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Dice Master 3D App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Dice Master 3D app iconWelcome to my Dice Master 3D app review.

A lot of mobile games have tried to include some kind of money earning aspect. Most of the time, these games just feature pretty simple gameplay that anybody can get into. But once you actually delve deeper into the money earning aspect, it kind of unravels on itself.

The games are pretty much structured the same way as a lot of other mobile games. I have reviewed a lot of games on this website. A lot of them have been match-3 puzzle games. It’s a very common genre among mobile games. There are a lot of people who play these games and also spend a lot of money on these games.

These money earning games are the inverse. Instead of you paying them for in-app purchases like in-game currency or power-ups, these games supposedly reward you with actual money just for playing the game. There is a catch to that: you have to watch an ad to claim those rewards.

Once you’ve reached that specific amount that the game requires, the process to redeem that gets a bit complicated. I’ve talked a lot about it in some of my other reviews, like the ones for Happy Dice and Coin+. It’s not really worth all the trouble to try and withdraw from those apps.

So is there anything different in Dice Master 3D? We’ll see in this review.


Dice Master 3D App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Dice Master 3D?

The Dice Master 3D app is a mobile game where you roll a dice in order to move your character around a board. Certain tiles on the path include different kinds of rewards, usually in the form of in-game currency. Once you gone around the path, you are lead to another where you have to do that again. The game lets you redeem your earnings by exchanging your in-game currency for either PayPal credits or Amazon gift card credits.


How Dice Master 3D Works

This is not the first app from Shape Keeper that I have reviewed. I have done reviews of their apps Lucky Money and Cash Solitaire a while ago. My assessment of those apps is that the gameplay works as intended. But it’s the money earning aspect that doesn’t really work. So there’s at least baseline now on how this review is going to go.

I also have to mention that they actually removed the Dice Master 3D app on the Play Store. You can no longer download it through official means. I’m not really sure who removed it. It was either the developer or Google.

The gameplay for Dice Master 3D pretty much works similarly to Happy Dice and Coin+. You have a board and a dice that you can roll fifty times. When you click on the dice, you roll it. Whatever number you is how many steps your character will move around the board.

Gameplay for Dice Master 3D

As you can see on the screenshot above, there are certain colored tiles along the month. When your little bunny lands in any of those tiles, you get a chance to get a reward. When you land on the blue title with the number 7, you get to spin the Fruit Jam slot machine. Get three 7’s, you win 1,000 green coins. Once you’ve gotten a reward, you can watch an ad to increase the amount that you’ll get.

When you land on either the green or gold tiles, you get a random amount of coins. You actually earn gold coins for every move you make on the board, regardless of whether or not you land on gold tiles. That’s the gist of the game.

There isn’t much else to the game, honestly. You just keep rolling and rolling the dice, hoping it will land on any of the colored tiles. The game will move you to the next round. It’s not really an exciting game, by any means. A good way to pass the time, though.

Is Dice Master 3D Legit? Does It Pay?

The Dice Master 3D app lets you exchange the coins you’ve collected for either PayPal credits or Amazon gift card credits. The minimum withdrawal threshold for the green coins are $100. While the gold coins require you to earn 1.9 billion coins for just a $2 Amazon gift card.

1.9 billion coins is a lot to collect. It’s possible to do that since you do earn coins just from moving. But that’s still a really huge amount to collect. I can’t imagine how long that will take you. Right off the bat, you have a pretty unrealistic goal to reach. That’s an immediate red flag.

The $100 withdrawal threshold isn’t that much of a surprise, to be honest. Shape Keeper also did that for Lucky Money and Cash Solitaire. Whenever one of these money earnings apps have that amount as a minimum, it’s pretty likely that you won’t be able to actually withdraw that amount even if you reach it.

Withdrawal Screen for Dice Master 3D

I still can’t wrap my head around the 1.9 billion amount. Why that many coins? There is no good to have that high of an amount. Not even apps that you can actual earn money from requires that many coins to withdraw. It’s just really unrealistic.

The Dice Master 3D app isn’t even available to download. So it doesn’t really matter.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent gameplay
  • Decent UI/UX


  • Game can get repetitive
  • No actual way to get your earnings
  • The amount of gold coins you need to earn for $2 is insane.


It’s easy to say that you should avoid this game. Mainly because you can no longer download this game through official means. There are still a lot of apps out there that promise that you can earn a certain amount of money. So it never really ends.

I don’t know if this will stop anytime soon. There are still people out there who want to earn money. And these games have an offer they can’t refuse. But it sucks when they rarely get what they seek out to do.

That’s it for my review of the Dice Master 3D app. If you enjoyed it, do share this with your friends and family.

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