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Fruit Pop Blast App Review – Can You Win $100? Is It Legit?

Fruit Pop Blast app iconWelcome to my Fruit Pop Blast app review.

Over the past few weeks, I have gotten to review a handful of apps and games. And more often than not, those games involved some kind of money earning aspect to it. With so many people using their phones on a regular basis, who wouldn’t try to monetize that? People want to earn money.

So far, I have only come across a few apps that actually gave out money to the people who use them. Apps like BuzzBreak, Cash Alarm and a few others rewarded users with a bit of cash. Granted, it was only a few dollars here and there. But you can’t really be picky. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

Still, there are a lot—and I mean A LOT—of apps out there that promise to reward users with hundred dollar amounts. I can’t imagine where the developers get the funds to do so. Ad revenue probably pays decent amounts. But it would be rather difficult for them to pay its users regularly. So I’m never really sure why they try.


Fruit Pop Blast App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Fruit Pop Blast – Starry Winner
  • Developer: Happy Birds Studio
  • Availability: Worldwide (Early Access)
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is Fruit Pop Blast?

Fruit Pop Blast is a match-3 puzzle game were you click on three or more similar colored items to clear a level. You get rewarded coins every time you successfully clear the blocks. At the end of level, you get reward with in-game cash. Both coins and cash can be exchanged through a variety of options, like PayPal and GCash.


How Fruit Pop Blast Works

The Fruit Pop Blast app is currently available under Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users. Since this app is currently listed as an Early Access release, there are no reviews available from other users regarding this app. The app was last updated on July 16, 2021.

If you have never heard of Early Access releases before, there isn’t a lot that can be said about it. Developers use Early Access releases as a way to let users test their app through an official release channel. In this case, it’s the Google Play Store. An app or game will undergo a lot of changes before it gets a wider release. Only the developers can see any reviews made for Early Access releases.

With an game like Fruit Pop Blast, you kind of wonder why they would choose to release it as such. There are a lot of games with similar gameplay that is more readily available, and more frequently updated, than this. This game is basically Pet Rescue Saga but with fruit designs on the blocks.

Let’s assume this is your first match-3 game ever. I’m not sure why you would pick this instead of the other ones. But sure. This is just a hypothetical. You’re probably wondering how to play this particular game.

Gameplay for Fruit Pop Blast

There isn’t that much to the gameplay, or at least the first few levels. You just have to tap on a few colored blocks and that’s it. That’s the entire game. I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s that simple.

You get coins every time you clear blocks. The more you clear, the more coins you get. You also get points from it. But it’s really just a formality. I guess they need to keep track of your progress somehow. You just have to keep clearing blocks until there are only solo blocks left on the grid. After that, you’ve cleared the level. And onto the next.

When you clear the level, you are given a chance to receive a prize in the form of PayPal credits. But in order to get that reward, you have to watch an ad. I know. It’s shocking. The amount you get is random. But it will diminish the longer you play the game.

There’s also power-ups in the game. And they function how you think they’re supposed to function. They’re there to help you clear the level faster.

Is Fruit Pop Blast Legit? Does It Pay?

The Fruit Pop Blast app rewards you with coins and virtual cash for clearing levels. As I have mentioned earlier, you get coins every time you clear the blocks and cash from watching an ad that shows up at the end of each level. There is also a Lucky Wheel that rewards you with virtual cash. You can exchange those in-game currency for credits that you can get via PayPal. The amount you can redeem will vary per country. There is also a chance that the third-party service you use to receive your earnings may differ.

In the U.S., you can exchange 100 of the in-game cash for $100 worth of PayPal credits. A million coins can get you $150 worth of credits. And 30 props will give you $250. What are props? They don’t really matter because the game will rarely reward you with it.

So your best bets are the main in-game currencies. Though, you probably won’t get any money out of this. An app like Cash Alarm will shown you an official PayPal transaction prompt. In Fruit Pop Blast, however, the prompt will match the aesthetics of the game. The prompt, which is common in a lot of these “money earning” apps, will ask you to type in the e-mail address you used for PayPal twice. After that, it’s just a weird dance.

In some apps, the game will go through a three-day verification process. The app may require you to watch a few—read: 50—ads just for, you know, fun. The process repeats. And somehow it’s worse.

I haven’t seen a lot of proof from other people that they’ve received their earnings. And I doubt it will actually happen. Because $100 is still a lot, even if other apps go for higher amounts.


Pros and Cons


  • Simple gameplay
  • Passable graphics
  • Power-ups


  • No actual way to earn money
  • Too easy


There isn’t really much to this game. So I couldn’t recommend it you or anyone else. If you’re still on the look out for a fun match-3 puzzle game, you should probably go with the tried and tested ones. Just don’t expect to earn any money from it.

Just play any other game. There are so many out there. And a lot of them are pretty well-designed. You could also maybe try Cash Alarm? Or Cash’em All? If you really want to earn a bit of cash, those two are pretty decent choices. But don’t make it your primary source of income. Those apps don’t give a ton of cash.

And that’s it for my review of the Fruit Pop Blast app. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please share this review to your friends and loved ones.

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