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Is Survey Momma a Scam? OMG Blocked By Anti-Virus!

Homepage for Survey MommaWelcome to my Survey Momma review.

I have reviewed a few survey panel aggregator websites on this blog. For the most part, I have been fairly positive on two of the websites that I have reviewed. They did exactly what aggregator websites do. And that’s to help you to sign up for one or more survey panel websites from just a single place. There weren’t any additional bells and whistles that they provided. Although they did use very high amounts that you would supposedly earn from a month of answering surveys to entice people to use their websites.

In my case, it wasn’t really accurate. It was mainly because I only signed up for a single survey panel. And that panel rewarded you with points that you can exchange for money. But you had to collect a certain number before you can actually exchange it.

The thing about survey panels is that they’re very selective. It’s not often that they’ll have a free-for-all where anybody from any demographics can participate. I haven’t come across ones that did. And not all survey panels are created equal. They all have their own rewards system. And they’re only available for people in certain countries.

So there’s always some skepticism on my part whenever I see an aggregator website say that you can this amount of money for answering a single survey. I’ve never seen any of the legitimate panel websites pay $25 for a single survey. If some of them do, I want in.


Survey Momma Review

Here are some quick details about the website:

  • Full Name: Survey Momma – Pass Paid Surveys and Get Paid Online at Home
  • Owner: Paid Survey Depot
  • Type: Survey panel aggregator and review aggregator website
  • Availability: Worldwide

What Is Survey Momma?

Survey Momma is a survey panel aggregator and review aggregator website intended for stay-at-home moms. The website supposedly hosts different offers wherein moms can provide their opinions of products from brands and they get paid for it. They also have a cashback feature where you can get coupons you can use for a multitude of online shopping platforms.


How Survey Momma Works

Survey Momma seems to work similarly to the rest of the survey panel aggregator websites that I have reviewed. Its sign up sheet on the homepage is almost the same as the one on Panel Payday. On both sites, you sign up with your name and your e-mail address. It’s a lot different compared to SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter where you actually sign up by inputting your gender identity and your birthday.

I don’t really understand why Survey Momma or Panel Payday chose to ask for your name and e-mail address first. With the two latter sites, it actually matches the details you input to what the survey panel websites are looking for. So if you’re a male within the 18–34 age range, you might get a few survey panel websites compared to ones in the higher age range. So right off the bat, the sign up process seems kind of sketchy.

Unfortunately, when I tried to sign up, the page just refreshed. It didn’t send me to another page. So I can’t try out any of what the website has to offer. This also happened to me when I reviewed Panel Payday.

So what happens after you’ve signed up? From some of the reviews I have seen, you basically get some limited time offers right out the gate. A lot of them seem too good to be true. And they are. When you click on the button that says “Yes,” there will be times where a random window will pop up. You don’t really know why it did that. That’s not really a thing that happened when I signed up on SurveyCompare and Survey Spotter.

Limited time offers on Survey Momma

When you click continue, you’ll be shown more opportunities you can join. I don’t really get why they just didn’t put all of the offers on one page. And this is just the second step out of five. When you click continue, you get another limited time offer. It’s the same for the fourth step. And it’s the same for the last one.

Some of the websites they list on Survey Momma are just websites that also list down sites. And those sites also list down sites that list down other sites. It’s just a never ending loop at this point. You never really know which ones are actually the survey panel websites because there’s so many on the list.

A thing about survey aggregator websites is that they just help you sign up for the survey panel websites all in one place. It’s tedious to sign up for each website one by one. Survey aggregator websites help alleviate that by matching your demographic details with websites looking for people in that specific demographic.

Is SurveyMomma Legit? Does It Pay?

Survey panel aggregator websites aren’t the ones who’ll be paying you directly. The actual survey panel websites are in charge of that. But like I said at the start of this review, not all survey panels reward the same way. Some reward you with points that you can exchange for actual monetary rewards, while others reward you with money but you can only cash out after reaching a certain amount.

Answering surveys should only be considered as a supplement instead of the main source of income. It’s mainly because online surveys don’t really pay that much. The survey panel websites don’t really offer surveys that often.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent homepage design


  • Unnecessary offer pages
  • Some websites feature are other survey aggregator websites
  • UI/UX design for the other pages need work


Answering surveys is a good way to pass the time, but it’s not the best way to earn money consistently. Survey Momma isn’t really a good survey panel aggregator website by any means. I mean, I couldn’t sign up on the website. Unless they’re actually sticking with their target audience, it doesn’t really make sense why they can’t allow you to sign up. I’d be fine if there weren’t any offers that will show up for me. I just want to try out the website.

That’s it for my review of Survey Momma. If you enjoyed it, please share this review to your friends and family.

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