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MindsPay Review – Will You Get Paid Or Scammed?

Welcome to my MindsPay review.

I’ve been reviewing a lot websites and apps that somehow let you earn money from it. They are normally referred to as GPTs, which is short for “get paid to.” And that’s basically summarizes what these websites and apps do. They let you get paid from using it or from taking up offers that they have listed.

Some of the most common schemes when it comes to GPTs are surveys. Survey panels do pay the people who take part in these panels. You’re taking up a lot of their time. Might as well make sure that get compensated for it. Face-to-face panels pay decently for the length of the surveys. Survey panels generally take a long time, especially if there are multiple respondents.

A lot of survey panels nowadays also let you participate in surveys online. The thing about online surveys conducted by these companies is that it doesn’t really pay that well. Often times, these companies will require you earn a certain amount before you can withdraw your earnings. Worse, the surveys reward you with points. And the points are only a fraction of how much they require before they let you cash out.

Even though I gave survey aggregator sites like SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter fairly positive reviews, the amount they advertised wasn’t really achievable. Like I said in the previous paragraph, online surveys pay really small amounts.


MindsPay Review

Here are some quick details about the website:

What Is MindsPay?

MindsPay is a website where you get paid to review products and take part on offers on the website. Some offers will reward you with a few dollars, while some will reward you with a few cents. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal.


How MindsPay Works

The MindsPay website is no longer active. Unfortunately I am not really able to check out the website because of that. I have seen a few videos from those that did and I basically relay the information that got from it.

The website’s homepage basically lays out what you might get to do on the website. I actually found this video online from an old YouTube channel that MindsPay may have made. The URL for uses .info instead of .com, but the logo is pretty much the same to what MindsPay was using before they shut down.

You basically take up offers to review products. Those offers have a monetary value tied to it. The higher the value of the offer, the more difficult it may be to do. Compared to the $100 amount they put in the video, you actually earn at least $0.50 from these offers.

When you sign up, you will have to input a lot of your personal details including your phone number and personal address. Usually, websites might just ask for your name, birthdate and e-mail address. So MindsPay is kind of unusual in that regard.

Once you’ve signed up, you can pretty much start taking up offers. When you click on the amount on the right side, it will redirect you to a page that goes through what you need to know about the offer. That page will show if you need to pay money in order to participate in that offer. Which is kind of weird, but a lot of offers sometimes require you to purchase something.

When you’ve chosen your offer, you have to click on the Begin Now button at the end of the offer page. This will redirect you to another website where you have to complete the objectives of the offer. The MindsPay website is probably still tracking you in that other website. Once you’ve finished your offer, you will receive the reward stated.

There other offers you can take up, such as joining survey panel websites. But I have to mention that the survey panel websites are the ones who will pay you if join their websites. Each survey panel website has its own rewards system. And I can say is that not all rewards systems are created equal.

Is MindsPay Legit? Does It Pay?

Since the MindsPay website is no longer active, it’s hard to test out if the website actually pays you. In one of the videos I’ve seen, you will need to reach a minimum withdrawal threshold of $50 if you want to cash out. The website lets you cash out through PayPal.

I think you could’ve manage to reach that $50 withdrawal threshold if you try to do all of the offers the website had. Some of the offers might have been tied to an actual purchase. It’s really hard to determine that for a website that no longer exists.

Still, I rarely recommend to people hoping to earn money in the long run. It would’ve probably a good thing to do on the side of an actual income stream. But as the actual income stream? Hell no. With only a few offers that pay more than $0.50, this would’ve not be a viable income generating scheme.


Pros and Cons

There’s really no point at find the positive and negative aspects for a website that no longer exists. But I still have to write one for it.


  • Variety of offers
  • Clear objectives on what you need to do for each offer


  • Offers don’t really pay a lot
  • $50 minimum withdrawal threshold


I know hard it is to earn money nowadays. But at its peak, I don’t think the MindsPay website would’ve been that great. I mean, the website no longer exists. And there weren’t really any information why they had to shut down.

Get paid to sites should only be treated as a side job. It should never be treated as your primary source of income. Because once the website is no longer active, you basically don’t have a source of income. And that really sucks.

That’s it for my review of the MindsPay website. If you enjoyed this review, please share it to your friends and family.

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