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Word Bakery 2021 Pro App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Word Bakery 2021 Pro app iconWelcome to my Word Bakery 2021 Pro app review.

I love playing word connect games. It’s fun trying to think of as many words as possible from a specific set of letters. You’ve probably played a game like this before. There are a lot of games out there to download on your phone. I have one that I always play. But there is one that piqued my interest lately.

There have been a few times when this game was advertised to me. “Earn 5000 by playing and claim it through your digital wallet,” it says. Instant money? In my digital wallet? I feel like I’ve heard this tune before. And I didn’t like where it was going.

So I checked out the app’s page. The game doesn’t look bad. I looked at the description. “DOWNLOAD and trust me, you won’t regret it.” Something tells me I probably will. But curiosity got the best of me. I had to find out if Word Bakery 2021 Pro is legit or just another scam.


Word Bakery 2021 Pro App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

  • Full Name: Word Bakery 2021 Pro
  • Developer: MaruMaru LLC
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • User Reviews: 3.8 Stars

What Is Word Bakery 2021 Pro?

The Word Bakery 2021 Pro app is game where you connect words from a given set of letters. The length of the words to unlock and the amount of letters provided vary each level. For every word that you complete, you will earn virtual currency in the form of PayPal credits. There are some words that give you puzzle pieces that you can redeem for actual items like an iPhone or a TV.

Word Bakery 2021 Pro gameplay


How Word Bakery 2021 Pro Works

The game is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

When you look at the game’s page, it doesn’t really have much to say about itself. I’ve mentioned it earlier that one of the things written in the description is “DOWNLOAD and trust me, you won’t regret it.” Putting “download” in all caps is very in your face. And the latter part doesn’t really put you at ease when you download it. Speaking of which, it will require some permissions to use certain parts of your phone like your files and storage. An app asking for storage isn’t technically surprising. Most apps use your phone’s storage because you have to download and install the app in order to use it. But asking for permission to access and modify or delete your files is definitely a red flag. And it’s not the first game I’ve reviewed that’s asked for similar permission. (*cough* Lucky Chip Spin *cough*)

Playing the Game

The game starts you off in the start screen. There is big green button there that shows the level you are currently playing. At the top are the Settings, the Chapters list which features how many levels there are and which ones have been completed, and the Daily Reward page. Clicking that will open up a new page. It shows off how many times you’ve logged in so far. On your first day, it would usually reward you with a puzzle piece that you can collect to redeem for an iPhone.

When you start the first level, the game will walk you through how to play. You have to connect the letters on the cake to unlock the word it’s looking for. Getting it right will also reward you with virtual currency that you can redeem via PayPal or as a gift card. Completing the game will give you coins in the shape of candy. Some of the words can also reward you with puzzle pieces.

As you progress through the game, the words you have to guess will be longer and they will add more letters that you can use to solve it. If you guessed a word but it doesn’t show up in the puzzle, it will be credited in the dictionary. If you guessed a certain number of words in the dictionary, it will usually reward you with coins.

There are powerups you can use to help you solve puzzles easier. You can use your coins to buy a powerup. Or you could watch an ad to use them.

Is Word Bakery 2021 Pro Legit? Does It Pay?

As I have mentioned before, the Word Bakery 2021 Pro app boasts that people who play the game can redeem their balance in the game via PayPal or as gift cards on Amazon or Sephora. Or you could even win a new iPhone. Some players have been able to reach the minimum threshold of $200. When they tried to redeem it, the app usually makes them wait about 5 to 7 days before they can actually redeem it. Maybe they have to verify that they’ve actually reached the amount? But when the time limit expires and they try to redeem it again, the withdrawal conditions say they have play Lucky Spin 30 times. So there’s actual way to redeem it then.

As for the physical prizes, you don’t really have much luck there either. The puzzle pieces are a lot harder to complete. And when you only need one more puzzle piece to collect for an item, the game makes it that you can’t actually complete the puzzle by any means necessary. And you don’t have any way to counter that.


Pros and Cons


  • Decent gameplay
  • Decent graphics


  • No actual way to cash out or redeem prizes
  • Unusual app permissions


Even though this game is easy to play, I really don’t recommend you to put any of your time and effort on this game.

It’s really unfortunate that games like this still exist out there. Especially as something as innocuous as a word game. But the way these games get any traction is by putting out advertisements on places like YouTube or within the ads for other games. You can see what an ad for the game looks like on the video below.


Who wouldn’t be enticed by that ad? Earning $2000 just by guessing a single word correctly? It sounds too good to be true. And it is. There are better games out there that you could play. And even though they don’t promise you something like money or a new phone. At least you’re having fun.

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