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Crazy Magic Pinball App Review – Is It Fake?

Crazy Magic Pinball app iconWelcome to my Crazy Magic Pinball app review.

There is always something to find when you’re just looking on the different app stores. Maybe there’s a game you haven’t really tried yet. With so many choices, it’s hard not to find something new or different.

But sometimes you might lean more towards the tried and tested games. There’s nothing wrong with that. It sometimes hard to get into something new because it’s often an entire learning curve. At least you know what you’re doing if you play a game you’ve played hundreds of times before.

Often enough, a lot of different developers will make their own version of a popular app. That happens a lot more than you’d think. Especially when an app is really having its moment in the spotlight. A lot of times, people will choose the copy because it might be the first one that pops up.

There’s a chance that the game that you download might give you an opportunity to earn money. Though it’s never always that easy. In this review you’ll find out why.


Crazy Magic Pinball App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Crazy Magic Pinball?

The Crazy Magic Pinball app is a game where you shoot balls towards different shapes inside a machine of sorts. Your goal is to destroy all of these shapes using the balls. The game will reward you with points and even in-app currency. You can redeem that in-app currency as either PayPal credits or Amazon gift card credits.


How Crazy Magic Pinball Works

The Crazy Magic Pinball app is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Somehow, this is not the first app that developer Bojana Marusic that features this gameplay mechanic. There were two other pinball apps that were available. Magic Pinball and Super Magic Pinball Master. The latter is unfortunately no longer available to download. But Magic Pinball is still up.

It’s not uncommon for a developer to make a new game that’s similar to another game that they already made. A lot of developers do that. Usually, the difference would be in the art style or sometimes in the story. Functionally, they’re the same game. But people might be more into one than the other.

The Crazy Magic Pinball app isn’t really that much different from its two pinball predecessors. Though I’m not too sure if pinball is the right term for it. Or maybe I’m just more used to the kind of pinball that you would see in arcades.

Gameplay for Crazy Magic Pinball

There isn’t really that much of the gameplay to get into. It’s fairly simple to play the game. You just have to position your pinball launcher towards one of many shapes in the screen. A dotted line will show you where your pinball will hit.

You just click on the screen to launch the balls. And that’s really all there is to it. As you can see in the screenshot, there are numbers on the bottom of the shapes. Each time a ball hits those shapes, the count will go down. You earn points once those shapes are off the screen.

There is also a bar at the bottom that has certain shapes that you should destroy. I’m not really sure what it’s actually for. Once you manage to light those five shapes, nothing really happens. From what I saw in other reviews of the app, anyway.

Is Crazy Magic Pinball Legit? Does It Pay?

The Crazy Magic Pinball app will reward you with some in-app currency when you finish a level. Usually, that in-app currency can be exchanged for PayPal credits or Amazon gift card credits. A lot of these supposed money earning apps use those two as prizes.

I have reviewed a bunch of these games. Sometimes the version I downloaded will include the money earning aspect. While other times, it doesn’t. It’s really common for these apps to remove and bring back those features every other update or so.

It seems like the Crazy Magic Pinball app will only let you “redeem” your earnings once you’ve reached about $700 or so for the first 24 hours of playing. A lot of these types of apps do that sort of thing. They will have this sort of thing when you play the game fresh.

Any amount that goes beyond single digits, especially for these types of apps, are usually very unattainable. In the sense that you can’t really redeem that kind of amount. Sure, you’ve managed to reach the amount needed. But the process of redeeming it doesn’t work.

Any time that a game just asks for the e-mail address that you use for your PayPal account, you should probably veer away from it. You don’t really know what the developers will do to your data. Whenever you redeem any kind of earning for PayPal, it should redirect you to an actual page on the PayPal website.

I’ve only had one major experience of redeeming my earnings. And it was through the Cash Alarm app. The process I mentioned was what exactly transpired when I redeemed my earnings.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play


  • Objectives of the game aren’t clear
  • App design could be better
  • No actual way to receive your earnings


I can’t really recommend this game to anyone. The game doesn’t really feel like it’s to my personal liking. I don’t really mind if a game has in-app advertisements. Game developers have to earn money from their app.

My problem really is with the actual gameplay. It’s easy to play the game, I’ll give them that much. But there’s not really anything else in the game that will make me want to play it again.

Like I mentioned in the pros and cons section, the Crazy Magic Pinball app doesn’t really have any clear objectives. I know how how to play the game. It’s just that there’s no goals that you have to reach. You earn points. But what are the points for?

Stuff just pops up. But I don’t really know why. Did I reach a score you didn’t mention? In the screenshot I posted above, there’s a score counter. But they don’t really have any other details.

This game could’ve been a lot better if they just gave a bit more effort into it.

That’s it for my review of the Crazy Magic Pinball app. If you enjoyed it, please share this review to your friends and family.

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