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StartUpLift Review – Can You Make $5 For Simple Feedback?

Homepage for StartUpLiftWelcome to my StartUpLift review.

A lot of publications hire people to write reviews. Reviews can be about anything. It can be for a new TV show that’s premiering, a new film that’s coming out on theaters, or even new smartphones hitting store shelves in a few days. Heck, I’m writing a review as we speak. (…as I write? As you read?)

And with a lot of reviews, it highly depends on how the person reviewing it feels about a certain product. I’m not a person who obsesses over reviews for things I’m curious for. When a review for a TV show I want to watch comes out, I will read what the writer has to say about it. Does it change my perception of that TV show? It depends, really. Most of the time, I consider what they have to say. But it still depends on whether or not I like it personally.

And that’s the great thing about reviews. It gives you a different perspective from your own. It’s not often that you will find a review that matches what you feel. But when it does, it feels nice to have your opinions validated. No matter how crappy it might be.

So when I learned about this website that lets you earn money from providing feedback, it made me a bit curious. What exactly do you do? How much do you earn? In this review, we find out how.


StartUpLift Review

Here are some few details about the website:

  • Full Name: StartUpLift – Grow Your Business
  • Owner: StartUpLift
  • Availability: Available to view worldwide; feedback capabilities no longer available
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is StartUpLift

StartUpLift is a website meant to help start-up companies grow the business through feedback made by users on their website. Companies sign up on the site’s Startup Directory and StartUpLift will put up a listing on it so that users can then try them out before giving their feedback.

The website allows people to sign up for “usability testing” wherein they test out the services of any of the companies available. They write feedback based on their test and the website determines whether or not the feedback is useful. If it gets accepted, they get paid $5 that will be sent to them through PayPal or other payment services.


How StartUpLift Works

The StartUpLift website was launched around 2010 with the aim of helping startup companies get more customers, basically. It uplifts startups, hence the name. Looking at the earliest listings in the Startup Directory, the first two I saw were for discount website Groupon and lodging website Airbnb. Both of these companies are still alive and kicking today.

By the time I am writing this, the last post was made on May 2021. So it isn’t really an active website anymore, by any means. You can still go to the URLs I provided within this review. The directory is such a fun walk down memory lane. (Side note: I, for the life of me, couldn’t remember the phrase “walk down memory lane.” My mind was telling to go with “reminisce road” instead. Which, technically, isn’t wrong. But it’s not the right words.)

But just by looking at the older listings in the directory, you get a glimpse of how the website worked in its early days. Take a look at the listing for Groupon. It shows you an overview of what the business is, what it does, and what it looks like. Weird to think that Groupon was still somehow new in 2008 when it’s been around for almost 14 years.

Feedback prompt for one of the businesses in StartUpLift

Below the details is the prompt. In its heyday, you had to click on a link that says “Provide Feedback” on the post. The link will direct you to a sign up sheet where you had to give any details they needed. Pretty standard stuff. They had to keep track of the people submitting feedback. The instructions they give for each prompt is well-written and easy to understand. This is what the company wants feedback for.

When you sign up, you can see the listings for companies that are still asking for feedback. In most cases, it was on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you didn’t catch the first one in time, may there’s another one still available. The site didn’t require you to record your usage. But they want feedback that’s as helpful as it can be. So you actually had to use the service in order to provide accurate feedback.

The site had discretion to choose which feedback they want to show up. They had to filter out the best ones. And those that get chosen get paid $5. That’s it. You can choose, at most, five services to write feedback for. That’s basically $25. And you didn’t have to spend too much time to do so.

Is StartUpLift Legit? Does It Pay?

The answer to both those questions is yes, but… It was legit and it did pay. But unfortunately, the website has stopped offering opportunities for people to get paid. The website is no longer being updated. It’s been a few months since there have been any new blog posts or reviews. So it kind of made sense that they were no longer offering anything for users trying to make a quick buck.

Provide Feedback page on StartUpLift

That’s just the nature with a lot of things. They just stop. It’s normal for them to stop doing a thing when it’s no longer profitable. Or when they have no desire to do it anymore. And for a website that’s been around for a decade, that’s actually kind of amazing.


Pros and Cons


  • Good variety of articles and businesses
  • Decent web design


  • No longer being updated
  • No longer provides opportunities to test out services


It’s hard to recommended this website since they no longer offer any opportunities for people to earn money for writing feedback. Still, this website is a nice time capsule of how much web design has change in the past decade. And how many more online services are becoming available every day. God, time is so weird.

And that’s it for my review of StartUpLift. If you enjoyed reading it, do share it to your friends and loved ones.

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