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Winner Diamonds App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Winner Diamonds app iconWelcome to my Winner Diamonds app review.

There’s sort of a trend that’s been happening for a while now. If you’ve ever been on this website, you may be aware of a lot of apps and games that you can supposedly earn money from. Usually, these apps commonly use PayPal or Amazon to lure people in to their game. Some apps manage to actually give out money, while others don’t.

In recent months, the prizes from certain apps in this space have shifted more towards in-game currency for apps like Roblox or Mobile Legends Bang Bang. There are still some that promise some kind of monetary reward that you could actually get. But it seems that it’s easier to lure people in if they are playing a popular game that has its own currency system.

It costs a lot of real life money to exchange it for a game’s own currency. You could spend a few hundred dollars a year to make some of these games worthwhile. People want the newest skin for their character. Or even a new weapon. And those items cost a lot of whatever currency the game has.

A lot of the more popular apps earn money from in-app purchases. Some actually have both in-app purchases and ads. You have to earn money from somewhere. Most game developers have been charging people money from extra content. That’s just the nature of video games in recent years.

So it’s not surprising that certain apps and games have been targeting those people.


Winner Diamonds App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Winner Diamonds – Roblox&Gift
  • Developer: Get Rewards Playing Games
  • Availability: Available to download
  • User Reviews: 4.9 Stars

What Is Winner Diamonds?

The Winner Diamonds app is just one of the many 2048 merge games that have existed in the app stores. In it, you will have to merge two blocks of the same number to get a block with a higher number. Certain blocks will have a diamond in it. Merge it with another similar block to get diamonds. You can supposedly exchange your diamonds Robux, the in-game currency for Roblox.


How Winner Diamonds Work

The Winner Diamonds app is currently available to download on the Google Play Store for Android users.

This app is somehow not the first app that I’ve reviewed that also has Robux as a reward. The stack smashing game aptly named Stack Smash actually lets you choose from five other games aside from Roblox. It’s been an interesting strategy for these apps to target people who play those specific games but don’t have enough money to buy in-game currency.

There have also been a lot of apps that went the 2048 route. Something about merging numbered blocks that people find enjoyable. Who knew math could be fun? If you haven’t played a 2048 merge game before, where have you been?

Gameplay for Winner Diamonds

The premise for the game is simple. You have to merge two similarly numbered blocks in order to get a block with a higher number. Usually, blocks will just pop up on your screen and you have to swipe those blocks to move them.

You usually start off with a block with the number 2 and go from there. The blocks are usually divisible by 2. It goes from 2 to 2048. There’s some progression.

In the Winner Diamonds app, you have swipe up to put the block onto the grid. At the bottom, it will show you what number the tile you’re going to put. Certain tiles will have a small diamond it. If you successfully merge that tile with another one, you get a chance to earn diamonds.

Is Winner Diamonds Legit? Does It Pay?

In order to earn diamonds in the game, you just really have to keep playing it. There’s also an option to earn diamonds by watching an ad. Ads are really a requirement to get rewards on this app. I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind apps in-game. But it shouldn’t be intrusive.

There isn’t really much to get from this app aside from diamonds. That’s really the only in-game currency you really need to collect. The amounts of amounts you need to collect depend on how much Robux you want. Bear that in mind.

The game requires you to collect 150,000 diamonds to exchange it for 8,000 Robux. It costs about $100 to get that amount of Robux through in-app purchases. You can actually get 10,000 Robux on the Roblox app for $99.99. I’m mainly basing the amount on how much it costs to buy 800 Robux. It’s $9.99, by the way.

There aren’t really any in-app purchases in Roblox that match the ones in the Winner Diamonds app. You can earn up 32,000 Robux or roughly $400 if you manage to reach 600,000 diamonds. That’s a lot of money, considering.

Withdrawal screen for Winner Diamonds

I’m not really sure how exactly they can pull off giving people hundreds of dollars worth of currency for a game the players may or may not use. Because, a hundred dollars is a lot of money to give away to just one person. Especially since the amount that they will give out does not match any of the amounts that you can actually buy on Roblox.

Will they buy 800 Robux five times? How does the transfer happen? Can you send specific amounts of Robux to one person? There is a lot of questions to answer. And I’m not really sure that they could answer it clearly.

Whenever a game just asks for your e-mail address or your Roblox username, I’m always a bit fearful. Apps process your data every time. But you can never really be sure that the details you provide to the app are processed fairly.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play
  • Decent graphics


  • Could get repetitive
  • Prize amounts don’t really match those that you can buy in that game


I don’t really recommend the Winner Diamonds app to anyone. There are better 2048 games out there. You can probably still find the original one if you scroll long enough. I’m not really that much of a fan of these types of games. So I’m a bit more salty that I am usually.

The prize aspect of the game is really what confuses me. A hundred dollars worth of in-app purchases in one day seems like a lot. I can see why certain people are willing to take the risk of playing the Winner Diamonds app in hopes that they can actually earn 8,000 of Robux.

I can sympathize with not having money to buy a certain DLC or whatever. I’ve been there far too many times. But if the prizes don’t match what you can actually get in the game, you should be wary of it. It’s weird to say that these scams or whatever are too unrealistic.

If you’re just looking for a 2048 game to play, you can find better ones out there. It’s really hard to find an app or a game that you can actually earn money from. I’ve reviewed more games that didn’t than those that did.

That’s it for my review of the Winner Diamonds app. If you enjoyed, do share this to your friends and family.

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