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Pusher For Cash App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Pusher For Cash app iconWelcome to my Pusher For Cash app review.

I have reviewed a few coin pusher games on this website. You would think that I would get tired of reviewing them. You’re right. But I sort of enjoy it, too. It’s fun trying to find new ways to nitpick on these types of games. That’s why I find some kind of enjoyment from reviewing them.

But that really begs the question: Why are there so many apps that are alike? Well, it’s probably because the developers of these app want a slice of the pie. If there are tens of thousands of people using this app daily, you kind of want to get in on the action. And so they create their own app from scratch.

With games in particular, it is easy to reiterate on a certain theme. Maybe you want to add a storyline to it. Or maybe there is a gameplay mechanic you want to improve upon. A lot of games improve upon their predecessors. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And usually the people who download and use these apps determine whether it is good or not. That is what reviews are for.

I do wonder why developers choose to make a coin pusher game. Like, I enjoy playing on a coin pusher game whenever I am in an arcade. But it’s not really something that I am keen on playing everyday. Coin pusher games usually take up a lot of time and a lot of money before you can actually win.

Well, I guess that is the reason why coin pusher games are usually the type of game they insert “money earning” gameplay into. Because there is the money earning aspect in real life that they want to replicate on your phone.


Pusher For Cash App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Pusher for Cash: Lucky 2021
  • Developer: Merge game LLC
  • Availability: No longer available
  • User Reviews: No longer available

What Is Pusher For Cash?

Pusher For Cash is an app that simulates a coin pusher machine. You drop coins into the virtual machine and it gets pushed towards a large stack of coins. The main objective of the game is to drop as many coins off the edge that’s facing you. You earn virtual currency from the coins that dropped. Those currency can be redeemed as PayPal credits.


How Does Pusher For Cash Work?

The Pusher For Cash app was previously available on the Google Play Store for Android users. At the time of this review, the app is no longer listed. Although, the game developer’s page can still be viewed but it no longer has any apps. I am still going to treat this review how I normally do.

If you have seen my reviews of other coin pusher games like Crazy Pusher, Coin Pusher+ and Lucky Chip Spin, you are probably already aware of how coin pusher machines work. But if not, I am going to provide a explainer on it.

Basically, coin pusher machines are machines where you drop a coin into it in order to win. This type of machine is usually located in arcades or casinos. The machines are really huge because of its inner parts. When your coin drops into the machine, it will usually drop onto a moving platform. It sort of depends on how you time your drops. Sometimes, your coin drops onto the floor in front of that platform.

That platform basically acts as the pusher. It will continuously move back and forth. The coins in front of that platform will get pushed towards a larger stack of coins. Most of the time, those coins have accumulated from other people’s attempts. As more and more coins get pushed into that stack, the coins in front will sometimes fall off the edge. The objective of the game is to drop as many coins off the edge as possible. Depending on the machine, your prize will be either the coins that fell or tickets. The coins they use in arcades can be used in other games in that arcade.

Pusher For Cash gameplay

Coins, Coins, Coins

When you start the game fresh, the Pusher For Cash app will walk you through the gameplay mechanics. The mechanics for the coin pusher apps I have reviewed previously are pretty much the same. No surprise there. Coin pusher games are easy to play, generally.

Just to reiterate, you tap on your screen to drop the coins into the machine. It really depends on whether you like dropping the coin on the platform or the floor. Both of those methods take up the same time. The game gives you forty gold coins when you begin the game. It will usually generate every six seconds or so. So you don’t really have to wait that much to drop new coins.

Speaking of coins, there are two types that you can get from the game. A green coin and a gold coin. Both those coins can be redeemed as PayPal credits. But more on that later. It’s kinda weird that there are actually two types of gold coins in the game. The one you drop onto the machine, and the one you can exchange. Just seems like they didn’t really think this thing through.

The green coin has a monetary amount. But be aware that even though the green coins have values like $10, $20 or $100, they actually reward with a tenth of that amount. So if you the $10 green coins drop off the front edge, you actually get $0.10. I do not understand why. But it’s probably hard to put .10 on a small coin like that?

The Shake power-up

Special Power-ups

The game has two power-ups that you can use to make dropping coins more easy.

The first power-up is the Wall. This power-up basically creates barriers on the sides of the machine. When you play the game normally, coins will sometimes drop off the sides. It sometimes happens in real life too. But you don’t want that when you play the game. Any coins that drop off the side don’t count towards your earnings. And that’s a bummer. So this power-up definitely helps you get more coins.

