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Jelly Connect App Review – Will They Pay After 200 Videos?

Welcome to my Jelly Connect app review.

I have reviewed a lot of different apps and games on this website. For the most part, it almost always involves some kind of money aspect. You know the ones. There are so many of them that have made their way to this website. I have a hard time remembering them all.

With so many of these apps already been reviewed, you’d think that I would run out of them. But you’d be wrong. There is always a new one popping up every now and then. Some last long enough to still be available to download. Others don’t.

Unfortunately, a lot of those apps rarely deliver on the promise of earning money. There have only been a few that did, including BuzzBreak and Cash Alarm. While they don’t give out the kind of amounts you’d find in other apps, they still manage to give out a few dollars to its users.

So whenever I review a new-to-me app or game that you could supposedly earn money from, I am immediately skeptical of it. Who can blame me? If you’ve reviewed enough of these apps, you can sometimes see similarities in a lot of them.

Will the Jelly Connect app be any different? We’ll find out in this review.


Jelly Connect App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Jelly Connect?

The Jelly Connect app is a puzzle game where you connect jellies in a chain. Every time you connect those jellies, they upgrade to a higher numbered jelly. You earn different in-game currency that you can exchange for PayPal credits or Amazon gift cards. There is also a puzzle piece system where you can win different prizes like a new smartphone.


How Jelly Connect Works

The Jelly Connect app is currently available to download on the Google Play Store for Android users.

The game is a different take on the classic 2048 game. In case you didn’t know, 2048 is a merge game where you merge to similarly numbered blocks in order to reach 2048. The sequence for it is 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and 2048. In a lot of 2048 games, you swipe to switch a numbered block with another one to merge with the block with the same number.

A few 2048 games have made their way to this website like Winner Diamonds and Merging Blocks Legend. They have different styles of gameplay that you would normally get from a standard 2048. But the goal remains the same.

In Jelly Connect, you will have to connect similarly number jellies in a chain to upgrade it to a higher numbered jelly. If you merge a lot of those jellies, you may get the chance to get a jelly with a higher number than you were expecting. You earn in-game currency every time you make a chain.

Gameplay for Jelly Connect

There isn’t really much else to the game after that. You just keep on making chains, trying to reach 2048. It really depends on you if you want to continue playing it. I guess reaching 2048 is enough to make people stick around. But that must get tiring quick.

Aside from the money earning aspect, you can also supposedly win real life prizes by completing puzzle pieces related to those prizes. But if you’ve ever been on this website before, you may be aware of my hatred for these types of additional gameplay. You have to collect a certain amount of puzzle pieces in order to claim those prizes.

Is Jelly Connect Legit? Does It Pay?

The main thing you can get from playing the game is in-game currency. It takes on two forms: PayPal credits and diamonds. You will earn diamonds as you play through the game. Sometimes you will get rewarded with PayPal credits. But you have to watch an ad in order to redeem it.

A lot of the supposed money-earnings apps employ that kind of method. Because they don’t have any kind of in-app purchases involved, ad revenue is their main source of income from the app. I’m fine with ad-supported games. As long as the ads don’t show up while you’re in the middle of a level.

Withdrawal screen for Jelly Connect

The minimum amount you can withdraw from the Jelly Connect app is $200 worth of PayPal credits. A lot of the apps that I have reviewed often start with kind of amound. And whenever an app has those kinds of amounts, it will usually mean that the app isn’t going to give you the money.

Like I said, ad revenue is the often the main source of income for these kinds of apps. Even if all of the people playing the game watch a ton of ads in-game, it seems unlikely for the app developers to reward the players consistently. Especially when the withdrawal process is also extremely convoluted.

Let’s say you managed to collect $200. You start the withdrawal process by clicking on the button that says redeem. A prompt will ask you for the e-mail address you use for your PayPal. I highly advise you to never input any personal data that these games require. You never really know how they’ll handle your data.

Once you’ve given them the necessary details, the review process will begin. The game will mention that you have to watch 60 ads within 24 hours in order to claim your reward. They didn’t really mention this detail prior so it’s a bit surprising. The thing is, once you’ve watched 60 ads, they will then ask you watch even more ads.

The same process applies if you try to redeem gift card using diamonds. But in order to redeem the smallest amount available, you have to collect 980,000 diamonds. the game gives you 10 diamonds for each jelly you connect in your chain. So you have to connect 98,000 jellies to reach that amount. It’s a hassle.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent graphics
  • Easy to play


  • No clear objective
  • Game can get repetitive
  • Amount of diamonds needed to exchange for prizes feels excessive
  • Puzzle piece system


I can’t really recommend the Jelly Connect app to anyone hoping to earn money from it. Whenever a game like this promise hundreds of dollars worth of prizes, I already know that they will be unable to deliver on it. It doesn’t seem financially possible especially if you have a hundred active players.

On the gameplay side of things, this game is fine. You can get the hang of it within a few minutes of playing. But it definitely gets tiring after a while. Like I mentioned in the pros and cons, there isn’t any objective you have to reach while playing. You’re just continuously connecting jellies.

I guess reaching 2048 is a goal? But it still isn’t a compelling one.

That’s it for my review of the Jelly Connect app. If you enjoyed it, why not share this review to your friends and family?

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