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Merging Blocks Legend App Review – Is it FAKE?

Merging Blocks Legend app iconWelcome to my Merging Blocks Legend app review.

Ah, yes. 2048 merge games. There was a period in time where everybody was playing merge games. Whenever a thing gets popular, everybody wants to get in on it. People just want to see what all the fuss is about.

Because of that, a lot of developers started making their dupes of these specific merge games. The gameplay for it is simple enough that the process of develop their own version didn’t take that much time. That happens a lot with games that you can play on your smartphone. When you inundate the platform with so many similar apps or games, people wouldn’t be able to discern which one was the original.

Even merge games aren’t all the range that much anymore, there are still a lot of these games out there. If you’re somebody who doesn’t really play a lot games, most merge games have a very easy entry point. Once you started playing the game, it’s very easy to keep playing.

Not all apps are created equal though. Sometimes there are apps that promise cash prizes when you play their games. But with my experience, it doesn’t work out how you would expect it to.


Merging Blocks Legend App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Merging Blocks Legend
  • Developer: New Solitaire Studio
  • Availability: No longer available
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is Merging Blocks Legend?

The Merging Blocks Legend app is a merge puzzle game. Similar to a lot of 2048-style merge puzzle games, you click on similarly numbered blocks to merge them. The object is to reach 2048. You will earn in-game currency when you merge blocks with icons that correspond to that currency. The app allows you to withdraw your earnings through PayPal.


How Merging Blocks Legend Works

The Merging Blocks Legend app was previously available on the Google Play Store. Neither the app nor its developer, New Solitaire Studio, are on the platform. The app was last updated in January of 2021. I will have to say the name is sometimes really hard to read. The name of the app is a lot. I have a hard time trying to read and write it sometimes.

A lot of 2048-style merge puzzle games work with the same premise. You have to merge similar numbered blocks in order to reach 2048. The succession of numbers is usually 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, and 2048. How you merge them depends on the app. Most apps in this genre let you swipe on the screen to move blocks to ones that are similar. In this app, though, you just have to click on it.

Gameplay for Merging Blocks Legend

The game gives you a bunch of free in-game currency just for logging in daily. A lot of apps have daily rewards. It’s a great of trying to retain a userbase. If you give them rewards for opening and using your app daily, they might make it a habit to keep playing.

As you can see in the screenshot, some of the numbers are already grouped together. You really just need more than one block in order to merge. Just keep clicking, man. The game shows you the target number you have to reach. Does reaching that target move you to another level? I don’t think so.

Some of the blocks will have an icon pertaining to one of two in-game currencies. In the screenshot above, that icon is the PayPal icon. Yeah, you can supposedly earn PayPal credits from clearing those groups that have that icon. You will need to watch ads in order to claim them, though. Because of course you do.

There are also power-ups you can use to help you clear blocks that you don’t want. And that’s basically what they do. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Is Merging Blocks Legend Legit? Does It Pay?

As I have mentioned before, the game rewards you with in-game currency. The in-game currency are coins and PayPal credits. You get them just by playing the game. There’s really not much else to the rewards system. You can also get those in-game currency just by logging in daily.

With a lot of these games, you will have to reach a minimum withdrawal threshold in order to cash out. If you see a game that supposedly lets you earn money that you send directly to your PayPal account, do not download it. For the most part, these apps have the same kind of rewards system as the Merging Blocks Legend app.

Just so you know. You will need to reach a $200 minimum threshold if you want to cash out your balance of PayPal credits. For coins, you will need to earn 120,000 coins just so you can exchange it for $5 worth of PayPal credits. It gives you at least a hundred when you clear blocks with the coin icon. But 120,000 coins just for $5 seems a little steep. I think you can reach that amount of coins? But why though?

Withdrawal screen for Merging Blocks Legend

A lot of these apps have very similar withdrawal processes. When you reach the minimum threshold, you input the e-mail address that you use for your PayPal account. A word of advice: Do not do that. The prompts they use for that aren’t officially connected to PayPal’s website. And we don’t really know where they’d use that data.

Let’s say you did input your e-mail address, what now? Well, the app will probably start a verification process that lasts for a few days. While you wait, why not watch fifty ads or something?

Pros and Cons


  • Decent UI/UX
  • Simple gameplay mechanics
  • Clear objectives


  • Too many ads
  • No actual way to claim your earnings


Since this game is no longer available, you don’t really have to worry that much. Still, I do not recommend you to try any other app that promises cash prizes. They probably would not be able to deliver. The only apps that I think actually gave money were Cash Alarm and Cashzine. Still, those apps didn’t give very high amounts but they managed to prove they actually paid.

That’s it for my review of the Merging Blocks Legend app. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends and family.

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