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Happy Dice App Review – Is it Legit?

Happy Dice app iconWelcome to my Happy Dice app review.

There have been a bunch of apps where you can supposedly earn money from. These apps will usually come in the form of a game that any person can easily play. It makes sense for them to do that. Some mobile games are easy to get into. Once you’ve learned the gist of it, you can just keep playing it.

A bunch of these apps, like Merging Blocks Legend and Color Block, have made their way into this website. As a mobile game, they function well enough to be considered that. There are a lot more better designed mobile games out there. As for the whole “money earning” prospects, that’s a little bit dicey.

For the most part, I haven’t seen a lot of these apps deliver on the promise of big rewards. Sometimes it just feels like you’re playing the game and watching ads for nothing. The entire process of withdrawing on those apps is a fucking pain in the ass.

I have actually reviewed some apps that you can earn money from. Cashzine and BuzzBreak reward people from reading articles. There are also a bunch of other apps that reward you for playing a game for a certain amount of time. The thing you have to mindful of, though, is that these apps don’t really pay the kind of amounts you’ll see on some apps, including the one I’m going to review.


Happy Dice App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Happy Dice – Lucky Ground / Happy Dice – Make Money Reward
  • Developer: HappyCasual Mint (Hainan Huoyi Technology Co., Ltd.)
  • Availability: Worldwide (Google Play | App Store)
  • User Reviews: 4.7–4.8 Stars

What Is Happy Dice?

The Happy Dice app is a mobile game where you roll the dice in order to move your character around a game board. Certain tiles on the board will reward you with one of the two in-game currencies. You can exchange those in-game currencies for different kinds of items like gift cards or even PayPal credits.


How Happy Dice Works

The Happy Dice app is available to download on the Google Play Store for Android and on the App Store for iOS players. Happy Dice is the only app that HappyCasual Mint has on the the Play Store. Though on the App Store, Happy Dice is one of nine apps offer by the same developer. The app in both platforms was last updated on September 2020. It’s been almost two years since the app was updated.

There isn’t really that much of an objective to this game. When you first start the app, you are welcomed by a square path surrounding a house. The only thing you really have to do is to roll the dice. I guess you can also collect some of the in-game currency. But that depends on your dice rolls.

You keep rolling and rolling the dice until your reach one of the tiles that has a checkerboard pattern. Once you’ve reached that, the game will automatically send you to another level. The game just keeps going and going after that.

When you reach the tiles that have the in-game currency, you will then have to roll again the form of a slot machine. Whatever it lands on, that’s how much of the in-game currency you get. You also get in-game currency just by finishing each level.

Gameplay for Happy Dice

I can’t really say that simplicity is always good. You can play this game over and over. Or at least until your 50 dice rolls run out. But it still replenishes after a few minutes. Why would you do that though? Is it because of the supposed money earning aspect?

Well, let’s talk about that.

Is Happy Dice Legit? Does It Pay?

Considering that the game hasn’t been update in almost two years, I’m not really sure if you can actually cash out your earnings in the Happy Dice app. From my experience of writing reviews about apps like this one, they rarely deliver on that promise. I have mentioned some of the apps that you can actually get money from at the top of this review. But, man, they’re a small bunch.

The answer to the questions in the heading for this part of the review is both “no.” The first question “Is Happy Dice legit” might be open to some interpretation. Is Happy Dice a legit app? Sure. I mean, it was released on an official platform. It works how it’s supposed to. Is the app legit in giving away money? No.

It’s kind of easy to get in-game currency in this app. You just have to keep playing. The game will reward you just for finishing a level. A lot of these games are like that. They give you a bunch of rewards. The amounts they give out at the start are usually pretty high, especially when the prize is the in-game currency with the dollar sign before it. How they determine how much you get can be really random at times.

You have to earn $100 worth of the in-game currency in order to cash out your earnings. The Happy Dice app allows you to choose if you want to get your earnings as a gift card or as PayPal credits. I’m never really sure how they choose the kinds of items you can exchange for.

Once you reach that threshold—a lot of games actually lessen the amounts you can earn from finishing the level as you go along—you begin the process of withdrawing. This process usually takes a few days to finish. Some apps will suggest that you watch a bunch of ads in order to speed it up. But it rarely does that. It doesn’t really seem like the withdrawal process works in any of these apps.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to understand gameplay
  • Decent graphics


  • Not really much else to do in the game
  • No actual way to redeem winnings


Even though this app is still available to download, unlike some of the other apps I’ve reviewed, I couldn’t recommend this to you. The game doesn’t have a lot of things to do except roll dice. This app works. But, man. It’s really boring.

That’s it for my review of the Happy Dice app. If you enjoyed it to some degree, why not share this review to your friends and family?

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