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Zootopia Carnival App Review – Is it Legit? Crazy Cash Out!

Zootopia Carnival app iconWelcome to my Zootopia Carnival app review.

I have reviewed a bunch of apps on this website. Most of the time, these apps promise you a lot of money just consistently using it. Some of the apps that I have come across like Cash Alarm, Cash’em All and JustPlay that do reward its users with actual money from trying out apps and games for a certain amount of time. Somehow, Cash Alarm is one of those apps that stuck with me.

Still, those three are just part of the entire ecosystem of supposed money-earning apps. Most of the apps that I have reviewed left a lot to be desired. I feel like the three apps that I mentioned deserve to be put in a different category than those other apps. They are so different.

So when I come across a new-to-me money-earning app, I am always skeptical of that app. It’s definitely hard to deliver on the thing that people expect you to provide. Often times, supposed money-earning apps will use really high prize amounts to entice people to use their app. But when the time comes for these apps to actually reward them with those amounts, they try to prolong the withdrawal process.


Zootopia Carnvival App Review

Here are some quick details about the app:

What Is Zootopia Carnival?

The Zootopia Carnival app is an idle game where you build up an empire. You earn in-game currency every second. That in-game currency will mainly be used to upgrade buildings in order to generate more of that in-game currency. The game rewards you with another in-game currency for upgrading your buildings and characters. That in-game currency can be withdrawn as PayPal credits. You also earn credits that you can exchange for Amazon gift cards.


How Zootopia Carnival Works

The Zootopia Carnival app is unfortunately no longer to download. It was previously available for Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android users. Since the game is no longer available, I mainly had to rely heavily on reviews made by other people. Though the M.O. for these apps are very similar.

In case you didn’t know, Early Access refers to a release structure where developers release their apps through official platforms for people to test and give feedback on. Early Access builds will often differ depending on when you download them. Reviews are only visible to view on the developer’s side. A few money-earning apps have used this release structure for some reason. Is it because of the reviews?

Zootopia Carnival Dream Night falls under the idle game genre. If you search for the words “idle game,” you are bound to see results coming from a few developers. There are a lot of idle games out there. And most of them involve you growing your business. With idle games, you don’t really have to give a lot of focus on it. You could go days without playing it and by the time you come back, the game will have earned a lot of money.

Gameplay for Zootopia Carnival

The game will walk you through the basics of the game. You character will earn a few in-game currencies every few seconds or so. Clicking on it will give you in-game currency to buy business. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can use that in-game currency to buy or upgrade your businesses. You have to click on each business to collect your earnings. In a lot of these tycoon idle games, you can actually buy the option to automatically collect your earnings. Let’s be real, it’s going to get tiring if we keep tapping and tapping on our screens every time your business has finished earning money.

There is nothing else to this game aside from that. I’m actually surprised they didn’t other features to make this game seem worthwhile. It doesn’t seem that this game has an option for you to auto-collect your earnings. And that’s a shame. That’s one of the features most idle games have.

Is Zootopia Carnival Legit? Does It Pay?

Since the Zootopia Carnival app is no longer available to download, we can’t really test out whether or not you can actually redeem your earnings. This game somehow lets you redeem $1000 worth of PayPal credits when you reach that threshold. And it doesn’t seem like this game has any other amounts that you can withdraw. Just $1000. You can earn those credits just by upgrading your businesses and characters. That’s it. But you will need to watch an ad in order to claim it.

The game will reward you with about $100 worth of credits early on in the game, just to give some false sense of hope. A lot of these types of apps will often do that. But once you’re a few dollars short of reaching that threshold, the game will suddenly give you less of those rewards. That also happens a lot in other apps.

Prize prompts for Zootopia Carnival

The withdrawal process is also similar to some of the apps I have reviewed. When you redeem your rewards, you will probably go through a lengthy process. The app will often say that they need to verify that you actually earned the credits you’re going to withdraw. Usually, it will take a week before you withdrawal has been processed. Often times, they will ask you to watch a certain number of ads if you want to speed up the process. The weird thing about it is that it will require you to watch even more ads once you’ve reached that initial threshold.

The withdrawal process in these apps are rarely legitimate. They use a generic looking prompt that somehow handles the withdrawal process. When I withdrew my earnings through Cash Alarm, there was a small pop-up where I had to sign in to my PayPal account in order to start the process. And I actually got my earnings through that, by the way. So it doesn’t seem like your withdrawal through the Zootopia Carnival app will push through.


Pros and Cons

I couldn’t find any positive aspects to this. It just doesn’t look well designed, especially for an idle game. The whole design is just so bad. And there aren’t really any parts in the gameplay that will help you earn more of the in-game currency without having to lift a finger.


Man, this game is not great. If you’re looking for an idle game, I do not recommend this one. But that statement is moot because the game is no longer available to download. Still, they could’ve put a bit more effort in how it looks. It just doesn’t look good at all.

I feel like a lot of people have tried out this game because of the money-earning aspect. And I can’t blame them for wanting to earn money. But this game fails to deliver. So it’s a good thing that the developers decided to no longer make this game available.

And that’s it for review of the Zootopia Carnival app. If you enjoyed it, please share this to your friends and family.

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