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Lucky Chip Spin App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Lucky Chip Spin App iconToday we are reviewing the app called Lucky Chip Spin.

Money is hard to come by these days. And it would be great if you could just find a way to earn money that’s as easy as playing a game. Sounds like a dream, right?

You’ve probably had this experience before. One day you’re playing one of your favorite games on your phone, or watching a video online. You come across an ad for a game like this where you drop coins into a machine and it pushes it towards more coins near an edge of platform. Seems pretty simple. But then a lot of the coins fall onto the edge, and you feel a little bit of excitement. You think to yourself, “That seems like fun. Maybe I should try it someday.” And then towards the end it would say, “Earn money. Exchange for PayPal.” And now it has piqued your interest. Who wouldn’t say no to that?

You look at the game’s page on the Play Store and it doesn’t really say much about the game at length. One of the screenshots they show do mention a way of getting “easy to win real ca$h.” (Yes, cash with a dollar sign.) But is its claim of easy to win “real ca$h” legit or just a scam? Well, don’t worry. Because this review will take you through what you need to know about Lucky Chip Spin.

Now let’s get started.


Lucky Chip Spin App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What is Lucky Chip Spin?

Lucky Chip Spin is a game where you drop coins into a machine that pushes them forward into more coins at the edge of the platform.

You can earn two different types of coins, both redeemable for credits via PayPal or Cash App. You can redeem up to $10,000.

The coins you use replenish for a set amount of time. You start out at 40 coins and you can bump up the limit of coins you can replenish by leveling up.


How Lucky Chip Spin Works

The game is currently available for Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users.

If you have ever seen a coin pusher machine at an arcade or casino in real life, it more or less replicates that on your phone. The main gameplay mechanic is you will drop coins in the machine by tapping on your screen. Then it will be pushed forward to the rest of the coins on the platform. The objective here is to get all the coins to fall from the edge of the platform so you could gain two different types of coins.

Lucky Chip Spin app gameplay

The coins, if you start the game clean, are usually a green one similar to a poker chip and a gold coin. The green coin usually has a denomination like $10 or so. If you drop a green coin with $10 on it, it actually credits you with only 10 cents, while a green coin with $100 will credit you with $1.

The game will help you through the mechanics when you start for the first time. The instructions, for the most part, are understandable. Though I do want to note that it also introduces you the cash out page where they show the denominations you have the chance of redeeming and a small progress bar to see how much of the required in-game currency you have earned so far.

The permissions it requires when you’re going to install it are very concerning. Why would a game want access to your phone status or have access to other content in your phone’s USB storage? Right off the bat, this whole thing seems sketchy. The website they linked to in their Developer info tab also doesn’t give you anything related to the game. It’s just a bunch of words and numbers you would only understand if you’re a developer.

And since the game is currently in Early Access, you don’t really know what other people have to say about the app. So you’re basically going into the game blind, for the most part.

I found a video that shows off the app’s gameplay and you can watch it below.

Is Lucky Chip Spin Legit? Does It Pay?

The cash out screen for the Lucky Chip Spin app

As I have talked about in earlier parts, this game boasts that you can redeem up to $10,000 that you can claim via PayPal or Cash App. That’s definitely higher payout than some of the other games that I have reviewed, like the Candy Crack app. The amounts that you can supposedly cash out also have a limit of how many can be claim. So if you manage to reach the threshold of the smallest amount they give out and all of those cash out vouchers have been redeemed, then you’re out of luck.

And with a lot of apps similar to this one, it gives you a lot more chances to build up your balance quickly during the first few times. But as you progress, the amount of green chips they can give you gets lessened over time. So it would take so much of your time and patience to grind in order to reach one of the thresholds.


Pros and Cons


  • Fairly easy to play
  • Decent graphics


  • Dubious permission requirements
  • Takes a long time to replenish your coins
  • The app is not finalized


In conclusion, I don’t think this app is worth it. It takes a lot of time for your coins to replenish and there isn’t that much you can do initially to make playing the game worthwhile in the long run.

And as much as the higher payouts that this game promises to give, you can’t be sure that you could actually get the money you put the effort into grinding.

Apps like this don’t actually have the resources to give each player $10,000 when they meet the threshold. That just doesn’t sound sustainable. And even if you keep watching ads inside the game, the ad money only goes to the developers. That’s the only way that they can actually earn money from this. They’ve just lured you into thinking that devoting a lot of your time into this game with the allure of $10,000.

I hope that you’ve gained something useful from this Lucky Spin Chip app review.

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