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Is Payzeno A Scam Or Legit Website?

Homepage for PayzenoWelcome to my Payzeno review.

There are a lot different ways that businesses promote themselves and their products online. With so many people buying what they need in the comfort of their own home, it makes sense that business meet where the customers are. That applies to a lot of different products, whether physical or digital.

Aside from doing ads on search results on Google or during the mid-roll of a video on YouTube, a lot of different merchants also make use of affiliate marketing. In case you aren’t really aware of the term, don’t fret. Affiliate marketing is basically a way of getting other people to promote your product.

Affiliate marketers get a link that they share on whatever platform that they have. If a person makes a purchase through that link, the business knows that you were the one who lead them to their website. You, as an affiliate marketer, get a commission for every purchase made through your link.

Many e-commerce websites, including Amazon, have their own affiliate programs. A lot of people and even other websites have earned some money from sharing affiliate links. It’s a relatively easy thing to do. But you will need to be good at promoting in order to get people to click on your link.

There are also smaller affiliate marketplaces out there that offer the same thing, including the website that I’m about to review.


Payzeno Review

Here are some quick details about the website:

  • Full Name: Payzeno – Blueprints for Success
  • Owner: Payzeno, Inc.
  • Availability: Available to view worldwide
  • Type of service: Affiliate marketing website
  • Years active: 2009–2022

What Is Payzeno?

Payzeno is an affiliate marketing website where you can promote your product. Affiliate marketers make use of different templates, referred to as blueprints, to promote your product. Marketers can earn up to a 90% share of the revenue and get their payments easily through PayPal. You don’t have to pay in order to join the website.


How Payzeno Works

It’s fairly easy to become an affiliate marketer on the Payzeno website. You just have to sign up on the website by inputing a username, password and the e-mail address you will use for the website and the one you use for your PayPal account. It’s definitely interesting that they’re asking for your PayPal upfront instead of when you withdraw your commissions. Once you’ve set up your account, you’re good to go.

What’s great about the account that you set up is that it works both as a marketer account and a merchant account. You don’t have create a new account from scratch. Sometimes it’s great when an account serves multiple purposes. You can click on whether you want to promote a product as an affiliate or sell a product as a merchant.

The thing that Payzeno emphasizes a lot are blueprints. Blueprints are basically guides that merchants will provide to the marketers in order to promote their product. Those guides will usually include keywords you can use to get your affiliate landing page show on search results. Sometimes it always give you the formatting for an ad. It really depends what the merchants will give you.

When you click on the promote tab, it will show you all of the different products that you can promote as an affiliate. The top ones are usually the products that affiliates promote a lot of. Each listing will include the merchant, how much the product costs, the percentage of the commission you’ll get, the category and your affiliate link. In order to view the blueprint, you have to click on the link in the upper right side.

Is Payzeno Legit? Does It Pay?

The thing about becoming an affiliate marketer is that you have to have built an audience in order to get people to check out the links that you include. Without any kind of traffic coming from your end, you don’t really get to earn any commissions. That’s often a struggle especially for people just starting out.

It doesn’t really seem like Payzeno is a scam. But it’s definitely not the most popular affiliate network website that’s out there. I haven’t really tried out much of the website. But trying out some of the example affiliate links in the listings, a lot of them seem like kind of shady websites.

That’s the thing when an affiliate marketing network such as this one isn’t fairly popular. There’s going to be a lot listings for different products or websites that seem kind of sketchy. You can possibly earn money if somebody clicks on your link. But it is really worth it if the product isn’t even that good?

It’s kind of hard to suss out those kinds of products because it seems like those products are almost always on the top the list. It will take you a long time to find better products because the search capabilities on the website aren’t that great. You can really tell the website’s design and capabilities haven’t been updated in a while.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy sign up
  • Account can be used for either affiliate or merchant
  • Possibility of getting high commissions


  • Merchant listings are often outdated
  • Lack of clearer blueprints
  • Products listed may not be great


I can’t really recommend anyone to join Payzeno as an affiliate. There are a lot more affiliate marketing networks out there that probably have better products to promote. The road to becoming an affiliate marketer takes a lot of effort. And I’m not really sure that Payzeno is the right place to do that.

Aside from all of the things that I have said in the previous sections of this review, there are a lot of the products that don’t seem to be active anymore. It doesn’t seem like Payzeno automatically deletes any listings. The merchants have the discretion of doing so. But I don’t think the merchant care enough to delete their listings.

Still, you can find a lot of different affiliate programs out there that may be more suited to your tastes. I don’t that you have trouble finding those programs.

That’s it for my review of Payzeno. I hope you found something worth noting. Why not share this review to your friends and family?

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