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Solitaire Pop App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Solitaire Pop app iconWelcome to my Solitaire Pop app review.

Solitaire is one those card games that is great to play on your own. Granted, it is one of the few single-player card games out there. It takes a certain level of focus in order win a game. While it may not be the most difficult card game to play, it might take you a bit of time to master. I have spent hours of my time playing the game.

While you can play an actual game of solitaire with an actual deck of cards, you were probably first made aware of this game through a computer. The most iconic version of this classic card game is the one preloaded into a computer running Windows XP. In an age where internet connections weren’t as prevalent, or as fast, those preloaded games were enough.

Nowadays, solitaire has made its way onto a smaller form factor: our phones. The Google Play Games app has solitaire built into it. You don’t even need to download any other solitaire app. That’s pretty convenient if you just want to play the game immediately. (Side note: You can also play Google’s version of solitaire if you search for it on your web browser.)

But let’s say you weren’t aware about what I just mentioned. Maybe you didn’t really notice that was a thing until now. And you had already decided to download a solitaire app through the Google Play Store. Then you came across this app. So you decided to check it out.


Solitaire Pop App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full name: Solitaire Pop
  • Developer: elsanchez873
  • Availability: Worldwide (Early Access)
  • User Reviews: Not available

What is Solitaire Pop?

Solitaire Pop is a reimagining of the classic single-player card game for smartphones. The rules of classic solitaire still applies in this version, but there are special cards that are mixed in your standard deck. Get those cards and you could get prizes from it. The app lets you earn different kinds of virtual currency that you supposedly can exchange for PayPal credits.


How Solitaire Pop Works

The Solitaire Pop app is currently available as an Early Access release on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Before we get into the gameplay mechanics of solitaire, allow me to explain what an Early Access release is.

An Early Access release is, essentially, a way for developers to put their app onto the Play Store so people can test it out. Although you can download the app through an official channel, it does not count as the app’s official launch. If you decide to download an Early Access release, you are basically counted as one of the app’s testers.

Data regarding your use of the app will be shared with the developers. That way the developers can improve upon their app based on that feedback. You can choose to stay in the Early Access program and the app will automatically update once it is officially released.

One thing about Early Access releases is that your feedback regarding the app will only be visible to the developer. Other users will not be able to see any reviews or user ratings. It is not inherently a bad thing that there are no front-facing reviews. But other platforms do show reviews for Early Access releases.

I also want to note that, since the app is still in development, the experience using Early Access releases might be buggy. So download at your own risk.

I don’t really get it. Why did the developers choose to release this app under Early Access? The app seems already fully formed. I’m not sure what else they can add to the game. Especially for a solitaire game. It doesn’t really make any sense to do that kind of release when there isn’t much to the app.

Just the Cards

Solitaire is a fairly easy game to play, but sort of confusing to understand. It might just take a while to master. There are a few things you have to be mindful of when playing the game.

First thing’s first, the cards. There are a total of 52 cards used in a game of solitaire. Each suit contains a total of thirteen cards. There are four suits in a standard deck of cards. Those suits are the spade (♠), the heart (), the club (♣), and the diamond ().

(Side note: I don’t really use a lot of color in my posts. So whenever I talk about solitaire, I try to use a bit of color for illustrative purposes.)

As you can tell, a deck of cards is usually divided into two different colors of suits. It may seem like a weird thing for cards to have. But it matters a lot in solitaire. Let’s get into that.

A usual game of solitaire starts you off with seven piles of cards. One card is usually facing you, while the others are face down. From left to right, the number of cards in each pile increases. The first pile only contains a single card faced upwards. The second pile contains one card facing upwards and one facing down. Each pile always has one card facing you while the others are facing down. The other cards not used in those piles are placed face down on the upper left corner of the table.

The Part Where We Talk About Playing the Game

Once you have cards set up, it is time to play solitaire.

(Side note: I did a little bit of searching and found out that this game of solitaire is called Klondike. Who would’ve known?)

The main objective of solitaire—or Klondike, I guess—is to complete each of the four suits. That’s it. But in order to do that, you must first complete a set of 13 cards in a specific order. This is where the colors comes in.

You need to complete a set of cards that alternates between a red suit card and a black suit card. The order of the cards that you have alternate colors for is usually the same. It goes a little bit like this: King > Queen > Jack > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > Ace. Remember the colors.

If an Ace card is one of the cards that is facing up, you can already put that card in one of the four spots for each suit. Every time you pick out an Ace card from the upper-left stack, you should always put it in one of those spots. That makes it easier once you’ve gotten all four of them.

