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Slot Rush App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Slot Rush app iconWelcome to my Slot Rush app review.

Developers keep making apps and every single day. There are a lot of them out there. Some make our daily lives easier, while others are there just for entertaining ourselves after a long day. You don’t even know what to choose from anymore.

When you search for one game, you are also being shown a bunch of copies or knock-offs of it. A lot of developers are trying to vie for your attention. In such a crowded space, it’s hard to be unique anymore. Where do you even start?

So you’re tired from being bombarded with so many of the popular games. Maybe you want to play a game you’ve tried at the arcade or a casino, without forking over a lot of money. Lucky for you, there are a bunch of games that try to mimic the look and gameplay of machine you’d usually see there. Apps like Lucky Chip Spin and Coin Pusher+ mimic a real life coin pusher machine, while Cash Solitaire mimics a game of solitaire.

It isn’t much of a surprise that there are apps that mimic a slot machine. It is mainly a screen that shows you graphics, for the most part. And those graphics equal rewards. It just makes sense to condense a whole machine like that into something you can play on your phone. So when something like Slot Rush app comes into the scene promising real rewards like their IRL counterparts, you’re sorta interested to test it out. But if you’ve been reading some of my reviews, it’s not always that simple.


Slot Rush App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Slot Rush – Spin for huuuge win
  • Developer: mersumtapo
  • Availability: Worldwide (Early Access)
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is Slot Rush?

Slot Rush is an app based on slot machines. You deposit a bet in order to spin. Matching multiple icons on the screen will net you huge rewards. The game promises that you can win money or real life items like a game console, bags or a smartphone.


How Slot Rush Works

The Slot Rush app is available in Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Welcome screen in the Slot Rush app

When you load up the game for the first time, you are immediately welcomed with the message on the screenshot above. Okay. You’re really laying on the whole money making thing a little thick, huh? It doesn’t even walk you through the gameplay at first. Nope. Just straight up says you can earn money from this when you reach the threshold. This immediately signals a red flag for me.

It does eventually shows you how to play the game. But they really emphasize the rewards aspect of this game more on the actual gameplay. You have to reel them in first, I guess?

The graphics of this game are so in your face. I got dizzy. But from what I understand is that you slot in your bet in order to spin the machine. You have to match a certain number of icons in order to release bubbles containing the prizes. Those bubbles fall on one of five bags at the bottom of the machine. You have to fill all five bags to claim the rewards. Some of the rewards include coins, cash and puzzle pieces that correspond to gift card credits and real-life items.

Side note: A lot of games that I’ve been reviewing like to use a puzzle piece mechanic for some reason. What is it about this mechanic that it gets used so many times? I hate it so much. It just bogs down the whole experience.

Where was I? Oh yeah. The coins you win are used to bet on the machine. The game sorta gives decent amounts of coins whether by playing or by watching an ad. The cash can be withdrawn via PayPal and other merchants.

Is Slot Rush Legit? Does It Pay?

Slot Rush withdrawal screen

Unlike a lot of these apps, Slot Rush surprisingly has a lot more merchants you can withdraw your winnings from. You do need to reach the minimum threshold of $360 in order to withdraw your cash balance. Or you need to collect 1000 puzzle pieces  in order to get that similarly valued Amazon gift card.

1000 puzzle pieces for a gift card sounds fucking insane. I have reviewed a bunch of apps that requires you to collect puzzle pieces. But I’ve never seen them ask for that many pieces. At most they’ll require 20. The Slot Rush app sorta rewards you a bit more puzzle pieces to compensate for the higher threshold. Though it’s diminishes the more you play. Any game that isn’t an actual puzzle game that has this kind of mechanic rarely lets you complete all of the pieces.

Like most apps that have that high a payout, they are never going to reward anyone with that kind of money. Even if you manage to reach any of the thresholds, the game will never be able to give you that. They will try to make it as hard as possible for you to even get the chance to withdraw your winnings. “Trying to withdraw? Fuck you. Watch 70 ads first before we even authorize the order.”


Pros and Cons


  • Easy ways to win coins
  • Decent graphics


  • The graphics are so much
  • No actual way of earning money


You actually have a better chance earning money by playing on an actual slot machine than by playing this app. When you win from a slot machine in real life, you will immediately know you won. The sound of coins falling at the bottom will make sure of that. But with this game? Nah, it’s not even worth the time.

I’m okay with apps that mimic gambling without the actual gambling. Have to say this: gambling is addictive. I personally don’t recommend it because it will ruin your life. If it’s mainly the experience of playing a slot machine, there are probably some other slot machine games out there. They may not promise actual rewards, but at least you’ll have fun?

I hope you enjoyed this review. Do share it to people you know so they don’t fall prey for the app. (Also, gambling.)

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