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Neonball Master App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Neonball Master app icon Welcome to my Neonball Master app review.

There are a bunch of apps available online that mimic something you would normally see or do in real life. Apps like Pusher for Cash and Crazy Pusher, have done an adequate job of simulating coin pusher machines. Lucky Bingo also does a good job of replicating bingo. The effort they put into these apps to do that sort of thing is amazing.

I sometimes wonder if there are no longer any arcade game that these developers can replicate. Surely, we have run out of things to make. I mean, once you have done one thing, you have done them all, right? RIGHT?!

Somehow, multiple iterations of the same gameplay pop up every now and then on the online platforms. People just want a piece of that user base pie. Two of the apps I mentioned earlier pretty much feature similar graphics on top of being based on the same thing. A lot of retreads or copies of an app or a game will always exist. Especially if that game has gone viral.

So I was kind of surprised to see that I have never done a review of pachinko app before. I have definitely seen a pachinko machine during the few times I have been to an arcade. It is a very fun and very visually stimulating game. There is so much happening in some of the pachinko machines that I have seen.

This app in particular tries to do something similar to its real life counterpart. And we will go more into it in the review. Now, let us begin.


Neonball Master App Review

Here are a few details about the app:

What Is Neonball Master?

Neonball Master is an app that replicates the gameplay of Plinko, a copyrighted version based on the game known as pachinko. In Plinko, you must drop a flat disc into an upright pegged board. There are sections at the bottom of it that correspond to a certain prize amount. When the discs falls into any of those sections, you get the prize. In Neonball Master, you receive gems and other virtual currency that you can exchange for gift cards or PayPal credits.


How Neonball Master Works

The Neonball Master app is no longer available to download. It was previously available on the Google Play Store for Android. The installation package for it, or an APK, are still available to download in any of the known hosting sites. But be warned that you will need to turn on a specific setting on your phone to allow installations for APKs download from unofficial sources.

Even though the app is no longer available to download, I will still be treating it in the same way as my previous reviews.

There’s A Certain Pachinking Sound, Or Was It A Plink?

Like I mentioned in the previous section, the Neonball Master app features gameplay based on Plinko. If you have never heard of this game before, you probably have also never seen an episode of The Price is Right. The Price is Right is a game show that features different types of games, most of which involve guessing the price of an item you would normally see in groceries or department stores. One such game is Plinko.

In Plinko, a contestant is given up to five round, flat discs. The contestant must then drop each disc at a time on a large pegged board. At the bottom of that board are different amounts. The goal is to get the discs to fall on highest amount on the board. The highest amount on the board is $10,000. So you could likely get a cash prize of up to $50,000.

Since there are pegs, the contestant can never be sure if their discs will fall on that amount. The section featuring the $10,000 prize is in the middle, with amounts of 0, 1000, 500, and 100 on its side. It is all just a matter of luck.

Although the name Plinko is copyrighted, it is still is the more commonly known name for this game. A lot of board game manufacturers would use that name but they would mostly use ball bearings and marbles instead of the flat discs. Ball bearings are just easier to procure, I guess?

There It Is Again, That Pachinko Sound

In Japan, there is a game like this called pachinko. In one of the videos I saw on YouTube while I was researching, I found out that early pachinko boards were basically just repurposed from pinball machines. The mechanisms used in pinball machines were still used in pachinko. Only this time, pachinko boards were set upright instead of an angle.

The way you start a game pinball and pachinko is sort of the same. You have to pull a lever in order to throw your ball into the board. But this where the similarities end between those two end. Now it is time for Pachinko and Plinko.

Pachinko is both an arcade game and a gambling game. There are places that just have pachinko machines in Japan. And it costs a bit of money to play. But when you win, that is when it gets addictive. Any game that involves gambling is like that.

Pachinko machines are so visually stimulating, you can probably get a bit dizzy playing with it. Not to mention the sounds of ball bearings hitting the pegs or even just the machine itself. It is truly sensory overload.

In pachinko, the goal is to win the jackpot. The jackpot for it is just a lot more ball bearings. But you can exchange the ball bearings you have won for tickets. And you can exchange those tickets for money. It is sort of similar to Plinko, right?

Where Does Neonball Master Fit Into All of This?

Gameplay for Neonball Master

Now let us talk about the Neonball Master app.

On first glance it sort of does not look like the best looking app out there. Though I have to give them props for sticking with the whole neon theme. It is not to my taste, personally. But I can see a bit of dedication to it. Still, it could be better.

