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Is Panel Payday a Scam? Phishing URLs Ahead!

Homepage for Panel PaydayWelcome to my Panel Payday review.

If you have ever been on this website before, you may be aware of my fondness for participating in surveys. The survey aggregator websites that I have reviewed on here, mainly SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter, have been generally positive. While I did have some skepticism regarding the amount you can earn from answering surveys, it was for the most part a painless experience. Survey takes up a few minutes of your day. So what’s the harm in it?

The thing that I emphasized in those reviews is that participating in paid surveys don’t actually pay a lot. The survey aggregator websites may advertise that you can earn $100 or so a month from taking part in paid surveys. But you rarely get to that kind of money unless you consistently get invited to participate. It’s rare, in my case, to get an invite every day.

That’s normal for anybody who has participated in a survey before. You can’t always be the ideal person that they’re looking for. Sometimes they go for a certain group, a certain income bracket or people from certain gender identities. That’s just the nature of it.

I always have skepticism every time they advertise a high amount for answering just one survey. How are they able to find these high paying surveys? Why am I not a part of them? I may suddenly not fit the qualifications after answering the survey. But I, at least, want to get invited to answer high-paying ones.


Panel Payday Review

Here are some quick details about the website:

  • Full Name: Panel Payday
  • Type of website: Survey Panel Aggregator
  • Availability: Worldwide

What Is Panel Payday?

Panel Payday is a survey panel aggregator website. In case you didn’t know, it is basically website you can sign up to multiple survey panel websites with out having to sign for those websites individually. It saves you a lot of time, to be honest. But you can still sign up for each one on its own. You just have to know which ones are legit.

I would like to point out that the survey aggregator websites are not the ones in charge of paying you for answering surveys. The actual survey panel websites are in charge of that. And some of them vary in how they pay you. Some survey panels reward you with points that you can exchange for actual money. But it will take time to earn enough points to do so. Others reward you with gift cards. Some actually reward money. But you have to earn a certain amount to cash out.


How Panel Payday Works

Panel Payday is currently available to view worldwide.

I actually went to website a couple of days back to check if the website is still active. It still is. When I try to input the details they needed, mainly my name and e-mail address, it doesn’t seem to redirect me to another page. It only redirects me back to the homepage. I tried to input my details but it still doesn’t work.

So basically, I can’t find a way to actually try out the website. But I will still try to review it based on what I’ve seen from other people’s reviews. Looking at the homepage, it’s definitely a step up compared to the previous versions. It’s slightly more modern. But, man. It still looks off somehow.

The method of signing up for Panel Payday is a bit similar to SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter, in that regard. In the latter two, however, you actually don’t have to input your name and e-mail address first. They actually ask for your gender identity and date of birth. Then you input your e-mail address. You choose which survey panels you want to join. Then you write down the rest of your personal details. So it’s interesting that Panel Payday went a different direction in their sign up sheet.

Offers page on Panel Payday

So why exactly do SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter ask for your gender identity and date of birth first? From what I remember from experience is that it matches you with survey panel websites looking for the specific demographic that you are part of. It’s actually a good idea that it did that. Now I’m not sure that Panel Payday did the right thing.

Let’s say you did manage to get redirected to another page on the Panel Payday website. What happens now? It should show you a list of offers you can choose. And for the most part, there seems to be some familiar names in the list. But the other offers seem super sketchy. In one of the reviews that I’ve seen, they tried to click on one of the offers. But they got redirected to another website claiming they won the lottery. Oof. Immediate red flag.

Is Panel Payday Legit? Does It Pay?

To answer the first question, I’m still kind of on the fence on the website’s legitimacy. But I’m actually closer to the side saying that it’s not. So there’s your answer right there. There may be some legitimate survey panel websites included in the list. But a lot of the other ones are shady as heck. The sign up process too is really janky. I can’t even see the actual offers because the site won’t let me.

The answer to the second question is no. Like I said earlier in this review, survey aggregator websites have no capacity to pay any of the people who use the website. That’s the job of the actual survey panel websites. Survey aggregators are just there to make easier for you to choose which panel you want to join. And earning large amounts of money from survey panels is actually pretty difficult, especially ones conducted online. The rewards system vary for each website so it’s hard to say you can actually earn $25 dollars for answering a single survey.


Pros and Cons

I couldn’t find any positive aspect to the website aside from the decent looking web design. Here are some of the negative aspects I found:

  • Doesn’t redirect you to the offers anymore
  • Setting unrealistic expectations for people signing up for survey panels for the first time
  • Some offers do not seem legitimate
  • Sign up process seems convoluted


This website is not really worth anyone’s time. It really gives off the vibes that it’s not really what it says it is. From asking for name and e-mail address at the start, to the inclusion of some shady links in their list of offers. It feels like a lot of people will fall prey to high expectations from this website. And I get it. It’s hard to make money. People will try to find the easiest way. But those options are rarely safe for their personal data.

There are a lot better survey aggregator websites out there. And I keep mentioning two of them here. It will just take time to actually get paid for answering surveys. I have to admit it’s not a reliable source of income. So I highly advise everyone to never consider this as a primary source.

That’s it for my review of Panel Payday. If you enjoyed it please share to your friends and loved ones.

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