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10 Medical Transcription Companies That Offer Work From Home Jobs

Today we’re taking a look at some medical transcription companies.

You might be surprised to see a different article today compared to what I’ve been writing before. I have never really written a listicle until now. So, why the change? Well, it’s sometimes good to take a breath and try to do something new. I will probably still write the usual reviews in the near future.

The pandemic has spurred a change in how we go to work. Gone were the days where you had to commute early in the morning just to be in an office building for the rest of the day. Early in the pandemic, we mostly did our work in the comfort of our homes. With restrictions slowly easing a bit, companies have started to bring employees back into offices. Some have adopted a hybrid system where you can choose to go to the office during specific days. While others have required employees to be in the office daily.

In the healthcare sector, things are no different. The initial spikes in cases have noticeably gone down, thanks in part to the availability of vaccines and boosters. Still, it’s good to be mindful of our health as well as those around us.


What Is a Medical Transcriptionist?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a medical transcriptionist is a person who writes reports based on recordings made by physicians and other healthcare workers. Usually, they listen to recordings and transcribe them. Then they write a report based on those recordings. A medical transcriptions must have some sufficient knowledge of medical terminology. So this job isn’t just something you can go into willy nilly. It helps, though, if you have experiencing being a general transcriptionist because some companies do provide training once you’re hired.

If you’re in the United States, it is fairly easy to find schools that offer a program about medical transcription. It’s not really required to have certification to be a medical transcriptions, but it’s great if you have it. You can learn more about accreditation on the Association for Healthcare Document Integrity website.

Now, onto the list.

1. Fast Chart

Fast Chart is a company that takes pride in its reliability. If you check its homepage you will see that emphasize its system uptime rate of 99% and its accuracy rate of 98.5%. With its services being available through the cloud, it is amazing that their services never falter. Because cloud services are often reliant on servers being active all the time. And anything that affects the servers like loss of power connections or broken connection to and from the servers can be a hassle.

Homepage for medical transcription company Fast Chart

If you are only starting out as medical transcription practitioner, Fast Chart may not be for you. The medical transcription company requires at least two years of experience in the field in order to be qualified. There is also a test that you are required to take during the hiring process so be mindful of that.

2. Absolute Transcription

Absolute Transcription is a medical transcription service based in Oklahoma. The company has been in the business since its foundation in 1999. The employment listings for the company requires at least three years of experience in the field. You can check out more details about the requirements on their website.

3. Aquity Solutions

Aquity Solutions is a multi-awarded medical transcription company. The company is the among the first in the industry to offer virtual scribe services to its clients. The company was founded in 2019, but it had its roots in the medical industry since 1986.

4. GoTranscript

GoTranscription is a company that offer different kinds of transcription services including medical transcription. It is available for people in or outside the U.S. Anybody who signs up for account will need to complete a proficiency test in order to start working. The average pay per minute for regular transcriptions is about $0.60.


5. Acusis

Acusis is a medical transcription company that was founded in 2009. The company is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aquity Solutions acquired the company in March 2022. The company requires at least three years of experience for part-time and full-time positions. Anyone who applies will be required to take a 3-hour proficiency examination.

6. STAT Transcribe

STAT Transcribe is a medical transcription company that focuses on three different medical fields: radiology, pathology and acute care. The company requires at least three years of experience as medical transcriptions. It may be more defending on the field that you will be applying for. They offer full-time and part-time home-based opportunities for aspiring applicants.

7. Phoenix MedCom

Phoenix MedCom was founded in 1998. Its founders have at least 30 years of experience in the medical transcription industry. The company prides itself in its employee base that focus on a variety of fields. The listing for medical transcriptionists require at least two years of experience.

8. SoftScript

This company, which was found in 1997, prides itself in the fact that it is wholly based in the United States. The company promises great benefit for people who apply for the medical transcriptionist position. But be mindful that you have to have at least five years of experience as an MT. That seems to be common with companies that focus on more on medical transcriptionists specializing in radiology and pathology.

9. Preferred Transcriptions

Preferred Transcriptions, a Pennsylvania-based company, offers opportunities for MTs regularly. With clients based in multiple states, you are sure to find a position as long as you have two years of experience as an MT.


10. MTStars

Although this isn’t a medical transcription company, it does serve as a hub for people in the field to give advice to people who are starting out on the industry. Aside from the forum, you can also find job listings in this site. Some of the listings come from the companies include in this list. So if you’re still unsure of what the job of medical transcriptionist entails, this site is a treasure trove of information.

Homepage for MTStars


As you can see, being part of the medical transcription services community is no easy feat. Even though some companies have on-the-job training, experience in the field is still a big deal for some of the larger companies. Good thing that there are schools that provide programs to orient you on what you will do in this field.

I had such an interesting time researching this topic. As someone who doesn’t have any experience in the medical field, there was a lot to learn. I wasn’t even aware this was a job until now. But the more I learned about it, the more I appreciate the people who work hard to make the healthcare system as well-oiled as possible. And medical transcriptionists are a big part of that. Still, this job isn’t just ordinary transcribing and typing. You have to be as up-to-date as possible in the comings and goings of the medical sciences. I tip my hat to them.

And that’s it for this post. I hope you found it enjoyable. If you did, please share this article to your friends and loved ones.

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