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Lucky Chest App Review – Is It a Legit Scratcher Game?

Lucky Chest app iconWelcome to my Lucky Chest app review.

I have used up a lot of scratch cards in my lifetime. Whenever I am in a convenience store that sells them, I will often try my lucky at least two cards. Most of the time, I get my money back. But I haven’t really had the chance to win prizes larger than that.

It’s no wonder that a lot of people like to buy scratch cards or even join the lottery. Both are fairly accessible and could potentially earn you lots of money. A lot of people have made it a habit to spend a significant amount on money on these. If you win a hundred dollars or more, you’ve basically gotten your money back.

While scratch cards are relatively cheap, the amount of money you might put into it could be a lot. It’s a game of chance. You never really know if the cards you have is a winning one. So you spend more money to get a higher chance of winning. That’s how it usually is.

It’s not so surprising that certain app developers have managed to replicate the experience of a scratcher game on your smartphone. But the money earning aspect of it is kind of dicey, to say the least. You’ll find out more about it in this review.


Lucky Chest App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Lucky Chest?

The Lucky Chest app is a mobile scratch card game. It emulate the experience of buying and scratching a scratch card without having to actually buy or scratch a scratch card. The rules for actual scratch cards still apply to the game. You have to match three of the same icons in order to win the prize. This game will supposedly earn you money similar to its real-life counterpart. You can redeem your earnings as PayPal credits.


How Lucky Chest Works

The Lucky Chest app is currently available to download on the Google Play Store for Android users.

This app is pretty similar to another scratch card app that I have reviewed before. If you haven’t checked out my review of Lucky Money, you should go read it after this one. I don’t think you can really make a different scratch card app without the same functions. There is some slight difference in art styles. But how it functions is pretty much the same.

If you’ve really tried buying a scratch card before, allow me to explain. The main goal for any type of scratch card is to match three icons or amounts. It really depends on what type of scratch cards you buy. Some have actual amounts, while others use icons to refer to the same amounts. You can usually see the corresponding amounts at the back of the card.

In real life, you have to use a coin in order to effectively scratch the card to reveal the icons or amounts. On the app, you just have to swipe your finger around until you can see the icons. The same rules apply if you want to earn the jackpot. Match three icons, you earn the prize. You actually get prizes from each card you scratch.

The prizes you get from the cards are usually in-game currency. It’s mainly coins and the other currency that you can directly exchange for PayPal credits. We’ll talk a bit more about that in the following section of the review. That’s where I’ll get more in-depth about it.

There also other games where you can earn in-game currency from. The first is a card game wherein you have to match two cards that are facing down. You just click on each card to reveal the design. There isn’t really any other thing you have to worry about. As long as you clear the level, you earn coins.

The other is a merge puzzle game. You know the ones. The ones where you have to click three or more similarly colored tiles that are next to each other. In order to win, you just have to reach certain goals for each level.

There’s also a raffle of sorts where you have to watch an ad to get a ticket. The prizes you get from that are just the in-game currency.

Is Lucky Chest Legit? Does It Pay?

Here’s the part where I talk about whether or not you can actually earn money from any of the websites that I review. Most of the time, the apps and websites that I have reviewed rarely deliver on the whole money earning aspects. Usually, a few survey panel aggregate websites do well. Although, they aren’t necessarily the ones who pay.

The main thing that I notice in the apps that don’t actually give you the money you worked hard for is that they have their own prompts to withdraw. Usually, these prompts will ask for the e-mail that you used for your PayPal account. If an app has that, it’s automatically a red flag. Especially if the app requires you to watch ads to expedite the process.

One other thing that makes me skeptical about these apps is that the amounts that they would supposedly give you are high. The amounts will usually be at least $100 or so. Sometimes it’ll be $1,000 if they’re really being weirdly generous.

If you’re thinking that that’s a lot of money, it is. Especially if you have a few hundred daily active users. I don’t think the developer of the Lucky Chest app can manage to give a few hundred dollars every day. It’s a lot of money to put out.

Like I mentioned, the withdrawal process will usually require you to reach a certain amount in order to redeem your prize. For the coins, you may need at least 10,000,000 coins to exchange it for $5 or so. The minimum amounts for this app are smaller compared to Lucky Money.

A lot of apps will start giving smaller amounts as you progress. Some people who tried out the game have complained about that, among other things. It’s actually common with a few other supposed money-earning apps.


Pros and Cons


  • Variety of games, aside from the scratch card
  • Decent graphics


  • You have to watch a lot of ads to get more cards
  • Amounts you need to reach are sometimes unrealistic


I can’t really recommend this app to anyone. Though if you really want to try the app out for yourself, be my guest. This review is just really how I feel about it. You may or may not get something out of this.

The game works fine and looks fine. It’s not really something that I would personally keep playing. There are just games that once you’ve played it, you get tired of it really quickly. The Lucky Chest app happens to be one of them.

If you’re really want to see if you could actually earn money from the app, proceed with caution. I’m always a bit skeptical about these kinds of apps to begin with. But it seems possible that you can actually earn a bit of money from it. But don’t expect it to become a regular thing.

That’s it for my review of the Lucky Chest app. If you enjoyed it, why not share this review to your friends and family.

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