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Puppy Town App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Puppy Town app iconWelcome to my Puppy Town app review.

Merge games! They are fun to play and easy to get into. If you search for it on any of the app stores, you are likely to get a lot of results. But with so many merge games available online, how do you know if the game is right for you?

I have played a few of these games back in the day. It was usually the popular ones that I tend to download. But after a while, I got bored and uninstalled them from my phone. I have to admit that I rarely commit to the games I download in the long run. It is hard to do when I have so many games downloaded on my phone.

If you have been here on my blog for a while, you probably would have seen my reviews of Cutie Garden and Bubble Merge 2048. Those games fall, like the app that I am currently reviewing, fall under the genre of merge games. Aside from that, both those apps also have some kind of money earning aspect. You are probably why I am saying this. Well, dear reader, we have a lot to get through in this review.


Puppy Town App Review

Here are some quick details about the game:

What Is Puppy Town?

The Puppy Town app is a game where you merge and collect different kinds of puppies to fill up your little town. Every time you merge puppies of the same kind, it evolves into a different puppy with a higher level. The higher the level of your puppy, the more coins you earn. The game features a chance to win real life prizes or even cash.


How Does Puppy Town Work?

Puppy Town is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

If you have never played a merge game before, that is totally fine. Games from this genre are not usually hard to understand for newbies. The main gameplay mechanic of the merge game genre is, obviously, merging things. Usually, you need only two of the same level in order to merge it into a higher level item. But some games will require you merge at least three or more same-level items in order to get a higher level one.

Puppy Town gameplay walkthrough

Playing the Game

When you start the game fresh, the Puppy Town app will give you a walkthrough on how the game works. What you need to do is to swipe a puppy to another puppy of the same level. The base level puppy is a Shiba Inu, a very cute doggo that you may have seen in some memes from a few years ago. When you merge two Shiba Inus, you get a Siberian Husky. Puppy Town is not meant to be an accurate depiction of how dogs breed. You do not get a Siberian Husky if you breed two Shiba Inus. Remember that.

Aside from being a merge game, Puppy Town also has some aspects of an idle game, specifically auto-collecting your earnings from your dogs. Yes. Every time you have a dog in one, or all, of the kennels, you earn money from them. You earn 5 of the game’s virtual currency from the base level Shiba Inu. As you merge your puppies into higher level ones, they give you higher cash amounts. You earn money every second or so.

The only thing you can use that virtual currency one is to buy more puppies. The game also lets you get a puppy for no additional cost. But it will reset after a set amount of time before you can get another one. You can usually generate Shiba Inus at the start, but they may change as you unlock more puppies. If you are planning to buy higher-level puppies, they will obviously cost more. So it is highly recommended that you have mostly higher level puppies in your town. That way, you can earn a lot more money per second.

Achievements & Daily Tasks

When you unlock a brand new puppy, you also unlock achievements. You can get some virtual currency from those achievements. The achievements do not seem that difficult to achieve. You just have to keep playing the game in order to unlock them. The amounts you can get from the achievements are kinda hit or miss. But you can, at least, buy a few base level puppies with it.

The game also has Daily Tasks that you can complete every day you play the game. Similar to the achievements, you can also earn virtual currency when you complete the tasks. Some of the tasks may require you to watch some ads. But there are a lot of other gameplay aspects that you have to watch ads for. So it isn’t hard to complete those. This game could definitely eat up a lot of your time.

Upgrades, Power-ups & Other Stuff

If you are kind of tired from swiping on your puppies, you can available of power-ups. By watching an ad, you will let the game auto-merge the puppies for you for three minutes. I want to note that you still have to buy or generate puppies on your own. You are still gonna need to put some effort into playing. But I guess tapping is better than swiping?

You can also earn twice as much money from one of the power-ups. And how will you get that power-up? By watching ads, of course. Fortunately, this power-up lasts for two hours. It feels like the best way to play the game is to use both power-ups at the same time. The developers probably intended for that to happen.

If you are running low on space and can not put puppies anymore, you can also unlock kennels from watching ads. The game probably has a limit of how many kennels you can put in your town. So it is recommended to unlock all of them immediately.

Every once in a while, you will also receive gift boxes when you merge puppies. Those gift boxes usually give you more puppies. The game will also give you prompt to watch an ad if you want to level up the puppy you got from the gift box.

Is Puppy Town Legit? Does It Pay?

The Puppy Town app supposedly lets you win real life prizes or even cash just from playing the game.

