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Money Well App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Money Well app iconWelcome to my Money Well app review.

I have come across a lot of games and apps promising to give hundreds of cash just by playing the game or using the app. It’s a thing that you come across when you search through an app store. A lot of people around the world use smartphones in their day to day lives. Some use their phones to communicate with friends, loved ones or co-workers. Some just spend time getting sucked into a games for hours. And because of the vast amount of smartphone users, a lot of developers are trying to find their niche in the hopes people get to use their app. A handful of times, you get apps like Money Well.

If you’ve read my review of JustPlay, you probably know how apps like this work. You download the app and it gives you opportunities to earn money by playing games. You earn some kind of token that you can exchange for money. Pretty simple to understand, right? But you’re probably wondering if Money Well actually lets you earn money or is it just another scam. Don’t worry because this review’s got you covered.


Money Well App Review

Here are some details about the app:

What Is Money Well?

Money Well is an app to rewards you with money just from playing a variety of games. The app’s description assures you that you don’t have to make an in-app purchase or watch any advertisements. You just need to play any of the games it features and it will reward you with tickets that you can exchange for money via PayPal or as gift cards.


How Money Well Works

The Money Well is available to download on the Google Play Store for Android users. It may not be available in some countries.

The welcome screen for Money Well app

In order to use the app, you must first register using either a Facebook or Google account. You will receive 4,444 tickets for registering. From there, the Money Well app with show you the games that you can play in order to start earning tickets. The app will also require permission to access your phone’s device and app history in order to keep track of your progress.

Most of the apps they feature are pretty popular, including games like Dragonscapes or EverMerge. The app will show how many tickets you can earn every minute that you play the game. You have to download those games from the Play Store in order to play.

The tickets you’ve will be reflected at the top, which you can also use to checkout for PayPal credits or even gift cards. Be wary that the tickets you can earn from availing any of the offers may go down as you use the app. So finding games that reward you with a large sum of tickets could be difficult in the long run.

Is Money Well Legit? Does It Pay?

Unlike most of the play to earn apps and games out there, the Money Well app doesn’t promise you with ridiculously high payouts. Although some may view this kind of thing as a negative, I actually think it’s great that they try to keep the amounts give out are fair and realistic.

As you can see in the screenshot, AU$0.50 worth of PayPal credits costs 4,999 tickets. It will take a bit of grinding to get enough tickets in order to redeem at least AU$2.00. But you will be able to redeem that money within 24 hour. The app will also require some kind of photo verification before you can cash out.

The checkout page for PayPal on Money Well


Pros and Cons


  • Good selection of games and offers
  • Realistic and fair cash payouts
  • Quick transaction periods


  • Takes a while to grind for tickets
  • High reward offers may not always be available


Even though the Money Well app doesn’t reward you with a lot of money, this is probably one of the better apps out there that actually rewards you with something. It will take a while before you reach the required tickets needed for the higher value payouts. But the games that they offer are actually fun to play. Maybe you’ll just stick with those games in the long run.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this review and learned something from it. Do share this to your family and friends so it could help more people.

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