In order to see what card is behind the one facing up, you to have pair with a higher or lower card of a different suit. You can only put a King card in an empty spot in your table. Even though the first pile has, let’s say, a 9 card, you can’t move a card like that to an empty spot.

Once all of the cards have been organized from highest to lowest, then you can start completing all four suits. Since the Ace card is the first card in each suit, you basically do the order in reverse. This time, all of the cards have to been from the same suit. You have basically finished a game of solitaire.

You don’t really win in a game of solitaire since it is only a single-player game. But I guess you can make it competitive by timing your game? And checking to see who can finish the quickest?

So… Uh, Solitaire Pop?

Oh, right. The app.

When you start the game fresh, you are first welcomed with check-in rewards. Check-in rewards are a great way for a game to reward its users who consistently play the game. The rewards you can get from checking in daily are coins and PayPal credits. The first day of checking in rewards you with $5 worth of credits. And the seventh day rewards you with $50 worth of credits. Doesn’t seem bad right?

The rules of classic solitaire still applies in the Solitaire Pop app. But there’s a bit of a twist.

In the computer version, the game keeps track of the time you have spent playing the game and the amount of moves you have made. Some versions of the game also gives you points for every successful move you do. And it also subtracts those points if you make a wrong move. The Solitaire Pop app also has that.

Since this app also has a money earning aspect to it, there will be certain cards in those piles that have a coin icon or even the PayPal logo. It’s a gameplay mechanic that is also used in another solitaire app I reviewed, namely Cash Solitaire. In order to get those cards, you have to successfully pair the card in front of it to the alternating set. Or by adding that card to the corresponding suit.

There will be a pop-up that will show what amount you can earn for getting that card. In order to claim that reward, you have to watch an ad. That’s not a surprise. The amount you can get from these special cards will be random.

You can also earn coins by completing daily tasks. And you can also earn rewards from spinning the Lucky Spin wheel. But in order to spin, you have to watch an ad. Successfully adding a card to a suit with also reward you with coins.

Is Solitaire Pop Legit? Does It Pay?

You’ve probably seen an ad for it once or twice when you were watching a video or while playing a game. The memory of it has probably faded. But seeing the app’s name and icon suddenly jogged your memory of it. The memory of the ad might be a bit vague but you probably remembered some kind of prize.

That paragraph can apply to a lot of apps. And it certainly applies to the Solitaire Pop app.

A lot of the supposed money earning apps that I have reviewed mainly use PayPal as a way to lure people into using this app. I guess it has to do with accessibility? Anybody can make an account on PayPal and receive money. A lot of other services use PayPal as a payment method. So it’s no surprise they get used a lot for these types of games.

As with a lot of those apps, the Solitaire Pop app has a minimum withdrawal threshold of $200. Once you have earned enough of the virtual currency from playing on the app, you can start the process of redeeming it. And it’s always in such a convoluted way.

Let’s say you want to redeem $300 worth of PayPal credits. You already have enough to withdraw that amount. And it took you so long to get to that amount. Because the app doesn’t give out as much virtual currency the longer you play.

Withdrawal screen for Solitaire Pop

The withdrawal process starts off easy. You just have to provide the email address you use for your PayPal account. I’m always wary of putting my email address in these apps. I sort of don’t trust them to handle my data properly. But that should be a concern even with the more well-known websites.

The app will usually say that the order is going to undergo a review. I guess they have to verify that you actually earned those currency fair and square? It will take a few days for this to happen. In the meantime, you have to watch a total of 5o ads to complete the order.

Those few days have passed and you have successfully watched 50 ads. What now? Well, it’s highly like that the timer for your order will reset or you have to watch even more ads. At this point, why even bother?

I haven’t really seen a lot of proof that the developers of this app have actually sent out the rewards to it users. Maybe they have? And those people just aren’t online to talk about it? But I don’t really trust that they can do that.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent graphics
  • Decent gameplay


  • Too many ads
  • No actually way of getting those rewards


As a solitaire app, this app is fine. It doesn’t have any distracting elements to it. But if you are going into using this app, in hopes of earning money, don’t bother. There aren’t that much proof that people actually get paid from playing this game.

If you’re still looking for a solitaire app, probably try the one inside the Google Play Games app. That app’s already on your phone if you’re an Android user. You don’t even have to download a separate app.

And that’s it for my review of Solitaire Pop. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please share this review to your friends and loved ones.

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