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Votechimp App Review – Does it Pay?

Votechimp app iconWelcome to my Votechimp app review.

I have come across a few websites and an app where you can get paid from participating in surveys. Although, I do have to point out that the websites only help you sign up for survey panel sites. They are not involved, in any way, with actually rewarding people from participating.

My reviews of two specific websites, namely Survey Spotter and SuveryCompare, and the app Attapoll were fairly positive. The two websites were fairly helpful in signing me up for the survey panels. Though I could only sign up for one or two survey panel websites. The limited amount had to do with my location for the most part. Attapoll was a decent app.

One thing that I’ve learned from reviewing those sites is that it’s actually very hard to earn money from answering surveys. The short of it is that surveys don’t often come your way. So I don’t really recommend it as a primary source of income.

So when I come across apps that allow you to earn money, I’m always really skeptical of them at the beginning. But once I try it out, my opinion of it slightly changes.


Votechimp App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Votechimp – Opinion polls
  • Developer: Votechimp, Inc.
  • Availability: No longer available, previously available worldwide
  • User Reviews: Not available

What Is Votechimp?

Votechimp is an opinion app where you can participate on surveys and get rewarded for it. Each survey you participate in will give you rewards. You can supposedly cash out rewards through payment channels like PayPal.


How Votechimp Works

The Votechimp app was previously available on the Google Play Store for Android users. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you can download the app through official means. Even if you download the installation package for it, I don’t think you’ll still be earning money from it.

The process of signing up on the Votechimp app was probably similar to Attapoll. You have to sign up using either an e-mail address or your Facebook or Google account. I mean, if you’re using an Android phone, it’s probably easier to sign up with your Google account.

Like a lot of survey panel websites, they will ask you to answer a survey that goes a little bit into more detail about you. It’s pretty normal of them to do that. The reason is that they will use the details from your answers to match you with a certain that are looking for respondents in that demographic. It’s no big deal.

In a lot of cases, you will earn a reward from answering that initial survey. Depending on the survey panel, it could be points or a few cents. In Attapoll, they reward you with money for finishing a survey. The same applies to the Votechimp app.

One of the surveys in Votechimp

One thing that kind of sucks about answering surveys online is that the rewards aren’t that great. Though this paragraph should be in the section after this, it still applies to the ins and outs of websites and apps where you can surveys. A lot of it relates to one another.

Surveys, in general, are very picky when it comes to who gets to answer them. Often times, a survey panel will looking for people in a certain demographic. Your chances of getting picked are very slim. Unless you meet the qualifications, you will probably get offered at least once a month.

Not all survey panel websites are alike. They have their own rewards system. If you’ve seen websites that say you can earn X amount per survey, it’s not really accurate. The amount they use are often based on the total monetary value of the rewards. And only a few of them actually reward you with money. Some reward you with points that you can exchange for items that you may or may not find a use for.

Is Votechimp Legit? Does It Pay?

Since the Votechimp app is no longer, it’s hard to test the payment feature out. In some of the other reviews of this app that I’ve seen, it seems like a bunch of users had a hard time withdrawing their earnings. The payout threshold wasn’t a lot. It was just $10. But the amount you earn from answering the surveys is about at least $0.10. So you have had to answer a lot of surveys in order to reach that threshold.

Like I mentioned in the previous section, online surveys do not reward you with a lot. And if you really wanted to withdraw a more substantial amount, it would probably take you months before you could that. Who could even wait a month?

And the frequency of the surveys do not do it any favors. I signed up on YouGov when I reviewed SurveyCompare. And I’ve probably only answered three surveys in about two months since joining. Yes, three. And YouGov rewards you with points for answering those surveys. I’m only 4700 points away from being able to redeem $20 worth of PayPal credits.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent UI/UX
  • Relatively low payout threshold


  • Offers don’t reward you with a lot
  • Frequency of offers depend on your demographic details
  • Errors regarding withdrawal


I have said this in a lot of my reviews, but it especially applies to surveys. Do not treat it as a possible main source of income. Online surveys pay shit compared to face-to-face survey panels. And with the frequency of it not being what you had hoped, it doesn’t seem possible that you can earn consistently from it. There are a lot more viable ways to earn money online but this isn’t one of them.

The Votechimp app doesn’t really exist anymore so I couldn’t really recommend it. Why would I? There’s no way you can download it from the Play Store. And even if you manage to download it from someplace, it probably wouldn’t work as intended.

That’s it for my review of the Votechimp app. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your family and friends.

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