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Is Trunited a Scam or a Legit Business Opportunity?

Trunited logoWelcome to my Trunited review.

I have never written about multi-level marketing before. In case you aren’t aware of the term “multi-level marketing,” I would first like to say lucky you. You haven’t been affected by it yet. Or maybe you have. People who participate in MLMs rarely to it as such. It would ruin their business.

Multi-level marketing actually encapsulates what it is about. Consider this: An friends of yours invited you out for some coffee. You probably haven’t talked to them in months. So this invitation was pretty much out of nowhere. The two of you caught with each other’s lives. Laughing while sipping on your drink that’s probably a tad expensive that you would’ve hoped. Things are going great until your friend brings up something. “Hey, I just got into the business of selling personal care products. Would you like to try it?” Being a bit nice, you accepted.

Your friend demonstrates the product, a lotion of some kind, on a small patch of skin on your arm. Throughout the demonstration, they spit out a bunch of fancy buzzwords regarding the lotion’s effectiveness. I mean, it’s just lotion right? So you carefully touch the part of your hand that was gracefully rubbed by your friend. Huh. It actually feels smooth.

Your friend is super eager to promote the product to you. And your experience with it sort of provokes you to say yes. He takes out a bunch of other products. Says that this works well with the lotion you tried. You’re too overwhelmed to say no at this point. And you just decide to buy it. Then your friend suggests that you maybe buy another set of two that you can recommend to your friends.


Trunited Review

Here are some quick details about the company:

  • Full Name: Trunited
  • Founder: Nicolas Porter
  • Availability: No longer active
  • Years Active: 2016–2021

What Is Trunited?

Trunited was a network marketing company founded by Nicolas Porter in 2016. Nicolas Porter previously founded a dental clinic called Risas Dental and Brace in 2011. The company first started out as an ecommerce platform where users get cashbacks from purchases made through platform. It has since then went on to selling its own line of personal care products and nutritional supplements. People earn money by selling those products to other people who will sell to other people, etc. You get a percentage of the profits that they get for selling those products.


How Trunited Works

Trunited was fairly active until the last quarter of 2021. The company shut down soon after. The reason for shutting down is due to the effects of the pandemic. And I guess that makes sense. But it’s kind of hard to fully review a business that is no longer providing any kind of service.

MLMs, network marketing, pyramid selling, or whatever term you want to use is such a confusing concept. Don’t get me wrong. The term they to explain what it does is spot on. But I still don’t get why it is a thing that people seem to fall for.

Remember the hypothetical at the start of the review? You know… The friend trying to sell you lotion? Let’s go back to that. So a lot of network marketing schemes often involve people selling personal care products. How else could you sell a service or product if you don’t have anything tangible to show for it?

Trunited originally started out, like I said previously, as an ecommerce platform. As you can see on the screenshot below, they have a banner for Gift Card Mall, a service where you can buy different gift cards that you can for places like Amazon, Target and the like. The way that the old Trunited works is you buy a product through Trunited’s platform and you get a cashback of up to a certain amount. If you buy a product from Gift Card Mall through Trunited’s platform. you can get up to 5% “profit points” from your purchase.

Old Trunited website

The cashback will come in the form of truWallet credits. Those credits are only usable within the platform. You purchase more products, you get more cashbacks. The website also gives out referral rewards. You invite your friends and family to use the platform. And every time they purchase something, you also get cashbacks from their purchases. And the cycle continues like that. It has the backbone of a multi-level marketing scheme. And that’s because it is.

Eventually, the company decided to get into actually selling products of their own. And what better way to do that than with personal care products and nutritional supplements. A lot of other network marketing schemes do those as well. Like, it’s best way to show people an actual product. A lot of people want to feel and look youthful. And those products supposedly do the trick.

Is Trunited Legit? Does It Pay?

Networking marketing schemes do pay. But it takes a lot of work to do before you actually get paid. Since the company has shut down, it is not a viable option for people to earn money anymore. The whole structure is really weird, to be honest.

Network marketing often involve a pyramid structure in its business, hence why people call it a pyramid scheme. The founders are often at the top, while the rest are at different tiers depending on their progress. I would also like point out that company required you to pay a $99 annual while also regularly buying the company’s products and maintaining at least one affiliate. Just typing it down sounds exhausting. How do people do this?

Your level depends highly on how many customers you maintain and how many affiliates you’ve recruited. The more people you have, the higher your level. You get residual commissions from the purchases made through your affiliates. But that depends on how much the company has earned for the entire month. So if it’s a slow month, you might not get a lot of residuals.


Pros and Cons

I couldn’t really find any positives for this company. Although I guess it being shut down counts as a positive? Anyway, here are the cons to Trunited:

  • Confusing tier structure
  • Takes time before you actually earn
  • Your residual commissions depend on how much the entire company earns in a month


I honestly can’t recommend any networking marketing schemes, even one’s that have already shut down. It seems like too much effort to earn money. Personally, I don’t think I can handle, let alone maintain, other people under my wing. There are a lot of better opportunities out there. And a lot of better products. Why choose this one?

That’s it for my review of Trunited. If you enjoyed reading it, please take a moment to share this with your friends and family.

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