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Crazy Pusher App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Crazy Pusher app iconWelcome to my Crazy Pusher app review.

With so many apps and games available out there for your smartphone, how do you know if it’s worth it or not? Usually, reviews such as this one can help you out. But sometimes you want to try something out for yourself. Maybe it’ll reinforce the opinion you’ve formed. Though, you’ve probably wasted a few minutes downloading and using the app in the process.

And that’s kinda hard to do when there’s like a million apps out there. Filtering out good apps from the bad is a daunting task. That’s where user reviews come in handy sometimes. You want to know what ordinary users have to say about it. If an app has more than 2.5 stars, it must be decent. It’s not always the case.

I’ve been steadily reviewing a number of apps and websites. And usually, a lot of them have pretty high user ratings. I often include them when I make a review about those apps. But they don’t really matter when I go deeper into the review.

So when I came across the Crazy Pusher app, I wasn’t surprised that it garnered a 4.6 average rating based on 100,000+ reviews. A lot of the apps I’ve reviewed usually rate above four stars. The majority of those ratings are five stars, but the most prominent user reviews have only one star. You’re probably wondering, “Shouldn’t the five-star ratings be more prominent?” Well… There’s a lot to unpack there.


Crazy Pusher App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Crazy Pusher?

Crazy Pusher is an app that basically puts the experience of playing an actual coin pusher machine into your phone. You drop coins into the machine and it will be pushed towards more coins near the edge of the machine. If any of the coins on the edge drop down, you earn virtual currency. That currency can redeemed via PayPal.


How Crazy Pusher Works

If you’ve seen my reviews for Coin Pusher+ and Lucky Chip Spin, you are probably aware of how an app like this works. But if not, here is my spiel.

The Crazy Pusher app is coin pusher game that is available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

This app mimics a coin pusher machine that you have likely in an arcade. If you’ve never been to an arcade before, why? It’s fun. There are a lot games you can play. But that’s neither here nor there. What you’re basically doing with a coin pusher machine is inserting coins into it. The coin drops into a moving platform that goes back and forth. What that does is just dropping the coin onto the floor and pushing it towards a bunch more coins. As the machine pushes more coins, there is some momentum happening. Your goal is to drop as many coins off the edge in order to collect rewards. The machine either rewards you with the coins that dropped or with tickets.

This machine basically requires you to spend as many coins as possible in order to win. That’s how they get you. You’re gonna spend a lot of time and a LOT of money playing with this machine. I’ve seen a bunch of people in the arcade focus on this machine. It’s a really good way to past the time, but a not a good way to use money on.

So, it’s no surprise that there have been a bunch of coin pusher games popping up. The gameplay is simple enough to understand. Drop coins and wait. That’s all you have to do.

What’s In the Game

Crazy Pusher app gameplay

Now that we’ve covered the basics of a coin pusher machine, let’s get into the gameplay of the Crazy Pusher app.

When you first start the game, the app will walk you through the basics. You tap on the screen to drop the coins onto the machine. The game starts you off with mainly green coins on the floor. You have about forty coins that you can drop at the start. But it will replenish after a set time.

There are two main coins you earn in this game. A gold coin and a green coin. The green coin, in games like this, usually signify a virtual currency. For every green coin that drops, you earn at least 10 cents. Both those coins can be used to redeem money via PayPal. We’ll go more into the rewards later in the review.

You can also use two tools to help you earn better. The Big Shake tool will shake the machine so that the coins will fall more easily. The Build Wall tool puts up two walls on the side so that the coins don’t spill over. Coins that spill over the side do not count towards your coin balance. Both tools have a cool-off period before you can use them again. The Build Wall tool has a longer cool-off period than the Big Shake tool.

There is a moving basket on the edge of the machine. If a coin falls onto that basket, you get a chance to use the Slot Machine. There are a variety of things you can win from the Slot Machine. They usually help you earn more coins. One drops a tall stack of coins in the middle. Another one drops a certain amount of either coins periodically.

Every time a coin successfully falls, it fills up the Fever bar on the left. When you’ve filled up the entire bar, you will go into Fever mode. Any coin that drops during the whole period will be multiplied at the end. The multipliers can go up to x10.

Is Crazy Pusher Legit? Does It Pay?

Like Coin Pusher+ and Lucky Chip Spin, the Crazy Pusher app allegedly lets you exchange any of your earnings via PayPal credits. The minimum amount you can withdraw from this app is $100.

Crazy Pusher redemption screen

Aside from the gold and green coins, you can also earn other tokens in the form of items such as poker chips, Amazon gift cards and bundles of cash. The only way you can get those tokens is by rolling three gift icons on the slot machine. And you can only play the slot machine if a coin falls into the basket.

As you can see on the screenshot I’ve included, those are the requirements you need in order to redeem any of the rewards that you qualify for. The $150 PayPal credits that you can exchange your green coins for seem like the easiest way to get money. The game sorta rewards you with a lot of green coins when you start playing. If you’ve never looked at the redemption page during the entire time you’ve played this game, good for you. You’re not getting your hopes up.

Apps like this usually give you a false sense that you’re getting closer to your goal. But the longer you play the game, the chances of you reaching that 150 threshold get smaller. That’s how apps like this usually work. They let you earn big at the start, but they only give you crumbs as you continue. You can never reach 150 coupons or 30 poker chips. The game doesn’t want you to win. If you look at the highest amount you can redeem, it will take you 100 bundles. Since the things you can win from the slot machine are random, it will take you a long time before you can get to that goal.


Pros and Cons


  • Good way to waste your time
  • Decent graphics


  • Doesn’t let you redeem any of your rewards
  • Can get boring the more you play


If you’re looking for a way to pass time, this game is good in that regard. You probably won’t notice how much time has gone once you start playing. Compared to an actual coin pusher machine, you don’t have to use any actual money to play this game. Looking at it as just a coin pusher game, this app pretty much satisfies in that regard. You can’t really mess up a coin pusher game that much.

The game looks decent enough. There are lot of wonky text in some parts of the app. And that’s where you can see that they didn’t really put that much effort into this app. The developers just needed a way for people to watch ads so they can earn money. And this is what they made.

If you are going into this game because you were more interesting in getting money from it, you’re shit out of luck. This game isn’t gonna let you get the money it advertises. There is no way they’re gonna give you $1000 worth of PayPal credits even if you somehow manage to collect all 100 bundles. You must be extremely lucky if you can get bundle after bundle when you receive a gift from the Slot Machine. Nobody has that good of a pull rate.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Do share it with your friends and loved ones.

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