In previous versions of the game, you can earn another type of virtual currency as you progress through the game. Similar to previous versions of Cutie Garden, you earn virtual currency whenever you unlock a higher level puppy. The currency you earn can be redeemed as PayPal credits. But you have to reach the minimum threshold of $100 in order to claim it. And as some of you may know from my reviews, it gets progressively harder to reach that threshold as you play the game. Even if you do—by the way, congrats on that—the game does not guarantee that you actually get your earnings.

That sounds fucked up, right? Why would the developer even put that in the app if it is not even going to work? Well, it is because they can. They have since removed that aspect from the game. But they are still keeping some of the other rewards systems.

Lucky Puppy and Dividends

When you are merging the little puppies in your town, you may have noticed two buttons at the top. If you haven’t, it’s below your earnings and progress bar. Yeah, that’s right. “Today’s Dividends” and “Lucky Spin.” Both of those rewards system existed along with the PayPal one. But somehow these were still kept in the game?

Let us start with “Today’s Dividends” or, better yet, the Lucky Puppy system.

As you keep leveling up your puppies, you may get a chance to get a Lucky Puppy. Unlike the gift boxes that show up frequently, you can only get a Lucky Puppy if you merge two Level 50 puppies. Level 50 is a pretty high level. It will take a while for you to unlock a puppy with that level, especially if you just started playing. Merging those two of those puppies does not guarantee you get a Lucky Puppy. You might get a Fortune Puppy.

Lucky Puppy feature for Puppy Town

You’re probably wondering, how is that any different? Well, it’s kinda confusing. Fortune Puppies come in five forms: Wisdom, Wealth, Talent, Diligent, Potent. (Side note: The names for the last two sound weird. Were they trying for a rhyme? It’s technically supposed to be Diligence and Potency. But whatever…) When you merge the Level 50 puppies, you will get a random Fortune Puppy. When you collect all five forms, you can merge them to get a Lucky Puppy.

That sounds so fucking weird. What even is the point? Why introduce that? It doesn’t make sense to have two different merge mechanics.

If you get a Lucky Puppy, you can get a share of the total grand prize. The dividend you can get will fluctuate depending on how many people are going to claim theirs.

Lucky Spin and A Lot More Freaking Puzzle Pieces

This game also somehow has a puzzle piece reward system? I fucking hate it. Why?!

If you don’t know, some of the games I’ve reviewed—like Word Bakery 2021 Pro and Candy Crack—have a puzzle piece reward system. And I do not understand why these apps keep including this. They mainly use this reward system for real life items. As you keep playing the game, you might get a chance to collect a puzzle piece for a specific item. In this case, it’s for an iPhone. The model doesn’t matter because the game doesn’t give you one.

Let’s say it does. You will need 10 puzzle pieces in order to get a chance to claim it. Sounds pretty easy right? The Puppy Town app surprisingly rewards you with a puzzle piece for the first seven days that you’ve played the game. Okay. Now you have seven puzzle pieces. It feels like it’s easy to get three more. But it’s not.

Lucky Spin feature in Puppy Town

To get the rest of the puzzle pieces, you have to spin the a 3×3 grid to get one. You unlock chances to spin by watching a video or fulfilling any of the requirements. They seem pretty reasonable to do. If you look at the screenshot, you can see that you high a pretty lucky chance of getting a puzzle piece because there are four tiles that have them. One tile has the prize. So if you get that tile, you basically won the prize. Chances feel high, right?

Well… You can’t guarantee it’s gonna fall on the one you want. The game is probably gonna give you a multiplier for your virtual currency or just a gift box with a puppy.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent graphics
  • Good way to pass the time
  • Power-ups
  • You don’t have to keep tapping on the puppies to earn virtual currency


  • The puzzle piece reward system
  • You can’t actually win any of the rewards


For what it’s worth, I actually like the game. I am fan of cute illustrations and cute doggos. What can I say? I have a weakness for cute things. Like, I could probably see myself playing this game on my downtime. And then immediately delete it once I get bored. I guess I’m just not the main audience for merges. Or I have a short attention span. Maybe both?

As a merge game, the Puppy Town app is okay. There isn’t really much you do with a merge game. Maybe add a storyline or something? But other merge games have that. Though if you don’t want to read a lot of text, this game is probably serviceable for your needs.

Objectively, the worst thing about this game is the rewards system. It’s not a surprise that most people download this app because of that. And they are gonna be fucking disappointed when they realize that you can’t actually claim any of the prizes.

Well, that’s it for my review of the Puppy Town app. If you enjoyed it, please share this to your friends and loved ones.

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