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Lucky Money App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Lucky Money app iconWelcome to my Lucky Money app review.

There are a lot of apps. Like A LOT. They just keep on releasing apps every single day. You’d think that there is probably a limit to how many you can release on the internet. But there’s not, apparently.

It’s not really surprising anymore that there a bunch of apps that promise some sort of reward for doing a thing. They take on many forms. Sometimes you get reward from reading news on apps like Cashzine. Or you get rewarded just from playing games via Money Well and Cash’em All. The latter is the more common one.

It’s not a surprise that a lot of apps that supposed let you earn money take the form of games. Games are fun to play. And they are usually easier to get into. But the opportunity to earn money is the main reason why people download and play these apps. Simple as that.

So when I came across the Lucky Money app, I wasn’t surprised that there been more than 10 million installations of it. The premise of it seemed simple enough. Scratch the cards on the screen and you could earn rewards. Scratch cards in real life also let you earn rewards. But you need to buy that scratch card in order to get a chance to win.

And that’s where the app differs from its real life counterpart. But does it actually give you a better chance of earning rewards? Or is it just another scam?


Lucky Money App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Lucky Money?

Lucky Money is an app where you can earn rewards from scratching cards on your screen. Scratching cards will reward you with coins or virtual currency that you can exchange for gift cards and PayPal credits.


How Lucky Money Works

The Lucky Money app is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

When I looked at the app’s page on the Play Store, I noticed that the app’s developer was Shape Keeper Ltd. It somehow felt familiar. Then I realized that I reviewed their app Cash Solitaire a while back. So I was beginning to beskeptical about the whole money earning aspect of this app because of my previous review.

Lucky Money app tutorial

The main gameplay mechanic of this app is the scratch card. You scratch the card by rubbing your finger on the screen. (Is that the correct term for it?) If you match three of the featured icons, you win the jackpot prize. Similar to actual scratch cards, the chances of getting all three icons is random. You can still earn coins or even virtual currency just by scratching the cards on the app. There are also mallets that you can earn from the cards that you can use to break the Lucky Egg.

You mainly use the coins to either buy a chance to the spin the Lucky Spin wheel or to buy raffle tickets to win more coins, virtual currency or a $100 Amazon gift card. The game lets you try out the raffle system for free on your first try. But it will cost coins for succeeding entries. The game will randomly multiply that one ticket so you can have more chances of winning. There are hourly, daily, weekly and monthly raffles that you can join.

If you’ve collected at least 10 mallets, you can break the Lucky Egg. The egg will reward you with coins, virtual currency and raffle tickets. But the amounts are very random.

There are also achievements you can complete that also rewards you with coins and virtual currency. It usually involves scratching a certain number of cards or by watching ads. Oh, did I forget to mention that there are ads? Well… There are ads. And you have to watch them in order to buy more cards or unlock rows in those cards.

Is Lucky Money Legit? Does It Pay?

In my review of the Cash Solitaire app from Shape Keeper, I basically said that you don’t really have a chance to withdraw any of the rewards. The same thing applies to the Lucky Money app. The main thing you can withdraw from the app, allegedly, is $100 worth of PayPal credits. While you do earn some of the virtual currency needed, the amount you can win lessens the more you play the game. Especially if you’re only a few dollars of reaching that minimum threshold.

Lucky Money withdrawal screen

And that’s not really surprising. Apps like this rarely deliver on any of their promises. With over 10 million downloads, I can’t really see any possible way that they can manage to pay any a lot of its users that consistently. Like, you have a slightly better chance to earn money from trying out actual scratch card. You may have less money than when your first started. But at least you don’t have build up to an amount that you can’t even redeem.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent graphics
  • Decent gameplay


  • Hard to reach withdrawal requirements
  • So many ads


I still can’t believe that apps like this are still allowed to exist. It just gets so frustrating to see so many people get their hopes up because of the promise of rewards. But be eventually burned when it doesn’t happen. And that’s a problem that persists when there are so many apps out there. It’s so hard to moderate a lot of fraudulent apps. Because if they get a notice, they can easily remove the main aspects that lure people into their apps. And they can still keep their app listed online.

As an app that simulates an actual scratch card, the Lucky Money app mainly gets it right. The UI of this app looks good. But they really shouldn’t push the whole rewards thing so much. Though they wouldn’t really have a lot people installing their app if not for that. But if you come across this app, you’re better off not downloading it.

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