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Fieldwork Review – Participate in Focus Groups ($75+ Per Study)

Homepage for FieldworkWelcome to my Fieldwork review.

I enjoy answering surveys. Prior to writing reviews of survey panel aggregator websites or apps like Survey Spotter and Voxpopme, I have only done one online survey. It was pretty a decent experience. Somehow I got a $5 Amazon gift card out of it.

In my reviews of those specific websites and apps, I was fairly positive on them. They’re one of the better ways to earn money from. But I always make it a point to say that it’s not really a thing you would consider for the long term.

Survey panels and focus groups will always be looking for specific people that match what they’re looking for. Sometimes you get asked to answer a survey or participate in a focus group, sometimes you don’t. It’s not really you’re fault. You’re not the ones they’re looking for at the moment.

It takes a while to earn money from online surveys. Certain survey panel websites might reward you with points. You have to reach a certain amount to exchange it for money. While there are others that reward you with a bit of money for answering those surveys, they might also have a minimum withdrawal threshold.

I haven’t really reviewed any focus group discussions because I’ve rarely been asked to participate in one. Focus groups are really where the money is. And in this review, we’ll take a look at what Fieldwork has to offer.


Fieldwork Review

Here are some quick details about the website:

  • Company Name: Fieldwork
  • Type of service: Market research
  • Availability: On-site and online; only available for residents of the United States

What Is Fieldwork?

Fieldwork is market research firm that helps business and companies conduct different market research strategies like focus group discussions, survey panels, and even product tests. The firm has fourteen different facilities across the United States, mainly in big cities. People have to sign up to become part of Fieldwork’s national database. You can earn money from participating in their market research studies.


How Fieldwork Works

There are different ways that you can become part of Fieldwork’s market research studies. You can sign up through their website by clicking on the button that says “Join a focus group.” Like most sign up sheets, it will ask for your name, e-mail address and phone number and even your home address. Obviously, you have to use your actual details for this in order to qualify.

If you live near any of the fourteen facilities that Fieldwork operates across the United States, you can get invited to participate in a focus group. A focus group discussion often involves a group people giving opinions on certain things. The facilitator will often ask the group differences and you just have to give an answer. There is no really no right or wrong answers.

A focus group discussions will often take a few hours to conduct. I think most FGDs will be providing some food and drinks during the whole duration. Once it’s finished, you will probably receive payment for participating.

In case you don’t live near any of the facilities that they list on the website, you can still participate in phone surveys and online survey panels. The company will notify you via e-mail if you qualify for an upcoming survey panel or such. You do need to have a decent set-up for these kinds of things. Though in a survey conducted through a phone, you just need to be very attentive.

Is Fieldwork Legit? Does It Pay?

Unfortunately, the focus groups are more geared towards residents of the United States. That makes sense though since the locations for their facilities are scattered around the country. You can still sign up for an account using your normal address, but when I tried it, it doesn’t really remove the drop-down menu for the fifty states.

In-person focus group discussions are probably the best way to earn extra money. Since these discussion often take a few hours, the compensation that you can get are higher than what you might get from online surveys. In online surveys, you only get a few cents here and there. One thing that I dislike about compensation from online surveys is that you have to reach a certain amount before you can redeem it.

It takes a while to reach the minimum threshold because you don’t really get a lot invitations to take in surveys. Focus groups, because they usually take longer and are usually done face-to-face, pay a lot better. Some of the reviews for Fieldwork that I have seen mentioned you can earn at least $75 for participating. That’s not bad for a two-hour discussion.

One thing you have to be aware of is that you get the payment in the form of a Visa gift card. If you were hoping to get actual bills, you would probably be disappointed. A gift card makes the most logical sense the mode of payment. You can still buy stuff using the gift card, but you do need to use up the entire card in one store. You can probably buy Amazon gift cards so that you can have some money to buy online.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent compensation for participating
  • Ability to take part in surveys when you can’t take part in the focus group
  • Ability to opt out from the program


  • Takes a while to get invited to participate in focus groups
  • Facilities may be hard to get to


Surveys and focus groups are two of the more legitimate ways to earn some extra cash. You just really have to be aware that you may not get invited regularly. It’s not your fault. The market research firms are just looking for other people.

As I have mentioned a bunch of times, you should never consider this as your primary source of income. While you do get paid, it’s not exactly reliable. It’s only really a side hustle more than a job. You will have to wait a while to get invited again.

Still, if you have the time, you should definitely try out focus groups. It could be fun to get paid to give out your opinions on stuff.

That’s it for my review of Fieldwork. If you enjoyed it, why not share it to your friends and family?

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