The second power-up is the Shake. This one is kinda fun. What it does is it just drops this huge coin onto the floor which creates what amounts to an earthquake. By doing so, more coins will bounce off and drop off the edge. Obviously, it is recommended to use both of these power-ups simultaneously. You should enable the Wall first before enabling the Shake power-up.

The game will initially let you use the power-ups for free on your first try. The Wall power-up lasts for 60 seconds and the Shake power-up has a intensity of x1. Those power-ups will need some time to refresh before you can use it again. They probably cost some of the gold coins to use them after the free trial. Or maybe you have to watch an ad? One good thing about those power-ups is that they level up the more you use them. In the case of the Wall power-up, the walls will last longer.

Pusher For Cash slot machine gameplay

Slots and Other Stuff

Similar to the Crazy Pusher app, the Pusher For Cash app also have a slot machine.

You may have noticed that there’s a basket on the front edge. That is part of the slot machine game mechanic. The basket is continuously moving from left to right waiting for a coin to drop on it. When a coin drops on the basket, you basically get a chance to use the slot machine.

Like a normal slot machine, you need to have three matching icons in order to win. The prizes you can get from the slot machine varies. If you get three 7’s, that moving platform will push all of the coins off the edge. Usually, the moving platform only moves to a third of the length of the floor. Instead, it moves through the entire length of it. There’s also a prize where it will drop 300 gold coins onto the machine.

Aside from the slot machine gameplay, there are also a green fever bar on the bottom left corner and a piggy bank. Whenever you successfully drop coins off the edge, it will be counted towards the progress bars of both of them. The fever bar will basically rain green coins onto the machine for a minute or so. Any coins that fall within that time limit will earn you twice the amount. So if you were planning to save up for $300 worth of PayPal credits, this definitely helps.

The piggy bank on the other hand will reward you with coins or tokens once you fill it up. Somehow you can also level up the piggy bank to earn more rewards? You have to spend $50 worth of green coins to break the piggy bank. Or you could watch an ad.


Is Pusher For Cash Legit? Does It Pay?

Pusher For Cash cashout screen

The Pusher For Cash app supposedly lets you redeem your earnings for credits via PayPal or Cash App. As you can see in the screenshot, you can earn up to $10,000 for playing the game. Much like the other apps, you have to reach the minimum threshold in order to cash out. Depending on the amount you want, it may require different kinds of virtual currency or tokens that you have to get by playing.

For example, to claim $777 worth of credits, you have to match three 7’s from the slot machine. But wait… Didn’t one of the screenshots I featured have matching 7’s in it? Why didn’t that count towards the progress for the requirement? Well, you have match three green 7’s in order to fulfill that requirement. And if you know slot machines, the chances you’ll get that is slim.

The $10,000 amount requires you to collect 36 fruits. And you can get those fruits from either the slot machine or the piggy bank. Some of the other games I reviewed only required 10 tokes to redeem that kind of amount. But 36?! That’s a lot.

The ones requiring either gold or green coins are kinda easier to get. The five million coins requirement for the $500 amount sound kinda steep. But whatever. The game is no longer available anyway. So you couldn’t really redeem any of these amounts. Even when it was available, somebody tried to redeem $300 and it didn’t push through. Who would’ve thought?


Pros and Cons


  • Decent gameplay
  • Decent graphics


  • You can’t redeem any of your earnings from the gameplay
  • Gets boring to play over time.


I just realized that it’s actually hard to think of different ways to talk about an app that you have seen many times. All of the coin pusher games, in my eyes, function pretty much the same. If you’ve played one pusher game, you’ve basically played them all. Coin pusher games, whether in real life or on your phone, take up so much of your time. If you’re looking for a way to waste time, this is a good enough app as any.

This game is actually one of the better looking coin pusher games I’ve tried. They did a great job with the graphics. I can’t really find much fault into the aesthetics of the game. It’s the money making aspect that is always the worst thing about these kinds of apps.

Since this game is no longer available to download, you’ve basically dodged a bullet. But there are still other games like this out there, so there’s no point in celebrating the loss of just one game. I can’t believe that they haven’t cracked down on these apps. There are so many vulnerable people getting lured into playing the game for money. But it rarely works out for them. I’m probably gonna try to find a game that isn’t a coin pusher game because it kinda gets tiring to talk about the same thing.

But if you enjoyed this review, do share it with your friends and loved ones.

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