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Mood to Merge App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Mood to Merge app iconWelcome to my Mood to Merge app review.

I have to say this: There are too many games out there. I have some games that I play regularly. But most of time, I get tired of playing a game after a while. That is just how I am. Not a lot of games can sustain my attention.

A lot of the games that make their way to my reviews usually have a similar premise. “Play this game and win actual money.” Granted, some of those games don’t use those exact words. They will try to find some subtle ways to say those words without actually saying them.

Sometimes, people fall for that kind of thing. And I don’t really blame them that much. Winning money just from playing games on your phone sounds pretty freaking great. Who wouldn’t want that? It’s really hard to earn money nowadays. People are just willing to jump at that kind of opportunity. Even though, more often than not, they don’t actually get that money.

So here I am, reviewing the Mood to Merge app. Another entrant to the merge/match-3 puzzle game arena. I sometimes have a hard time trying to classify what kind of game app like these are. They sometimes act as too many things at the same time. It’s weird.

Get ready, though. Because I have some thoughts


Mood to Merge App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Mood To Merge
  • Developer: funnytaskst
  • Availability: Worldwide (Early Access)
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is Mood to Merge?

Mood to Merge is a merge puzzle game where you merge emojis by swiping on the screen. You have to merge three or more emojis of the same level which turn into a higher level emoji. Merging emoji rewards you with PayPal credits that you can redeem to your account.


How Mood to Merge Works

Mood to Merge is currently available on Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users.

I do find it weird that there are a lot of these kinds of apps that take advantage of Early Access releases. In case you didn’t know, Early Access is basically a way for app developers to put out their apps for testing through a legitimate channel. Since the app is released through the Play Store, it will get updated through it. You don’t have to fumble your way through downloading and installing the APK on your own. It will install it like any other app downloaded through the Play Store.

Now, Early Access releases aren’t inherently bad. But it is concerning that this feature gets gamed by these kinds of apps. With Early Access releases, the reviews that you write about an app are only viewable by the developers. And an app can stay under an Early Access for months, just so they can’t show any of those reviews.

And judging on what is inside the Mood to Merge app, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything preventing them from doing a full release of the game. Nothing’s stopping them except themselves. But let’s take a better look at the app.

Starting the Game

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, the app will show a pop-up of your daily check-in progress. This kind of thing is normal occurrence in a lot of games. It incentives them to play the game consistently. The kind of rewards you can get for checking in daily depends on what kind of game you’re playing. Usually it’s the currency they use in the game. In the case of Mood to Merge, it’s PayPal credits.

Ah, yes. PayPal credits. A tried and tested way to lure people into playing your game. I get why a lot of these apps use PayPal as the main place to get your rewards. It’s pretty much accessible to a lot countries. And usually the amounts that these games offer range from reasonable to ridiculous.

On the first day of checking in, you are instantly reward with $10 worth of PayPal credits. Each succeeding day rewards you with higher rewards. The next four days, the reward amount goes up by $5. On the sixth day of checking in, you’ll get $50. When you check in on the seventh day, you’ll get $100. You will get about $250 worth of PayPal credits just by checking in for seven days.

Once you’ve collected your check-in reward, there will be another pop-up. This time around it’s a “special event.” The text on the pop-up will read:

 All the money you get in the next three days will be transferred to your PayPal account after expiration. Take the chance!

They’re really laying it on thick, huh? If you decide to take the chance, another pop-up will show up asking for you to input the email address you use for your PayPal account. Once you’ve filled up the necessary details. The app will then reiterate on what was written on the “Special Event” pop-up. It mainly just says that you don’t have to do anything else once the event ends. The money you earned will be sent to your account within the 15 business days.

Okay, sure. Two to three weeks doesn’t seem like a long time to wait for it. I’m sure it’ll show up.

Playing the Game

The gameplay for Mood to Merge is similar to the gameplay for Bubble Merge 2048. Merge games come in different forms, but the merging aspect pretty much stays the same. The similarities to the gameplay for Mood to Merge and Bubble Merge 2048 are mainly with the grid style format. In Bubble Merge 2048, you drop numbered tiles onto the grid. If you’ve played Tetris before, that’s what it’s like. There are only a few numbered tiles on the grid when you start the game in Bubble Merge 2048.

Gameplay for Mood to Merge

In Mood to Merge, however, the entire grid is filled with emojis. As you can see, each emoji has a number on the bottom right. That signifies its level. You merge emojis of a similar level and it levels up into another emoji. The game sort of employs a match-3 puzzle game aspect. If you have seen my reviews of Candy Crack or Sea Big Bang, you are probably aware of that specific genre. If not, allow me to explain further.

In order to level up an emoji, you first need three emojis of the same level next to it. It can either be near one another horizontally, vertically or even an L-shape. Usually in match-3 games, the piece you moved will return to its original place if it isn’t near any similar pieces. In this game, however, the piece will stay to where you swiped it. If you swipe an emoji to switch places with a similar emoji, it will return to its original position.

