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Pool Ball 2048 App Review – Is it Fake? I Feel Sorry For Players!

Pool Ball 2048 app iconWelcome to my Pool Ball 2048 app review.

There have been a bunch of games that have come their way into this website. Most of them promise rewards from playing the game. It’s not a few dollars like what apps like Cash Alarm reward you with it. It’s hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars just from a few hours of playing.

You probably will try to find that app as soon as you can. Those kinds of amount will entice people top test it out. A thousand dollars? Who wouldn’t want to earn that kind of money easily?

In most of the reviews that I have done about those kinds of apps, they rarely deliver on their promise. A lot of times, you will just get stuck watching a lot of advertisements. Some apps require a specific amount just so it could “speed up the withdrawal process.” But you’re just wasting your time.

So when I come across apps that will supposedly let you earn money, I am always very skeptical of those claims. I’ve reviewed a lot of apps that make those claims. It would be easy to spot apps like that the moment you start using them. There are very obvious signs that an app isn’t what you’d hope it would be.


Pool Ball 2048 App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Pool Ball 2048
  • Developer: Yidi Wang
  • Availability: No longer available; previously available for Early Access
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is Pool Ball 2048?

The Pool Ball 2048 app is a match-3 puzzle game where you clear as many similar numbered billiard ball in a chain. You earn points for clearing those balls. The game also rewards you with in-game currency that you can exchange for PayPal credits or Amazon gift cards.


How Pool Ball 2048 Works

The Pool Ball 2048 app was previously available for Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users. I’m not really sure if Google removed the game from the platform or if the developer did. The developer of the game, Yidi Wang, still has a few games available on the platform including another billiard-themed game called Swipe Billiards.

I’m sort of confused why the developer decided to make a billiard-themed match-3 puzzle game. With the number 2048 in the app’s name, I was kind of expecting it to be more akin to the usual 2048 merge games. You know the ones. The apps where you merge similar numbered cubes starting from 2 all the way to 2048. Billiards though. What a strange combination.

The objective of the game is to connect as many similar numbered billiard balls as you can in order to earn points. It doesn’t really matter what the chain is going to be like as long as the balls are next to each other. When you clear the balls, you are immediately reward with in-game currency in the form of PayPal credits. You can only redeem those rewards by watching ads.

Gameplay for Pool Ball 2048

Every time you clear a level, it gets counted towards a progress bar. What that progress bar does is just levels up the number on the balls. That’s really basically it. You just have to keep doing that until you get sick of it, I guess? Or until you reach the game’s minimum withdrawal threshold.

Somehow, the Pool Ball 2048 app also has a lottery/scratch card mechanic where you can win some of the in-game currency and puzzle pieces that you have to complete in order to claim a physical prize. The prizes are mostly gaming consoles and phones.

If you have ever been on this website before, you may be aware of my hatred of the puzzle piece system. It’s actually been a while since I last reviewed a game with a puzzle piece mechanic in it. Nothing has really changed. I still hate it so much.

Is Pool Ball 2048 Legit? Does It Pay?

The Pool Ball 2048 app supposedly allows you to redeem your earnings as either PayPal credits or Amazon gift cards. The minimum withdrawal threshold for the PayPal credits is $500. You earn those in-game currency just by playing the game or by trying out the lottery/scratch card system.

The scratch card system rewards you with a multitude of items. You can get those in-game currency previously mentioned. And you can also earn puzzle pieces that correspond to a certain item. The ones I have seen are a Nintendo Switch and a PS5. You have to collect at least 100 pieces in order to redeem that prize. And I don’t really know exactly how to earn scratch cards? Maybe there’s a daily rewards thing in the game?

Like a lot of games that I have reviewed, the Pool Ball 2048 app rewards you with a lot of those PayPal credits early in the game. I guess it’s to give you a false sense of security or something? It will make you feel like you’re doing something right and the game rewards you to confirm it.

Withdrawal screen for Pool Ball 2048

As you progress through more levels, the rewards you get will slowly decrease. If the first few amounts go were $20 or so, the following will be a few cents. You will be able to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $500, but it will just take longer than you expected.

The withdrawal process actually doesn’t work. And that’s to be expected. All of the games that somehow has their own withdrawal processing system rarely rewards the people who withdrew their earnings.

The process for it is pretty much the same in all of them. You input your e-mail address twice and click “Bind account” or something similar. The withdrawal process will show you a timer, usually as long as three days. They may try recommend something along the lines of “You must watch X amount of ads to finish the verification process.” When you’ve finished watching that certain amount, the game will require you to watch even more ads.

Any app that has its own withdrawal form instead of a pop-up prompt that’s directed to the actual PayPal website is not legit.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Few unnecessary gameplay features


  • Withdrawing your earnings isn’t possible


Since the game is no longer available to download, it is very easy for me to say that I don’t recommend this game. Even if the game was still available, I probably would still not recommend it. The game itself is fine. It’s always the money earning aspect of it that’s terrible.

I honestly thought that the days of hating the puzzle piece system was behind me. But nope. This game just reignited my hatred for it. Why won’t they stop putting it into games?!

There’s not really a lot of apps out there that let you actually earn money from using it. The ones that do pay very little. So it’s not really a viable option when it comes to a primary source of income. It’s really hard to find very low-effort ways to earn money.

That’s it for my review of the Pool Ball 2048 app. If you enjoyed it, please share this review to your friends and family.

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