This game sort of marries Plinko and pachinko together. Instead of the chips in Plinko, it uses the ball bearings in pachinko. It also uses a slot machine mechanism on the top of the board. A lot of modern pachinko machines have that.

In order to play the game, you just have to tap on your screen to drop a ball. That is all you need to do. Just keep tapping on your screen. Yep. Just like that. Tap some more. More. MORE.

Similar to Plinko, there are sections at the bottom that have different bonuses. Most of the time, you will get diamonds every time a ball falls into any of the sections. Some sections feature a letter P signifying PayPal. When a ball falls on the section that has that, you get PayPal credits. But sometimes you will have to watch an ad in order to receive that reward.

The game sort of goes like this for much of the time you are playing it. There are no levels you need to complete. It is just this. And that is sort of nice to have nowadays. Sometimes, you just want to play a game that does not need that much effort to play.

When a ball falls into any of those sections, you get the initial reward, right? But as more balls fall onto those sections, they will start to light up in very bright neon colors. Those sections now have multipliers. As more balls fall, the higher the multipliers are. And with higher multipliers, you get more diamonds.

If you have successfully lit up all of the sections, the slot machine at the top will automatically spin. And like most slot machines, the things you can get are random. Usually, the things you can get from the slot machine affect the board. One such thing is mode where the game will just drop a rainfall of balls straight into those sections. Another one will send off your machine into the Matrix where it will turn all green. A certain number of balls will fall like normal.

There are other things in the game like scratch cards and the like. But since the game is no longer available to download, it does not really matter that much anymore.

Is Neonball Master Legit? Does It Pay?

Since the Neonball Master app is no longer listed, there is no way to actually see if the game will give its users rewards. Still, let’s talk about the things you could have potentially gotten from the game.

As I have mentioned earlier in the review, there are two major virtual currencies you can earn from playing the game. Diamonds and PayPal credits. The former one is the often the one you will get a lot of. Since every time a ball drops onto any of the sections, you get diamonds. PayPal credits will often show up when a ball falls onto the corresponding section with the PayPal logo. And you can often receive them after watching ads.

Ah, ads. How I sometimes loathe your presence. I can never get away from you. Mostly because it will take me at least 30 seconds before I can close the pop-up. In Neonball Master, you will need to watch a lot of ads. Why? Because that is one of the requirements you have to fulfill in order to withdraw the prizes, especially the PayPal ones.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird. But a lot of the apps I have reviewed involved something similar. They still required you to watch ads to fulfill your withdrawal order. And Neonball Master does not stray far from that.

Withdrawal screen for Neonball Master

Some versions of the app differ a bit in the minimum amounts you can redeem. In some of the videos I have seen, the minimum amount you can redeem from the app is $2 worth of PayPal credits. That is the most reasonable amount they could offer. It is the most realistic one.

But in order to redeem that amount, you must first log-in continuously for three days. Not really the worst requirement they could ask. The other requirement though is a doozy. You have to receive 600 video rewards. That basically means you have to watch a total of 600 ads every time a reward pop-up appears. SIX HUNDRED?! That’s a fuck-ton of videos to watch. And video ads usually last between 30 seconds to a minute. So you are basically spending 300—600 minutes or 5–10 hours watching ads. That is a huge chunk of your day. Who could even give that much time for a mobile game?

We are not done. Once you have fulfilled those requirements, your withdrawal order begins. While the order is being processed, the app will nudge you a bit to watch a few ads while you wait. You have managed to watch 600 ads. How does 100 more sound? It doesn’t sound bad, right?

Even if you also went through the process, it is not guaranteed you will receive that money in your account. And that is just $2. The hundred-dollar amounts probably will not show up too.


Pros and Cons


  • Simple gameplay
  • Sort of consistent neon theme
  • Does not exist anymore


  • Not much else to the game
  • User interface could have been designed better
  • No actual way of getting rewards


I can’t really recommend this game, partly because it no longer exists. But I probably will still not recommend this game because there is not actual way of getting rewards. I wasn’t really expecting much on that part. Most of the apps I have reviewed have disappointed me so many times. This one doesn’t stand out anymore.

And I get why people will try out this game. If a game promises a way of earning money, people will be inclined to test it out. There is no harm that’s being done. But you will waste a lot of your time if you were expecting the game to give you money.

And the doesn’t look that great at all. The neon touches are fine. But it still lacks polish.

That’s it for my review of the Neonball Master app. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share this review to your friends and loves.

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