Whenever you successfully merged emojis—emergejis?—you will sometimes get PayPal credits added to your balance. It’s usually few cents. But it adds up the more you merge.

You also get the chance to earn more PayPal credits when you complete combos. The grid will add more emojis as you keep merging. Sometimes the emojis will merge on their own if the ones added are similar to the ones on the grid. Combos usually are in multiples of 5. The amount you can get when you complete combos are random. But usually start with at least $1. Also, you have to watch an ad in order to collect that bonus.

This Game Has Other Stuff?

If you look at the top of the grid, you can see a multicolored bar next to a heart. It might be health bar? That makes sense, right? Because of the heart? Sometimes the bar will deplete when you move an emoji. They didn’t really make that clear. The only instructions you’ll get are the ones telling you how to swipe.

There are also power-ups that you can use in this game, surprisingly. There are three of them. One lowers the level of an emoji. Another one raises the level of an emoji. And the last one helps you remove an emoji in the grid. I don’t know how often you’ll get use these power-ups. Maybe a few times?

Aside from power-ups, the game has a Lucky Spin wheel. Not one, but two. The first one will reward you with coins, PayPal credits, emojis or a special chest. That chest probably has power-ups in it. Or maybe larger amounts of coins or PayPal credits?

The other Lucky Spin wheel has… Uh. How do I say this? Puzzle pieces? That doesn’t seem right. I know that the last review I did was the end of the puzzle piece system.

What do you mean it isn’t over?! There’s still more apps with this system? Fuck.

Okay. So this game also has a puzzle piece system. Somehow, this game has one major prize you can get from completing it. A brand spanking new 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max. I appreciate them being super specific about the prize. You can also win puzzle pieces for a random amount of PayPal credits from spinning a wheel. (Though it’s more of 3×3 grid than a wheel.) Not really sure why they needed to add that.

This aspect of the game also has check-in rewards. You can get 48 pieces from logging in for seven days. That’s almost half of the needed 100 pieces. You can also get up to 28 puzzle pieces from leveling up your emojis until Level 20. You will need to watch an ad to claim those puzzle pieces.

Is Mood to Merge Legit? Does It Pay?

It’s surprising that this game only has two things you can claim. PayPal credits and an iPhone. That’s it. A lot of the other games I have reviewed had a lot more prizes. PayPal credits are pretty much the de facto prize for these apps. It’s easy to make an account for it. Some had gift cards to different brands. Or even other gadgets. But this is kind of bare.

Remember that special event I mentioned earlier? You know the one. “Earn within the next three days and the amount will be sent to your PayPal account with no other requirements.” Sound familiar?

After the three days have passed, the game will notify you that the event has ended. And that the amount you’ve earned is now being transferred to your account within the next 15 business days. That amount will be deducted immediately from your account balance. So you’re basically starting from scratch after this. Withdrawal screen for the Mood to Merge app

When you click on your PayPal balance, it will redirect you the withdrawal screen. As you can see, the minimum withdrawal threshold is $200. If you managed to get $600 from those three days, this one doesn’t seem as hard to reach. But, unlike the special event, you might have to watch a certain amount of ads for the redemption order to push through. Expect that the amount of ads you have to watch will suddenly change when you reach the first amount needed.

You can also exchange the coins you’ve earned for PayPal credits. The coins to credit conversion rate seems kind of weird. You will need 51,900 coins for $10 worth of credits. So that’s 5,190 coins per dollar. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to do that. The only way to earn coins is through the Lucky Spin wheel. And you mainly get PayPal credits for merging.

You’re probably asking, “But what about the amount I earned during the special event? Will I receive that in my account after the 15 business days have passed?” Probably not. The app developer can withhold your earnings and never give it to you. They don’t really have the obligation to actually give out money.


Pros and Cons


  • Gameplay is fine
  • You can earn decent amounts of credits


  • Pretty basic design
  • Puzzle piece system sucks
  • Withdrawing your earnings doesn’t really work


I don’t think this game is worth the time and effort to play. It doesn’t seem like they really gave much focus on how the game looks. I mean, it looks fine. But it’s not really enticing to play.

They also didn’t give focus to explaining the game in more detail. Especially if it’s a game. It’s not the hardest game to understand. But a thorough walkthrough at the start would’ve been nice. I want to know all the things the game can offer. Please give it to me.

This game is basically just a way to farm ad revenue. There are so many aspects of the game that require you to watch an ad in order to claim. And they somehow also have in-app purchases? How?! I don’t get it.

You’re better off playing any other game out there. Just be mindful of what it is. It might just be another scam.

That’s it for my review of the Mood to Merge app. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please share this with your friends and loved ones.

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