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Panel Opinion Review – Scam Or Legit?

Homepage for Panel OpinionWelcome to my Panel Opinion review.

I have reviewed a bunch of survey panel websites on here. For the most part, I enjoy the process of taking part in online surveys. Heck, I just answered one a while ago. It took me a few minutes of my time.

When you get paid for answering a survey, it’s a great feeling. You get compensated for your time and opinions. Hopefully, there were some valuable insights from your output. There’s a give and take that benefits both parties.

Some survey panels can get you decent amounts. But the caveat is that it only really happens in face-to-face situations. Online survey panels rarely pay you beyond a few cents at a time. Some pay you a few dollars or so, but those are rare. And you have to consistently be part of online survey panels in order to earn enough to cash out.

You also have to contend with geographical issues. Not all survey panel websites are available in all parts of the world. The opportunities to earn through surveys depends highly on where you live. Those that are available to you may sometimes have a different method of compensating you for your time.

So when I review survey panel websites, I take a lot of considerations into account. Some of the ones I’ve reviewed, like Panel Payday and Survey Momma, don’t really work as well as I’d hoped. Not all of the survey panel websites are created equal.


Panel Opinion Review

Here are some quick details about the website:

What Is Panel Opinion?

Panel Opinion is a survey panel website where you can earn money from participating in their survey panels. The website features a low payout threshold and multiple ways to withdraw your earnings. There are also raffles where registered members can win different prizes like a new phone, laptop or TV.


How Panel Opinion Works

Panel Opinion pretty much works like a lot of the other survey panels I’ve tried. I think in one of my reviews of survey panel aggregator websites SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter, Panel Opinion was one of the panel websites they listed.

Surprisingly, the owner of Panel Opinion, MIS Group, have other survey panel and marketing research websites that you can also participate in. There’s Try New Perfumes and Free Cosmetics Testing if you want to try actual products. There’s Paid Focus Group for, you know, Focus Groups. And there’s Yo Opinion which is basically Panel Opinion but for residents of the United States.

Unfortunately, Panel Opinion is only available to those in the United Kingdom. It makes sense though. Some of the payment methods require them to send you mail. And mail coming from overseas is definitely a difficult thing to pull off. So if you’re trying to join Panel Opinion from anywhere other than the U.K., you probably should be mindful of that.

The process of signing up to this website is similar to other survey panel websites. Those survey panel aggregators are a lot better when it comes to signing up because they will automatically sign you up if you start from there. You just need to input what is needed in the sign up sheet.

Once you’ve signed up, you can start answering surveys. I do have to recommend that you answer their 13-part demographic questionnaire. Most survey panel websites have this but it’s one big survey. They actually segmented those categories into individual questionnaires. Survey panels require this to better match you to a survey looking for people in that demographic.

Is Panel Opinion Legit? Does It Pay?

A lot of online survey panel websites do provide compensation. But online surveys don’t really pay that well. Depending on the website you join, the way that you get compensated will vary. Some have points systems. Others just reward you with cash. There also ones that reward you with other items.

In YouGov, you earn points for every survey you complete. You have to earn 4,000 points before you can exchange it for a reward. There are monetary rewards that you can exchange the coins for.

In the case of Panel Opinion, you have to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of £10 in order to cash out. Since online survey don’t particular pay well, it will take some time before you can withdraw. The good thing is once you reach that threshold, you can withdraw your earnings through either a bank cheque, a PayPal transfer or a bank transfer. The bank cheque will be sent to you by mail.

Panel Opinion also has raffle draws where you can win different items. Apparently, you have to earn stars that you can then use as a raffle entry. The prizes are pretty decent. They range from money to items like a phone or TV. Obviously, this part will only be available for people in the U.K.

The incentives are definitely better than some of the survey panel websites I’ve tried. I just want to point out that it’s really hard to earn consistently through survey panels because you don’t get qualified for surveys that often.


Pros and Cons


  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold
  • Multiple ways to withdraw earnings
  • Raffle draws have good prizes


  • Not available to all
  • Surveys don’t pay that well


I’ve written a bunch about survey panel websites. And it’s definitely hard trying to find different ways to say the exact same thing when you’re reviewing very similar products and services. Surveys are fun and you should try them.

But, as I have mentioned in past reviews, it’s hard to earn consistently through surveys. You should never consider this as your primary source of income. It’s hard to wait for a new survey to show up because they are always in need of different demographic backgrounds. You may get lucky to get one or two invitations a week. But it will take a lot of time waiting for those to come.

Online survey panels don’t really pay that well. And even though Panel Opinion’s minimum threshold is relatively low, you will have to answer a lot of surveys before you reach that amount. Maybe you can try their raffle to see if you can get any of their prizes.

That’s it for my review of Panel Opinion. If you enjoyed it, please share this article to any of your friends and family.

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