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Curious Cat App Review – Scam Or Legit App?

Curious Cat app iconWelcome to my Curious Cat app review.

There are lot of different apps on different platforms that will purportedly help you earn money. A lot of these apps have made their way onto this blog. And they take on a lot of different forms. Some of them are games, while others are survey apps.

The thing about it is that it’s sometimes hard to discern which of those apps work and which doesn’t. It takes a lot of time to go through the motions of the apps that I review. But if I reach a point that the effort I’m putting into the app doesn’t seem worth it, I stop. Why would I keep using it if it doesn’t work?

Sometimes, though, I will try to push through with it. You do need to the test the limits in order to have a clearer view. Even if it isn’t worth it, at least there’s more information you can provide.

But there are often times that you need to put effort into something. There are probably a lot of people who want instant gratification, myself included. Though there is something so rewarding about getting something after putting in the work to get it.


Curious Cat App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Curious Cat?

The Curious Cat app is a survey app where you can earn money from answering surveys. Each of these surveys have points that go towards a balance. If you earn enough points, you can exchange it for money that you can redeem on your PayPal account.


How Curious Cat Works

The Curious Cat app is currently available to download on the Google Play Store for Android users.

At first, I was kind of confused. “You can earn money from Curious Cat now? I thought you can mostly anonymous questions on it.” But then I realized that it was a different app with the same name. It happens.

So this specific Curious Cat is a survey app similar to one that I previously reviewed called AttaPoll. This app seems to function in the same way that AttaPoll did or the online survey panels that aggregator websites like SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter lead you to. You answer surveys and you get reward with something. The kinds of rewards vary among the survey apps and the online survey panels. Some reward with points and some reward with monetary amounts.

One of the surveys in Curious Cat

Like those online survey panels, you have to answer a preliminary profile questionnaire. You might be wondering what the point is for answering those. The reason is that the answers you make in the profile questionnaire will reflect the kind of surveys you can receive. If a certain survey requires people of a certain demographic, only people in that demographic will get a chance to answer that survey.

Compared to AttaPoll, the Curious Cat app uses a points system. It doesn’t really matter that much if a survey app shows a monetary amount or just points. The amounts will always vary in each survey that you answer.

Once you’ve finished answering the profile questionnaire, there maybe a few surveys that will pop up on your feed. It’s recommend that you answer them as soon as one of them appears. Some surveys may be time-sensitive. But it doesn’t really take a long time to answer these surveys. It takes just a few minutes of your time.

Is Curious Cat Legit? Does It Pay?

As I have mentioned in the previous section, you will earn points for every survey that you answer. The points will vary depending on the survey. If a survey has a slightly higher difficulty or takes a longer time to complete, it will probably have a higher reward. But you will only need at least 100 points in order to exchange.

It will depend on how many surveys you will be qualified for. Sometimes you might not be qualified for a longer period than you would’ve hoped. Or maybe you finished a survey, but then you apparently were screened out from earning points. These things will happen while using the Curious Cat app.

Withdrawal screen for Curious Cat

But when you do manage to earn points from the survey, you can immediately exchange 100 points to get at least $1. The exchange rate for the points into your local currency will vary per country. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting just cents from it.

The app will require you to link your PayPal account in order to receive payments. Compared to some of the supposed money earning apps that I’ve reviewed, you will actually receive a payment from the developers. Account linking, especially for PayPal, is sometimes the thing I’m more discerning about when I do these reviews.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • You will actually receive your reward


  • May take a while to be qualified for a survey
  • May get screened out from earning even if you qualify for the survey
  • App can be glitchy at times
  • App could have been designed a little bit better


The Curious Cat app is definitely one of the better money earning apps that I have reviewed on this site. It’s usually the survey apps that have better chances of actually giving you money that just a normal mobile puzzle game.

While a few dollars may not be that enticing to a lot of people, it’s probably the best you can get out of a survey app for your phone. It doesn’t really get better than this. Even online survey panels take a while before you can earn a substantial amount of money.

There are a lot of things that the developers of the app could improve upon. Maybe list down why exactly they qualified for a survey. Was it their age range? Their monthly salary? The same could be applied to why they were screened out while initially getting qualified.

Still, the Curious Cat is a fun way to earn some extra income even if the amounts you can get aren’t a lot. But it’s actually nice to provide these companies with data that will help improve products or whatnot.

That’s it for my review of the Curious Cat app. If you enjoyed, why not share it to your friends and family?

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