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Lucky Home App Review – Is It Legit?

Lucky Home app iconWelcome to my Lucky Home – House and Interior app review.

There have been multiple efforts by developers to create an app or game where you can earn actual money. Some efforts manage to deliver in that promise. While other’s don’t. There are just a few apps and games that you can actually earn money from.

A lot of those supposed “money earning” games look like other games. There isn’t really that much space to do a lot. Because you only do so much in a game that has to appeal to the most casual of players.

I have reviewed a bunch on these games on this website. Some are more well designed while others are not. They just tried to make a passable effort that they can put out quickly. And you can see that when you try their apps.

I’m always awe-struck by the sheer number of this kinds of apps available on the different marketplace platforms. Though it mostly happens on the Google Play Store. There’s just something about that particular platform that seems easy to game.

Some of the apps that I’ve reviewed has since been unavailable to download. I’m not really sure whether they were taken down by the platform or by the developers. At least it’s a few less games like that out there now. But there are still a lot more out there.


Lucky Home App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Lucky Home – House & Interior to Win Big
  • Developer: Tuyoo Games
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • User Reviews: 4.0 Stars

What Is Lucky Home?

The Lucky Home app is a combination of a match-3 puzzle game and a home renovation game. Like a lot of match-3 puzzle games, you have to click on similar colored sets of cubes in order to clear a level. You get different kinds of in-game currency that you can use to decorate different spaces of a home. The game also rewards you with virtual currency that you can redeem through PayPal or as Amazon gift card credits.


How Lucky Home Works

The app is currently available to download on the Google Play Store for Android users.

The gameplay for the Lucky Home app is similar to a lot of other match-3 puzzle games. Match-3 puzzle games are one of the most common genre they use for these “money earning” apps. I have reviewed a few apps in that genre on this website, including Fruit Pop Blast and Sea Big Bang. Once you’ve played one of these types of game, you’ve basically played them all.

You just have to click on a bunch of similar colored blocks on the screen. That’s it. There’s not really much else to the game beyond that. I guess there are also power-ups you can use when the level gets harder?

Each level will have certain goals that have to be met before you can proceed to the next one. There is a specific amount of moves that you can use per level. If you have enough moves left over, it will get replaced by bombs. That will destroy all the other cubes which helps you reach certain thresholds for stars.

The game rewards with you with in-game currency, I think? They don’t really show you any information about prizes when you finish a level. Although, when you finish a certain amount of levels, you do get virtual currency that you can somehow withdraw to your PayPal account?

There’s also a home renovation aspect to it? It works fine, I guess? That’s where you can use the other in-game currency they reward you with. It’s kind of weird that it defaults to a corner of living room featuring a chair, rug, a frame, and a floor lamp. The design aspect of that is you just replace the patterns. That’s it.

I just checked and it seems like there’s a button next to your in-game currency balance that lets choose which room you want to design. It definitely could’ve been a bit more well positioned in the game. Still, it’s good that it’s there.

Is Lucky Home Legit? Does It Pay?

The Lucky Home app rewards you with a bunch of in-game currencies throughout the entire gameplay. Two of those in-game currencies can be used by different patterns for your furniture, walls and floors. You can also use it to buy any of the power-ups that can help you clear a level more quickly.

I think the thing that people are sticking around for is the chance to earn money. It seems like there is only one withdrawal threshold that you need to reach. And that’s $150. That’s a large amount to reach. But most of the apps that I’ve reviewed have had a similar minimum threshold.

The only way to earn that is by playing the game. Like I mentioned earlier, the game will reward you with that for every few levels. The amounts are very random. Though, it always starts out with two-digit amounts. Usually around $10–15, give or take a few cents. But the closer you get to reaching $150, the amounts you can get go down.

That’s a common tactic that certain games do. I guess they don’t actually want you to reach that amount. Because I’m not really they have that kind of money to give out on a regular basis. The game supposedly allows you to withdraw your earnings as either PayPal credits or Amazon gift card credits.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play
  • Clear objectives


  • Home renovation aspect is kind of half baked
  • No way to actually claim your rewards


There are a lot better match-3 puzzle games and home renovation games out there. I don’t have much of a problem regarding the gameplay for the Lucky Home app. But there are just so many other games to try. Why try this one?

I guess people are just more interested in the supposed money earning aspect of this game. Not a lot of games have that. But, with my experience, these types of apps rarely deliver on their promise.

A lot of the reviews for this app on the Google Play Store are complaints that the game doesn’t seem to want you to reach $150. It’s definitely weird for a game to reward with a lot at the start. Then decides to stop doing that as you get closer to reaching that amount.

That doesn’t seem like a game worth trusting.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Lucky Home app. If you did, why not share this to review to your family and friends?

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