparent to explain what the heck it’s all about. No wonder the website is no longer in service. It feels like it everybody down by the lack of transparency.

That’s it for review of Commission Code. If you enjoyed it, please share this review with your friends and family.

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